NEWFlat can afford a new flat after winning 4/5/16 Super Tuesday, $102K

This week's Super Tuesday -- the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars -- drew a big field as usual with 539 players taking part. But even with the big turnout it played out a bit more quickly than usual, with Russia's NEWFlat needing just 10 hours and 11 minutes to outlast everyone to earn the victory and a big $102,410 first prize.


The big field meant a prize pool of $539,000, well above the event's $425K guarantee. It took about five hours and 20 minutes for the starting field to be whittled down to 63 players, at which point former Sunday Million winner gringenkov held the chip lead with ceremore and bossamtisch not too far behind.

Just about two hours later they were down to 18, with gringenkov and ceremore still above the average while bossamtisch had slipped down in the counts to fall in 30th ($2,964.50). Meanwhile baeks22 had risen to take over the chip lead as the only player then with more than 350,000.

Bonglim (18th), Iliodoros "ILIOS72" Kamatakis (17th), and Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson (16th) were the next players eliminated, each earning $4,312. Benjamin "SPEKTAH" Leblond (15th), elhilario (14th), and lulDocuments (13th) followed them to the virtual rail, picking up $5,390 apiece. Then NEED100KFAST (12th), OverTheTop43 (11th), and Sebastian "Bassysaffari" Saffari (10th) went out, taking away $6,468 each from the prize pool.

With gringenkov back in the chip lead with a little over 600,000, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Geokarak (United Kingdom) -- 296,806
Seat 2: Larry "BBOY3110" Sharp (Costa Rica) -- 153,747
Seat 3: baeks22 (Germany) -- 526,622
Seat 4: ceremore (Switzerland) -- 315,382
Seat 5: HYZENBURG (Canada) -- 62,822
Seat 6: NEWFlat (Russia) -- 364,292
Seat 7: Aaralynn (Mexico) -- 123,939
Seat 8: Daniel "Oxota" Dvoress (Canada) -- 242,580
Seat 9: gringenkov (Brazil) -- 608,810

It was an excited final nine, as evidenced by the chat box as the final table began.

NEWFlat: gl guys!
Oxota: You too
gringenkov: gl all
baeks22: glgl
ceremore: gl !

On the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 2,800/5,600 when NEWFlat opened for 12,600 from the button, then Aaralynn shoved for 116,239 from the small blind. It folded back to NEWFlat who called, turning over K♣J♠ while Aaralynn had A♦Q♠. The board then came J♥4♥5♦T♦8♠, the jack in the window hitting NEWFlat's hand and knocking Aaralynn out in ninth.

A short-stacked HYZENBURG managed to hang on another 25 minutes after that, but finally open-shoved from the cutoff for 40,022 (about 5.5 big blinds) with K♦T♥ and got looked up by NEWFlat on the button with A♠8♠. The Q♥4♦J♦6♦7♥ board hit neither player, and HYZENBERG was done in eighth.

About a half-hour after that it was Geokarak open-shoving from under the gun for 103,026 (about 11.5 big blinds) and getting one caller in gringenkov from the big blind. Geokarak had A♠2♠ while gringenkov had woken up with Q♣Q♠, and five cards later -- T♥5♣K♣Q♥6♥ -- gringenkov had a set of queens and Geokarak was on the rail in seventh.

Not longer after that it was NEWflat opening for just over 2x with a raise to 21,200 from the button, then Daniel "Oxota" Dvoress reraised all-in for 107,938 from the small blind and NEWflat called the push. Dvoress had K♦T♠ and a couple of live cards versus NEWflat's A♥Q♦, but the board came low -- 3♠3♦7♥8♠4♣ -- and Dvoress' run ended in sixth.


Daniel "Oxota" Dvoress

"u guys wanna see numbers?" asked NEWflat following Dvoress' knockout, but ceremore responded "bit early for me" while gringenkov added "let's play for 102k :) gl" and the final five continued on through the tournament's 10th hour.

A few minutes later NEWFlat made another just-over-the-minimum raise to 25,440 from early position and baeks22 defended from the big blind with a call. The flop came 5♦J♥6♣, and after baeks22 checked NEWFlat continued for 19,314. At that baeks22 check-raised all-in for 98,832 and NEWFlat called.

baeks22 turned over 9♦8♠ for a gutshot draw while NEWFlat had a pair of jacks with J♠8♣. The turn was the A♦ and river the 9♥, and baeks22 was eliminated in fifth.

A little later in the last hand before the 10-hour break, Larry "BBOY3110" Sharp opened for 26,400 from early position, then NEWFlat three-bet to 66,000 from the big blind. Sharp reraised all-in for 264,768 and NEWFlat called, turning over A♠Q♦ while Sharp had A♣2♦. The 9♦Q♥T♣T♥4♥ runout gave NEWFlat two pair and sent Sharp out to collect fourth-place money.

The remaining trio took their break, with NEWFlat way out in front with more than 1.8 million while gringenkov was in a distant second with just over 671,000 and ceremore was third with about 216,000.

Soon gringenkov raised 3x from the small blind to 42,000, ceremore three-bet to 116,889 from the big, gringenkov pushed all-in for 459,879 total, and ceremore called.

gringenkov had K♦Q♠ but needed lots of help versus ceremore's A♦A♠. The 2♣Q♥T♦ flop did bring one pair for gringenkov, but neither the 6♣ turn nor 4♠ river helped any further and gringenkov was cut down in third.

With that pot ceremore was up to 993,284 to start heads-up play versus NEWFlat who still led with 1,701,716. NEWFlat would then win the first hand between the pair to grab almost 130,000 off ceremore's stack, then suddenly the tournament came to an abrupt conclusion after heads-up hand number two.

It began with NEWFlat making a 2.5x raise to 35,000 from the button and ceremore calling, and the two of them saw a flop come 3♠T♥K♠. ceremore checked, NEWFlat bet 35,000, then ceremore raised to 99,778. NEWFlat responded with a reraise to 236,306, ceremore pushed all-in for 828,462 total, and NEWFlat called.

ceremore: K♦6♠
NEWFlat: A♥A♦

ceremore had flopped top pair of kings but this time NEWFlat had the aces in the hole. The turn was the J♥ and river the J♦, giving NEWFlat the better two pair and the win.

Congratulations to NEWFlat for racing through this week's Super Tuesday in just over 10 hours to win all the chips and a nice six-figure score.

4/5/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 539
Prize pool: $539,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. NEWFlat (Russia) $102,410.00
2. ceremore (Switzerland) $75,460.00
3. gringenkov (Brazil) $55,247.50
4. Larry "BBOY3110" Sharp (Costa Rica) $42,042.00
5. baeks22 (Germany) $29,645.00
6. Daniel "Oxota" Dvoress (Canada) $22,907.50
7. Geokarak (United Kingdom) $17,517.50
8. HYZENBURG (Canada) $12,127.50
9. Aaralynn (Mexico) $8,947.40

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday