Martin "martiniano07" Wagner wins 12/8/15 Super Tuesday, Faraz Jaka 2nd

It was another big Super Tuesday this week, with the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament culminating with a final table full of familiar names including Elio "smokrokflock" Fox, Juan "Malaka$tyle" Pardo, Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor, and Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka, with Jaka seeking another Super Tuesday title to go along with the one he just won in early October.

In the end, though, it was Argentina's Martin "martiniano07" Wagner managing to outlast them all to win this week's tournament and a big $91,536.30 first prize.

That prize represented the largest chunk of a $477,000 prize pool -- beating the event's $450K guarantee -- built by the 477 who entered this week.

They were approaching the tournament's six-hour mark when they reached the bubble, then after Ashley "DYBYDX" Mason became the unfortunate 55th-place finisher they'd reached the cash with BillLewinsky sitting in the top spot in the counts with Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor and Brian "brianm15" England in the next two positions.

Less than 90 minutes later they were down to just 18 with Brian "brianm15" England still there with a below average stck, BillLewinsky in the top five, and Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor the new chip leader.

Over the next hour-and-a-half nine more players hit the rail. metallist353 (18th), Mohsin "sms9231" Charania (17th) and Brian "brianm15" England (16th) were the first three out, earning $4,293 each. SwalzB (15th), Peter "Belabacsi" Traply (14th), and Daniel "42ayay" Erlandsson (13th) then followed, cashing for $5,247 apiece. Then aiamolinbaby (12th), SeeYouAnte18 (11th), and PokerLoans1 (10th) were successively eliminated, with those three each making $6,201.

With that final nine full of familiar folks in place and Martin "martiniano07" Wagner leading in the counts, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: RPILON (Canada) -- 351,750
Seat 2: BillLewinsky (Belgium) -- 208,764
Seat 3: IAKEVIN (Guinea) -- 326,828
Seat 4: Elio "smokrokflock" Fox (Canada) -- 150,746
Seat 5: Juan "Malaka$tyle" Pardo (United Kingdom) -- 168,004
Seat 6: Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (Poland) -- 227,696
Seat 7: Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion (United Kingdom) -- 249,168
Seat 8: Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor (United Kingdom) -- 192,520
Seat 9: Martin "martiniano07" Wagner (Argentina) -- 509,524

All nine made it through a couple of orbits, then with the blinds up to 5,000/10,000 a hand arose that saw the table fold around to Juan "Malaka$tyle" Pardo in the small blind who shoved for just over 115,000 total and Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka who had Pardo covered called from the big.

Pardo had J♥5♦ and needed to improve versus Jaka's A♥T♦, but the 2♠4♦3♣K♥K♠ board didn't provide such improvement and Pardo was done in ninth.

A few more hands went by, then came two knockouts in successive hands, with the two remaining players from the U.K. being the next to go. And Jaka was the responsible party in both cases.

In the first the blinds had increased to 6,000/12,000 when Jaka open-shoved from the small blind and Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion called all in for nearly 230,000 from the BB. Sion was in good shape with K♥Q♣ versus Jaka's Q♥9♥, but the flop came 8♦Q♠9♣ to give Jaka two pair and the advantage. The turn was the A♠ and river the T♣, and Sion was eliminated in eighth.


Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion

On the very next hand Jaka min-raised from the button, then Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor -- winner of a SCOOP title this fall -- shoved for just under 200,000 from the small blind. When action got back to Jaka he called right away.

Taylor had A♦5♠ but Jaka had picked up K♦K♠, and after the community cards came J♦4♠2♣4♣8♥, Taylor was out and Jaka was the big chip leader with six left.

The tournament's 10-hour break soon arrived, with Jaka nearing the 1 million-chip mark and no one else having as much as 360,000. The always-on-the-road Jaka was playing from Prague this time where he is for the already begun EPT12 Prague festival. He took a moment to recall to his followers on Twitter how it was at the last EPT stop that he'd won the Super Tuesday in October.

But soon after the break Jaka was on the sideline when a huge three-way all-in developed between Martin "martiniano07" Wagner, RPILON, and BillLewinsky.

