AnyGameSir chooses no-limit hold'em, crushes 3/22/16 Super Tuesday for $103K

This week's Super Tuesday featured another collection of top poker talent playing from all around the world, with a big group of 547 showing up for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. The finish came more quickly than usual, with those 547 playing down to just one in a little over 10 hours. In the end it was Poland's AnyGameSir taking top honors, earning a big prize of $103,930 for doing so.


The big field meant a prize pool of $547,000, well over the $425K guarantee. After about six hours of poker the bubble had burst and with 63 players left the top of the leaderboard was once again full of familiar names, with Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha on top followed by Tom "hitthehole" Middleton, Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen, Robin "robinho" Ylitalo, and Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepion.

About two hours after that they were down to 18 players, with Tom "hitthehole" Middleton (27th, $3,282), Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepion (29th, $3,008.50), and Robin "robinho" Ylitalo (34th, $3,008.50) among the eliminated. Meanwhile Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha was still in with an average stack, Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen was in second position with about 285,000, and AnyGameSir had risen to the chip lead with a big stack of more than 445,000.

Fernando "fer_90_1" Gutiérrez (18th), and1mad (17th), and Larry "BBOY3110" Sharp (16th) were the next out, picking up $4,376 each. ZaraJung (15th), Madridc@sh (14th), and Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha (13th) followed, each earning $5,470. Then M_Hiller (12th), shuv28 (11th), and CesarMorales (10th) were successively sent railward, cashing for $6,564 apiece.

With flong78 having assumed the chip lead and AnyGameSir not far behind, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: The Mooks (Canada) -- 98,628
Seat 2: AnyGameSir (Poland) -- 568,452
Seat 3: Jasven "jasven06" Saigal (India) -- 132,438
Seat 4: oldchilli (Canada) -- 298,085
Seat 5: Seth "SFisch4" Fischer (Canada) -- 220,703
Seat 6: flong78 (United Kingdom) -- 639,280
Seat 7: Bernd "LR-President" Vogelhuber (Germany) -- 117,036
Seat 8: kartt (Brazil) -- 328,263
Seat 9: Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (Costa Rica) -- 332,115

The first player out from this week's final table was the short stack when it began, Bernd "LR-President" Vogelhuber. The German businessman open-raised all-in from early position for his last 108,036 (15 big blinds) with 5♥5♠, was called by AnyGameSir in the cutoff with T♠T♦, and after the board came 8♠T♣Q♦4♥Q♣ AnyGameSir had a full house and Vogelhuber was out in ninth.


Bernd "LR-President" Vogelhuber

About 20 minutes after that -- in the last hand before the break that came at the tourney's nine-hour mark -- The Mooks opened with a 2x raise to 14,400 from early position, then a short-stacked Jasven "jasven06" Saigal three-bet pushed for 22,438 from a couple of seats over. It folded back to The Mooks who called, turning over 9♠9♣ while Saigal had A♣6♥.

The board came 2♠K♠T♥, then 9♥, then K♣, again making a full house for the winner and reducing the field by one as Saigal was eliminated in eighth.

On the third hand after play resumed, AnyGameSir opened for 17,000 (just over the minimum) from UTG, then Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen reraised all-in for 165,530 from the small blind and AnyGameSir called. Hunichen had A♦Q♣ and was racing against AnyGameSir's J♠J♦, and after the 6♠7♠Q♦ flop and Q♥ turn, Hunichen had raced well ahead with trip queens.

Then came the river... the J♣! It was a third straight full house for a pocket pair-holding bigger stack, and thanks to the two-outer Hunichen was ousted in seventh.


Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen

About 15 minutes after that, flong78 min-raised to 18,000 from UTG+1 and got two callers in AnyGameSir (small blind) and oldchilli (big blind). The flop came 3♣7♥5♥ and it checked to flong78 who continued for 26,730. AnyGameSir called, then oldchilli shoved for 168,062. flong78 called the raise and AnyGameSir stepped aside.

oldchilli was at risk with T♣7♣ for a pair of sevens while flong78 was well ahead of that with Q♦Q♣. The turn was the 2♥ and river the 9♦, and oldchilli was done in sixth.

The remaining five battled onward, and by the 10-hour mark AnyGameSir had established a huge lead with over 2.2 million -- more than 75% of the chips in play.

The short stacks hung on for a while, then The Mooks open-raised from UTG for 29,446 (just over two BBs), AnyGameSir reraised from the next seat, and the others scattered. The Mooks had 8♦7♦ while AnyGameSir held A♥J♠, and five community cards later -- 4♠4♥Q♣K♠J♦ -- they were down to four.

Ten hands after that kartt open-shoved for 107,898 over the small blind with J♠J♥ and AnyGameSir called from the big blind with A♣7♥. The 8♥A♠7♠ flop hit AnyGameSir's hand twice, and after the 9♥ turn and K♣ river kartt was done in fourth.

The end was fast approaching, and indeed would only take a half-dozen more hands to arrive.

First flong78 open-pushed from the button 289,692 and after AnyGameSir folded Seth "SFisch4" Fischer called all-in with his last 73,060 (about 5.5 BBs) after posting the big blind. Fischer had A♠Q♣ and a fighting chance versus flong78's 7♦7♥, but the 4♦2♣6♥J♥T♦ runout was no help to Fischer who finished third.

Even with that pot for flong78, though, AnyGameSir had things well in hand with over 2.34 million to flong78's not quite 390,000 to start heads-up play. They played a couple of small hands, then came one that saw AnyGameSir min-raise to 28,000 form the button, flong78 three-bet to 70,000, AnyGameSir shove, and flong78 call all-in with the just over 300,000 left behind.

flong78: A♥A♦
AnyGameSir: 7♦7♥

flong78 was in excellent shape to double-up and make a game of it, but the 7♠J♥4♣ flop swiftly put a big dent in those plans, giving AnyGameSir a leading set of sevens. The turn was the 2♥ and river the J♠, and just like that it was over -- AnyGameSir had won.

Congratulations to AnyGameSir for racing through this week's Super Tuesday field to collect handsome six-figure payday.

3/22/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 547
Prize pool: $547,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. AnyGameSir (Poland)
2. flong78 (United Kingdom)
3. Seth "SFisch4" Fischer (Canada)
4. kartt (Brazil) $42,666.00
5. The Mooks (Canada) $30,085.00
6. oldchilli (Canada) $23,247.50
7. Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (Costa Rica) $17,777.50
8. Jasven "jasven06" Saigal (India) $12,307.50
9. Bernd "LR-President" Vogelhuber (Germany) $9,080.20

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Martin Harris
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