Victorious again: Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov tops 3/15/16 Super Tuesday

It's never a surprise to see familiar usernames and avatars going deep in the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely brings out the best and brightest in the poker world. This week was no exception, with several players returning to make deep runs in the tournament again, including this week's champ, Russia's Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov.

Vezhenkov has won multiple Super Tuesdays before, in addition to a WCOOP title in 2013, a SCOOP win in early 2015, and a Sunday Million win the past November. For tonight's win, Vezhenkov picked up a cool $93,290 first prize for just over 11-and-a-half hours' of work. Here's the story of how he did it.


There were 491 entries all told in this week's Super Tuesday, making for a $491,000 prize pool that topped the $425K guarantee.

It took right around six hours for the bubble to burst and with 63 left SwalzB was leading with way. Also in the money and in the hunt was the Italian collector of high roller trophies, last year's SCOOP Main Event ("High") champion, and the most recent Sunday Million winner Mustapha "lasagnaaammm" Kanit with an average stack.


Mustapha "lasagnaaammm" Kanit

An hour-and-a-half later Kanit was still there with three tables left, then after reraise-shoving from the button with 6♠6♣ got called by both a short-stacked V.bl0m from the blinds and original raiser Timo "heißtercamp" Pfützenreuter. V.bl0m's Q♥9♣ presented one issue, but Pfützenreuter's A♦A♠ was another more serious one for Kanit, and five cards later the aces had held and both he and V.bl0m were out in 24th and 25th, respectively, earning $2,946 apiece.

Not long after that they were down to 18 players, with Pfützenreuter having claimed the chip lead and SwalzB still in the top five.

Niklas 'Lena900' Astedt (18th), Matias "Festivuss" Gabrenja (17th), and Senor Pokes (16th) next fell, earning $3,928 each. Ole "wizowizo" Schemion (15th), Fernando "fviana" Viana (14th), and Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann (13th) soon followed, with those three each taking away $4,910 cashes. Then Rhys "floppinhel" Jones (12th), Subv (11th), and Mike "AAcademiKK" Bartholomew (10th) successively hit the rail, picking up $5,892 each.

With Pfützenreuter still in front, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: SwalzB (Germany) -- 226,721
Seat 2: Timo "heißtercamp" Pfützenreuter (Austria) -- 477,618
Seat 3: EvnomiYa (Russia) -- 91,942
Seat 4: Shankar825 (Canada) -- 359,399
Seat 5: Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov (Russia) -- 158,925
Seat 6: Pablo "Rhyno2008" Nerro (Uruguay) -- 106,968
Seat 7: Sinoire (Slovenia) -- 97,610
Seat 8: Breixo "Palomobuchón" Gonzalez (Czech Republic) -- 166,428
Seat 9: Palmero92 (United Kingdom) -- 769,389

It would take more than 45 minutes for the next knockout to come, during which time the blinds moved up to 3,600/7,200. That's when Sinoire open-raised all-in for 108,410 from middle position, Breixo "Palomobuchón" Gonzalez reraised all-in from a seat over, and everyone else folded.

Sinoire had A♥J♣ and needed help against the T♦T♠ of Gonzalez, but the 8♣T♥2♦ flop gave the latter a set and by the 6♦ turn Sinoire was drawing dead to finish ninth.

Shortly after that hand, Pablo "Rhyno2008" Nerro was knocked down under 40,000 after losing a big one to SwalzB in which a river ace prompted the latter to push all-in and Nerro to call with A♥Q♥ only to see SwalzB turn over pocket aces.

On the next hand Palmero92 min-raised to 20,000 from early position and Nerro called from the big blind to commit more than half of what was left. An all-in push from Nerro then followed the J♦Q♠7♣ flop, called quickly by Palmero92 who had K♠Q♦ for top pair of queens. Rhyno2008 had A♥5♦, and after the J♣ turn and 5♣ river Nerro was eliminated in eighth.

On the very next hand, EvnomiYa open-pushed from middle position for 51,754 (just over five BBs), Shankar825 reraised all-in from a seat over, and the others stepped aside. EvnomiYa had Q♣T♦ and Shankar825 7♣7♠, and when the board came five-high -- 5♦3♠2♦4♦4♥ -- EvnomiYa was ousted in seventh.

They crossed the tournament's 10-hour mark, and not long after Timo "heißtercamp" Pfützenreuter made a just-over-2x button raise to 24,030, then Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov three-bet all-in from the big blind and Pfützenreuter called with the 213,735 he had left.

Pfützenreuter turned over A♥J♥ and had the preflop edge over Vezhenkov's Q♦8♦. The flop came A♣8♣9♦, giving both players pairs, and the 4♥ turn kept Pfützenreuter in front. But the 8♥ landed on the river to make trips for Vezhenkov and end Pfützenreuter's run in sixth.


Timo "heißtercamp" Pfützenreuter

About seven minutes later the blinds were 7,000/14,000 when Palmero92 raised to 30,255 from UTG, then Shankar825 three-bet all-in for 174,712 total from the button. The blinds folded and Palmero92 called the shove, showing A♥7♥ while Shankar825 had A♦8♠.

Once more the all-in player had the edge before the community cards came, but the 5♥7♣2♠ flop immediately swung the advantage to Palmero92. The turn was the 2♣ and river the 4♣, and Shankar85 was knocked out in fifth.

The final four all made it to the break that came at the tournament's 11-hour mark, at which point Breixo "Palomobuchón" Gonzalez led with just over 858,000, Palmero92 was close behind with about 828,000, SwalzB was third with a touch over 524,000, and Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov was fourth with almost 244,000.

About 10 minutes into hour number 12, the blinds were 10,000/20,000 when SwalzB raised to 43,600 from UTG, then Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov three-bet to 67,200 from the button. The action moved to Breixo "Palomobuchón" Gonzalez in the small blind who shoved all-in, and it folded back to SwalzB who called with the 351,503 left before Vezhenkov folded.

Gonzalez had 8♠8♥ and SwalzB A♥K♠, and after the 5♦J♥6♣T♣4♦ board the eights had held and SwalzB was out in fourth.

Gonzalez was the leader with three left, but a few hands later a huge hand developed between him and Vezhenkov that saw the pair trade bets as the board came 4♣8♠3♠Q♣Q♠, then Vezhenkov check-called an all-in shove from Gonzalez. Gonzalez showed T♦T♠ for queens and tens, but Vezhenkov had A♠4♠ for a spade flush and suddenly Gonzalez was down to just over 105,000 (a little more than four BBs).

The next hand saw Vezhenkov open-raise all-in from the small blind with 9♠9♥ and Gonzalez call with what he had left holding 7♦6♦. The board ran out K♥9♣7♠2♥5♥, and after winning the Super Tuesday just a couple of months ago, Gonzalez added a third-place finish in the event.

That gave Vezhenkov a big lead to start heads-up play with 1,978,415 to Palmero92's 476,585. Palmero92 was able to battle another 15 minutes and 20 hands, chipping up over 835,000 in the process. But then suddenly the final hand of the night took place.

With the blinds 15,000/30,000, Palmero92 limped in from the button, then Vezhenkov shoved all-in and Palmero92 called with the just over 802,000 left behind. The players' hands were shown:

veeea: 2♠2♣
Palmero92: A♦T♠

Vezhenkov had the smallest pocket pair you could have, but Palmero92 still needed help from the community cards to beat it. The board then came 7♠J♦4♠, then J♣, then J♠, making a full house for Vezhenkov and knocking Palmero92 one spot shy of the win. Vezhenkov had done it -- winning yet another Super Tuesday to go along with his WCOOP and SCOOP titles and Sunday Million win.

Congratulations to Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov for taking down yet another big title on PokerStars by winning this week's Super Tuesday.

3/15/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 491
Prize pool: $491,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov (Russia) $93,290.00
2. Palmero92 (United Kingdom) $68,740.00
3. Breixo "Palomobuchón" Gonzalez (Czech Republic) $50,327.50
4. SwalzB (Germany) $38,298.00
5. Shankar825 (Canada) $27,005.00
6. Timo "heißtercamp" Pfützenreuter (Austria) $20,867.50
7. EvnomiYa (Russia) $15,957.50
8. Pablo "Rhyno2008" Nerro (Uruguay) $11,047.50
9. Sinoire (Slovenia) $8,150.60

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