Djelly claims top prize in Sunday Warm-Up!

warmup 10.19.jpg3645 players took to the virtual felt Sunday afternoon for the $750,000 guaranteed prize pool in the Sunday Warm-Up. The top 540 players picked up at least $375 each, but the real money was at the top of the pyramid, with a guaranteed $101,250.00 for first place. After eight hours of tough poker, the final table was set when allofit29 picked up the unfortunate title of final table bubble boy. His A-7 hit an Ace on the turn to crack chip leader TribunCaesar’s pocket Kings, but the fourth spade on the river sent the check mark back to TribunCaesar, and busted allofit29 in 10th place ($4,500).

The final nine wasted no time getting in on the action, with willcutyou moving all in preflop on the first hand of the final table. He got no callers, but a few hands later LoboTommi got it all in preflop with pocket Queens to Djelly’s pocket jacks. On a board of 9c-Ad-10h-3s, LoboTommi was poised for a double up, but the brutal Jd on the river gave Djelly a set and LoboTommi $6,750 for 9th place.

Overpairs continued to fall as willcutyou busted in 8th place ($9,750) when his pocket Kings couldn’t hold against Bajasen’s Ad-10s. A ten on the flop and another on the turn left willcutyou looking for two outs on the river. The 3c wasn’t one of them, and his evening was over.

+ to the EV! picked a tough time to make a move when he moved all in over the top of big stack Djelly’s preflop raise. Djelly insta-called with pocket aces, and EV! was left looking for help with his J-10. The flop made things interesting, as it came down Kh-2d-Jh, but the better hand eventually held up as the rest of the board came down 3s-4h and + to the EV! picked up $15,750 for 7th place.

Short stacks caiimeron and wasylaa both moved in with pocket pairs and found action from chip leader Djelly in a monster three-way all in pot. Djelly’s Ah-Qd was a coin flip against caiimeron’s pocket jacks and wasylaa’s pocket eights, and when the flop came down 7c-5s-Ac, it looked like the field would thin quickly. The 8s on the turn gave wasylaa new life, and the 5c on the river meant that only one player went to the rail in the hand, caiimeron in 6th place ($23,250).

Still pretty short-stacked, wasylaa wasted no time moving all his chips into the middle with Qd-10c from the button. TribunCaesar re-raised all in to isolate with his pocket Kings, and the flop of Jh-As-4d gave wasylaa outs to the straight. No King on the turn or river meant that wasylaa was done in 5th place ($30,750) and TribunCaesar was challenging Djelly for the chip lead.

After a lengthy period of four-handed play, Bajasen became the next to fall when he busted in 4th place ($38,625). TribunCaesar raised preflop with Kh-Qd, and Bajasen moved all in over the top with As-9s. The board ran out 8h-Kd-6c-Ks-8c, and TribunCaesar made kings full to bust Bajasen and tighten his hold on the 2nd-place chip stack.

Short stack cpfz55555 came into the final table with one of the smallest stacks, and dodged bullets and doubled up all the way to 3rd place and a $48,750 payday. Even with the smallest stack, it took a gutshot to send him packing, as he got it all in with As-Qh against monster chip leader Djelly’s Kh-9h. The flop came down 2s-Qd-10h, and quicker than you could say “he needs a jack,” the Jh came on the turn. The 7c provided no suck-resuck action, and cpfz55555’s masterful display of short-stack poker came to an end.

Djelly took a huge chip lead into heads-up play, and extended his lead in the early going over TribunCaesar. Finally, after a dozen or so hands of back-and-forth, all the money went in preflop. TribunCaesar moved all in with Js-7s, and Djelly called with As-10c. The flop of 5d-Qd-4d was no help to either player, but the 10d was the perfect turn card for Djelly, as TribunCaesar was left looking for three outs on the river. The Qh wasn’t one of them, and TribunCaesar was busted in 2nd place for $71,250.

After nearly ten hours of tournament and almost two hours of final table, Djelly claimed the win and the $101,250 top prize! Congratulations to all our final table finishers and the 540 players who cashed in the Sunday Warm-Up!

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