dmmberry very, very good, wins 7/5/16 Super Tuesday, nearly $60K

Welcome to July, everyone, and the second half of another year's worth of Super Tuesdays, the $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. This week's installment drew a modest-sized field of 308 -- still enough to best the $300K guarantee -- and after almost 12-and-a-half hours of poker dmmberry of Canada emerged with all of the chips and the $59,598 first prize.


The top 45 finishers split the tournament's $308,000 prize pool, and it would take about five-and-a-half hours for the money bubble to burst. By then brio08 had moved up into the top spot as the only player north of the 500,000-chip mark.

They were into the tournament's eighth hour by the time just 18 remained, with brio08 still above the average and dmmberry the new chip leader with more than 950,000.

unfrosya (18th), Fairy verde (17th), and after slipping in the counts brio08 (16th) were the next eliminated players, each earning $3,080. girafganger7 (15th), Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor (14th), and Sam "SamSquid" Grafton (13th) went out next, picking up $3,850 apiece. 

Then with dmmberry amassing an ever-increasing stack, Rafael "zugzwang16" Porzecanski (12th), neverfoldQ5 (11th), and tooturney (10th) each went out to claim $4,620, and the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Ben "barcs69" Barclay (Australia) -- 114,086 
Seat 2: ratajpoker (Poland) -- 424,102 
Seat 3: lehout (Netherlands) -- 925,472 
Seat 4: dmmberry (Canada) -- 3,001,679 
Seat 5: Andras "probirs" Nemeth (Hungary) -- 805,367 
Seat 6: iMeloody (China) -- 507,922 
Seat 7: gilleschro (Canada) -- 1,046,242 
Seat 8: I Visor I (Austria) -- 621,071 
Seat 9: OTwenty (Netherlands) -- 254,059

dmmberry had built a huge lead as the final table approached, eclipsing the 3 million-chip mark to hold nearly 40% of the total chips in play with nine players left.

The final table lasted nearly 20 minutes before the first knockout came, by which point the blinds had moved up to 8,000/16,000. It folded around to I Visor I who raised to 37,600 from the hijack seat, then Ben "barcs69" Barclay reraised all-in for just 39,286 from the button. lehout then called the reraise from the big blind, and I Visor I called as well.

The flop came 2♥8♣8♠, and lehout check-called a bet of 30,000 from I Visor I. Both then checked down the J♥ turn and 3♠ river, and when lehout showed A♦2♦ for eights and deuces, both I Visor I and Barclay mucked, with the latter heading to the rail in ninth.

Two hands later it was OTwenty open-pushing from the hijack for 176,059 (about 11 big blinds), ratajpoker three-bet shoving from the cutoff for 220,315 (not quite 14 BBs), and leader dmmberry calling from the small blind.

dmmberry: K♣Q♦
ratajpoker: A♥3♣
OTwenty: 3♠3♥

The 9♠Q♠4♦ flop put dmmberry way out in front, and after the 2♦ turn and 2♠ river OTwenty was out in eighth and ratajpoker in seventh.

They continued onward, then a hand arose that saw dmmberry min-raise to 40,000 from middle position, iMeloody shove for 386,583 from the button, and dmmberry call, turning over A♥J♠ while iMeloody had A♣Q♠. The at-risk player was okay through the 2♥8♥T♥ flop, but the 4♥ turn gave dmmberry a flush, leaving iMeloody drawing dead to finish sixth.

Almost an hour later there were still five left, and with the blinds up to 15,000/30,000 it was lehout raising to 60,900 from the cutoff and gilleschro calling from the big blind. Both checked the 4♥4♠J♣ flop, then gilleschro led for 85,900 at the 3♦ turn and lehout called. The river then brought the 4♦ and an all-in push from gilleschro, and lehout called with the 626,380 left behind.

lehout had Q♠J♥ for fours full of jacks, but gilleschro had K♣4♣ for quads and lehout was finished in fifth.

Some time later they were well into the tournament's 11th hour when Andras "probirs" Nemeth made a just-over-2x raise to 112,000 from under the gun, then I Visor I three-bet to 330,000 from the small blind. dmmberry called the reraise from the big blind, then Nemeth shoved over the top for 869,074 getting calls from both of his opponents.

The flop came 3♦A♣5♥, I Visor I bet 175,000 into the side pot, and dmmberry called. The turn then brought the 9♦ and an all-in push for 872,104 from I Visor I, finally getting a fold from dmmberry.

I Visor I showed A♠Q♦, having flopped top pair of aces, while Nemeth was drawing thin with Q♥Q♠. The river was the A♦ to improve I Visor I to trips, and Nemeth was eliminated in fourth -- quite a run, coming less than a month after Nemeth took down the Sunday Million on PokerStars.


Andras "probirs" Nemeth

Three-handed poker continued, with I Visor I nudging ahead of dmmberry to grab the chip lead while gilleschro sat in a distant third. But gilleschoro soon picked up pocket aces to double through I Visor I's king-queen, evening things up a bit while giving the lead back to dmmberry.

Soon after that hand, dmmberry min-raised to 120,000 from UTG, then I Visor I pushed all-in for 1,030,796 from the big blind and dmmberry called. I Visor I had A♣T♦ but was facing aces again as dmmberry had A♦A♥, and after a 4♥6♠3♦3♥9♥ runout I Visor I was sent railward in third and heads-up began.

dmmberry enjoyed a big lead to start their duel with 6,456,232 versus gilleschro's 1,243,768. As a hand was being dealt, the latter wondered if perhaps a deal might be in the cards.

gilleschro: chip 50-50?
dmmberry: not at this stage
gilleschro: ok
gilleschro: when?
dmmberry: if we are 50 50 f0r sure

Eight minutes later they'd made it to the tournament's 11-hour mark, with dmmberry still well ahead with about 5.38 million to gilleschro's 2.31 million. About 40 minutes into the next hour the pair had pulled roughly even, although no deal talk surfaced, and by the 12-hour mark they were still close with gilleschro having edged in front.

dmmberry quickly moved back ahead, soon widening the lead once again, although gilleschro scraped back to enjoy the lead again briefly before dmmberry pushed in front once more.

Then as they neared the 12-and-a-half-hour mark, the blinds were 50,000/100,000 when gilleschro opened for 223,000 from the button and dmmberry called. 

The flop came 5♠4♠2♣. dmmberry checked, gilleschro bet 358,820, dmmberry check-raised to 1 million even, gilleschro shoved for 3,362,692 total, and dmmberry called.

gilleschro turned over 5♥2♥ having flopped two pair, but dmmberry had A♣3♦ for a wheel. The 6♠ turn changed nothing, nor did the 7♥ river, and it was over -- dmmberry had won.

Congratulations to dmmberry for topping this week's 300-plus entry Super Tuesday field to grab the title and nearly $60K.

7/5/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 308
Prize pool: $308,000
Places paid: 45

1. dmmberry (Canada) $59,598.00
2. gilleschro (Canada) $44,660.00
3. I Visor I (Austria) $33,880.00
4. Andras "probirs" Nemeth (Hungary) $25,410.00
5. lehout (Netherlands) $17,556.00
6. iMeloody (China) $13,552.00
7. ratajpoker (Poland) $10,472.00
8. OTwenty (Netherlands) $7,392.00
9. Ben "barcs69" Barclay (Australia) $5,390.00

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Martin Harris
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