After Wagner opened for 25,600, RPILON three-bet all in for 186,320 from the cutoff, then BillLewinsky shoved over the top from the button for 377,113. It folded back to Wagner who called all in for 330,424 total, and the trio's cards were revealed:

martiniano07: K♣K♥
BillLewinsky: T♥T♦

All three had big hands, but after the J♦6♠5♠3♠5♦ runout Wagner's kings remained best to earn an almost triple-up to thrust him just head of Jaka for the chip lead. Meanwhile RPILON was knocked out in sixth, and BillLewinsky was left with just over 21,000 -- not even two big blinds.

Three hands later BillLewinsky reraised all in from the small blind with K♥Q♠ versus a Jaka open, and Jaka called to show 8♥8♣. The board came 6♥9♥5♥J♠3♠, Jaka's eights held, and BillLewinsky's run ended in fifth.

Just a few hands later Jaka min-raised to 28,000 from the cutoff/under the gun and got two callers in martiniano07 (button) and 2011 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event champion Elio "smokrokflock" Fox (big blind).

The flop came 4♠8♦T♥, and it checked to Jaka who continued for 41,280. martiniano07 called the bet, then Fox reraised all in for 172,701 total. Jaka folded, but martiniano07 called. Fox had T♣6♦ for top pair of tens, but martiniano07 had A♠A♥. The turn and river brought a couple of fives, and Fox was sent railward in fourth.


Elio "smokrokflock" Fox

Three-handed play continued, with Martin "martiniano07" Wagner remaining in front with more than 1 million. Some deal talk briefly arose, but nothing came of it. They all battled on to the 11-hour mark, at which point Jaka was again in front with just over 1.36 million, Wagner next with almost 589,000, and IAKEVIN third with about 430,000.

Almost a half-hour more passed, then with the three players' stacks having become close to even the tournament was stopped for a deal discussion. There was a bit of a language barrier between the players, but it appeared Wagner and IAKEVIN wanted an even split while Jaka wanted more, and as no agreement could be reached play soon resumed.

Before long Wagner was all in against Jaka, but when both players turned over ace-eight it resulted in a split pot. Then three hands later it was IAKEVIN open-pushing from the button with what was then the stack of just over 375,000 (about 12-and-a-half big blinds) and Martin "martiniano07" Wagner called. IAKEVIN had 7♦7♣ but had run into Wagner's 8♣8♥. The flop came 6♦Q♠2♦, then the 8♠ turn improved Wagner to a set and left IAKEVIN drawing dead to finish in third.

That pot brought Martin "martiniano07" Wagner up to 926,697 to start heads-up play versus Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka who had the edge with 1,458,303.


Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka

Just a few hands into the heads-up battle it appeared Jaka was on the verge of winning his second Super Tuesday in just over two months when he had Wagner all in before the flop holding A♦2♦ versus Jaka's A♥Q♣. Alas for Jaka, a deuce fell on the river to pair Wagner, thrusting the latter up to a better than 2.5-to-1 chip advantage.

Just a few minutes later Jaka open-raised all in from the button for a little under 490,000 (about 16 BBs) and Wagner made the call.

Jaka had K♦7♣ while Wagner had K♠T♣. The Q♣5♦8♦ flop meant Jaka was still drawing live, then the T♦ fell to pair Wagner but also give Jaka a shot at filling a diamond flush draw.

Then came the river... the K♥. It was over -- Jaka had come one spot shy of repeating his Super Tuesday triumph, while Wagner walked away the winner.

Congratulations to Martin "martiniano07" Wagner for topping this week's tough field and talented final table to earn the victory, and kudos as well to Jaka for nearly making it two Super Tuesday wins in nine weeks.

12/8/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 477
Prize pool: $477,000.00
Places paid: 54

1. Martin "martiniano07" Wagner (Argentina) $91,536.30
2. Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (Poland) $67,972.50
3. IAKEVIN (Guinea) $50,085.00
4. Elio "smokrokflock" Fox (Canada) $38,160.00
5. BillLewinsky (Belgium) $38,160.00
6. RPILON (Canada) $26,712.00
7. Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor (United Kingdom) $15,502.50
8. Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion (United Kingdom) $10,732.50
9. Juan "Malaka$tyle" Pardo (United Kingdom) $7,918.20

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday