Super Tuesday: Nolet20 tops ludovi333, littleMiyaa for $74K win (1-17-17)

Things went pretty well at the PokerStars tournament tables for Nolet20 in 2015. The player from Canada, who had never won more than $2,000 in a PokerStars tournament up to that point, turned a $22 investment in the MicroMillions 11 Main Event into just shy of $90,000 that July. The ripples from that career-changing win reverberated three months later when Nolet20 advanced to the final table of the WCOOP 2015 Main Event, where having the biggest stack at the time of the four-handed deal ended up being worth $1.22 million. Now, a year and a half after that inital success, Nolet20 is celebrating again, this time after winning the Super Tuesday against a final table lineup that included multiple past champions.


This latest installment of everyone's favorite weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament drew a field of 409 players, good for a $409,000 prize pool set to be split among the top 55 finishers. Past Super Tuesday champ Jerry "Perrymejsen" Ödeen, who bubbled the final table about a month and a half back, was the last player to bust today without a payday. He fell in 56th place, setting up cashes for all the remaining players.

A number of players who have taken down the Super Tuesday in recent months were still in the running with three tables left. Ole "wizowizo" Schemion busted in 20th, and PoluKalos fell in 18th, but there were still three past Super Tuesday winners in the running after dulek_jason fell in 10th place to set up this final table:

Seat 1: littleMiyaa (822,991 in chips)
Seat 2: tapa5dirham? (378,456 in chips)
Seat 3: Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson (1,110,530 in chips)
Seat 4: Rebel FishAK (1,004,882 in chips)
Seat 5: pantau77 (1,918,785 in chips)
Seat 6: degsy69 (766,600 in chips)
Seat 7: thx4urm0n3y (846,614 in chips)
Seat 8: Nolet20 (2,055,610 in chips)
Seat 9: Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich (1,320,532 in chips)

Super Tuesday 1-17-17 ft.jpg

There was plenty of room for maneuver for all but the very shortest stack with the blinds and antes still at 12.5K/25K/2.5K as the final table began. There wasn't a single all-in confrontation for more than half an hour, and even then incoming short stack tapa5dirham? won the 860K-chip pot with A♦ A♠ against the A♥ K♦ of past Sunday Grand PLO winner pantau77. But the boost to the bigger stack would only last one hand for tapa5dirham?.

The player from Morocco picked up Q♦ Q♥ on the next hand and opened for a min-raise to 70K in early position. WCOOP 2016 winner thx4urm0n3y jammed on the button for 679K with A♦ Q♠, past Super Tuesday winner and WCOOP 2016 PLO High Roller champ Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich moved all-in for 1.05M with A♣ A♠, and tapa5dirham? called all-in for 857K total. Geilich had 200K left behind but didn't need the cushion after the board came 7♣ 3♠ 8♣ Q♣ 9♣ to make him a club flush. As owner of the shortest stack at the hand's start, tapa5dirham? finished in ninth, while thx4urm0n3y departed in eighth.

That 2.44M-chip pot moved Geilich into a lead of about three big blinds over Nolet20, who sat directly to his right. The rest of the hour played out without many showdowns, as did the first quarter of the following hour when the players returned from their break. Then another quick burst of action took the field down by two more players.

Rebel FishAK, who became a Super Tuesday champ back in September 2015, got things started by moving in for 519K with A♣ K♥ after Geilich opened for 85K in middle position and past Sunday Million winner and two-time WCOOP 2014 winner Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson smooth-called in the cutoff. Geilich folded but Aggro Santos called with 8♣ 8♥, losing the pot to a better flush when the board fell 4♣ Q♠ 3♣ K♣ 5♣.

Scott Margereson

Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson

Left with 762K, Aggro Santos squared off two hands later with the similarly stacked pantau77. The latter called for 720K with J♣ J♣ in the cutoff seat after Aggro Santos open-shoved for 754K with A♥ J♥. With no ace and one heart too few on the 3♥ T♦ 2♣ 7♥ K♣ board, Aggro Santos was left with less than one big blind in chips. Amazingly, though, he wouldn't be the next player out.

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pantau77 opened the next hand for 88K in the hijack seat with 9♦ 9♣ and called Nolet20's button re-raise to 211K to see a flop of J♦ J♠ J♣. pantau77 check-called 133K there and 318K more on the 6♣ turn before moving all-in for 862K on the 4♥ river. Nolet20 snap-called with Q♦ J♥ for flopped quads, and pantau77's jacks full of nines fell in seventh.

Aggro Santos was forced all-in from the big blind on the next hand with A♥ 9♣, but littleMiyaa's K♦ Q♦ in the small blind made a pair of kings on the K♥ 5♦ T♥ J♥ 3♣ board to bust Aggro Santos in sixth.

Super Tuesday 1-17-17 ft five-handed.jpg

Nolet20 had a comfortable lead with 4.66M chips as the field was trimmed to five players and put it to work by winning nine of the next 10 pots. The only exception was littleMiyaa, a Super Tuesday winner back in December 2016, doubling with T♦ T♠ in the small blind against ludovi333's 8♥ 8♠ on the button. That moved littleMiyaa into second place with 2.6M and dropped ludovi333 to 25 big blinds alongside Rebel FishAK, with degsy69, who finished seventh in the Super Tuesday three weeks ago, trailing at 577K.

While Nolet20 was able to continue picking up chips a few at a time by stealing pots, the rest of the leaderboard remained in flux as the short stacks took turns doubling up. First, Rebel FishAK's A♣ Q♦ picked up a queen on the turn to top Nolet20's 6♦ 6♥. Then ludovi333's A♠ J♣ rivered the A♣ to beat littleMiyaa's T♣ T♠. But degsy69 couldn't find the same magic. After re-raising all-in for 574K in the big blind with A♠ Q♠ over the top of Nolet20's opening 132K-chip bet, degsy69 was called by Nolet20 called with 3♦ 3♥. The small pair won the race with a full house after the board came 6♣ 2♥ 2♣ 4♦ 3♣, sending degsy69 to the rail in fifth.

There were no more showdowns over the last 10 minutes of play for the hour, but Rebel FishAK got one five minutes after returning from the break. The Romanian player open-shoved for 709K in the small blind with J♣ 9♠ and then immediately made a jack-high straight on the T♦ 7♠ 8♥ flop to beat Nolet20's 6♦ 6♠. But 10 minutes later, Rebel FishAK would be on the other side of the equation. littleMiyaa opened the hand all-in from the small blind with 8♦ 8♠ and Rebel FishAK called for 1.1M with A♠ 2♠. The possibility of a wheel straight arose on the 4♣ 5♦ 4♠ flop, but the Q♥ turn and T♠ were no further help and Rebel FishAK left in fourth.

Super Tuesday 1-17-17 ft three-handed.jpg

Nolet20's win there left the table not just three-handed, but populated by three players holding nearly identical chip stacks. The difference between third-place Nolet20's stack and leader littleMiyaa's was just three and a half big blinds. And though the stacks would begin shiftly almost immediately as the three players took each other on and seven-figure pots began to occur with some regularity, the number of players at the table would hold steady for most of the next hour.

littleMiyaa got the best of the early parts of three-handed play, and did so in multiple ways by stealing blinds and antes, winning big pots without showdown, and winning pots without showdown. After half an hour, littleMiyaa had moved up to 6.88M chips, while Nolet20 and ludovi333's combined stacks were worth a little less than half that. Then Nolet20 caught a break - after min-raising on the button with Q♥ T♦ and getting a call from littleMiyaa in the small blind, he called small bets on the 8♠ 9♣ 5♠ flop and 7♦ turn before littleMiyaa open-shoved on the 6♦ river. The board showed a nine-high straight, but Nolet20 called with a ten-high straight to win the 3.69M-chip pot.

Trailing both opponents, Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich ramped up the aggression at that point. He got to see a cheap flop from the small blind with 9♦ 8♣ and made three of a kind when the board fell A♥ 9♥ 9♣ 3♠ 2♠, which gave him a 1.73M-chip pot at littleMiyaa's expense. But Geilich's bid for his second career Super Tuesday title came to an end eight hands later after littleMiyaa raised to 225K on the button and Nolet20 flat-called in the small blind. Geilich jammed for 2.27M on the squeeze with Q♦ T♥ in the big blind, driving littleMiyaa away but drawing a quick call from Nolet20, who held A♥ A♠. Geilich picked up a pair of tens and a gutshot straight draw on the J♠ 8♠ T♣ flop, but the K♠ turn and 4♥ didn't bring enough additional help and he bowed out in third.

Ludovic Geilich

Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich, out in third

The game was completely up in the air as heads-up play began, with littleMiyaa holding a lead of just three big blinds over Nolet20. But just five minutes in, littleMiyaa fired off a three-barrel bluff with 9♣ 8♥ after raising to 225K before the 4♥ Q♦ 2♣ flop. Nolet20 floated there, made top pair on the K♥ turn, and check-called bets there and on the T♠ river to win the 3.03M-chip pot.

Super Tuesday 1-17-17 ft hu.jpg

Nolet20 had the momentum now and worked to maintain it, staying on the attack wherever possible, but four seven-figure wins in the span of 11 pots - including three at showdown - moved littleMiyaa into the lead. But the very next hand saw Nolet20 take advantage of another mistimed bluff from littleMiyaa, who had called a small raise with A♦ 9♥ in the big blind, bringing a Q♦ 7♣ J♦ flop. The action there went check-check, as it did on the 8♣ turn, before littleMiyaa checked once more on the 5♦ river. Nolet20 bet 311K and then called with 5♣ 5♥ for a set of fives when littleMiyaa check-raised to 1.61M, taking down a pot worth 3.67M.

The win there put Nolet20 back into the lead by about 11 big blinds. The lead was about the same six hands later when Nolet20 raised to 214K on the button with 7♥ 6♠. littleMiyaa called there before check-raising to 633K on the 5♣ A♣ 4♥ flop. Nolet20 called the check-raise there and another 857K on the 9♥ turn before littleMiyaa moved all-in on the 3♦ river. littleMiyaa, whose 3♥ 3♠ had made a set, moved in for 2.97M chips. Nolet20 called with the nuts, a seven-high straight, and the tournament came to its conclusion.

littleMiyaa missed out on a second career Super Tuesday win, but today's $54,482 score as runner-up makes for more than $125K in Super Tuesday winnings for the Lithuanian player since December 2016 - an enviable track record by almost anyone's standards. As for Nolet20, the $74,122.85 win here today added a Super Tuesday title to the Canadian player's resume, one that already included a MicroMillions Main Event victory and the largest share of a four-way deal in the WCOOP Main Event. Congratulations to both players on overcoming another strong Super Tuesday field!

1/17/17 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold'em) results
Entrants: 409
Total prize pool: $409,000
Places paid: 55

1. Nolet20 (Canada) $74,122.85
2. littleMiyaa (Lithuania) $54,482.76
3. Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich (United Kingdom) $40,046.74
4. Rebel FishAK (Romania) $29,435.73
5. degsy69 (United Kingdom) $21,636.30
6. Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson (Mexico) $15,903.43
7. pantau77 (Germany) $11,689.54
8. tapa5dirham? (Morocco) $8,592.23
9. thx4urm0n3y (Canada) $6,315.61

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.

Jason Kirk
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