Shotgun78111 blows away competition in Sunday Warm-Up!

Warmup 12.7.jpg3,751 players signed up for one of the richest guarantees in online poker this week – the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up. After 8 ½ hours of No Limit tournament play, the final nine players gathered round one table for their piece of the big money. Sbj1000 took the chip lead into a fairly even final table, without the huge leaders or micro-stacks we sometimes see at the final tables of the big Sunday tournaments. One name that stood out among the final nine was busto_soon, the Supernova Elite player who took second in his event for Team Netherlands in the World Cup of Poker Divisional Rounds early Sunday Morning. With a final table in the Sunday Warm-up starting some thirteen hours after his World Cup match kicked off, busto_soon certainly had a long day on Sunday.

The early going was fairly sedate, without any huge confrontations in the first few hands. But soon enough the action loosened up, as the blinds got high and the average stack crept down around 20 big blinds. The preflop shove to pick up blinds and antes became the norm, and it was only a matter of time before two players picked up a hand worth going to war with at the same time. When it finally happened, it was busto_soon who moved all in preflop from late position with Kd-Qc. Keramiken called from the big blind with pocket eights, and when the board blanked out, busto_soon was left crippled. Busto_soon got the last of his chips in on the very next hand with Ks-3d to eatyourstac’s Ad-8h. No help on the board for busto, and he did just that in 9th place ($6,751.80).

It took quite a while for our next clash of the titans to materialize, but when it did, former chip leader sbj1000 was left with just remnants of his stack. Sbj1000 raised preflop with Ah-Kd, only to find an all in re-raise from eatyourstac. After going into the tank for minute, sbj1000 made the call, only to find himself facing pocket kings. No ace on the board, and sbj1000 was left with just the most tiny of stacks. All in from the small blind on the next hand, sbj1000 busted in 8th place for $9,752.60.

FatsoFat6969 was the next to fall when he lost a big coin flip to KevinV for all his chips. KevinV moved all in preflop with A-Q, and FatsoFat6969 made the call with pocket Jacks. The Queen on the flop gave the lead to KevinV, but the Kh-Qd-Kd-10h board on the turn left Fatso with outs to the straight. The river was the 7c, however, and KevinV’s queens and kings held up to send FatsoFat6969 packing in 7th place ($15.754.20).
After that, the action picked up rapidly, as the bustouts flew fast and furious. Vishnu24 got the last of his chips in preflop with pocket threes, but needed help against Shotgun78111’s pocket sevens. The board ran out 8c-Jh-4d=Ac-2h, and vishnu24 was gone in 6th ($23,256.20). Just a couple of hands later, keramiken moved all in preflop and found callers in both eatyourstac and stirthepot. On a board of 2d-Qc-Kh-3c-7h, stirthepot tabled 8c-8h for a pocket pair of eights. It’s good enough to drag the pot as keramiken and eatyourstac both muck, and keramiken heads to the rail in 5th place ($30,758.20).

With only four players remaining, the survivors took a moment to discuss a deal. After a moment’s discussion, eatyourstac decided not to make a deal, and play continued. The four remaining players jockeyed for position for quite a while before another big confrontation, and this time is was KevinV coming up on the short end of the coin flip. The aggressive chip leader shotgun78111 raised preflop, and KevinV thought went into his time bank before making the all-in call with pocket sixes. Shotgun78111 showed Qh-Js, and the window card was the Qd, leaving KevinV drawing pretty thin. The final board ran out Qd-Ac-2d-4s-9d, and KevinV was gone in 4th place ($38,635.30).

The three remaining players paused once more to discuss a deal, and this time the deal went through. The final numbers looked like this, with $10,000 left on the table for the eventual winner.

Stirthepot - $59,112
Shotgun78111 - $88,104
Eatyourstac - $64,091

Play resumed with $10,000 on the line, and the short-stacked stirthepot was the next to fall to Shotgun78111. Stirthepot pushed all in preflop with Qc-10s after a raise from Shotgun78111. Shotgun78111 insta-called with Ac-Jd, and both players picked up a pair on the 3h-Qs-Ah flop. The rest of the board ran out 9d-6s, and stirthepot was done in 3rd place.

Shotgun78111 took a 3:1 chip lead into heads-up play, but his GoldStar opponent wasn’t going easily. Heads-up play went back and forth for a while, with both players looking for an opening. Finally, eatyourstac raised preflop with As-10h, only to find a re-raise coming from Shotgun78111. Eatyourstac moved all in over the top, and Shotgun78111 quickly called with pocket Jacks. Eatyourstac picked up a straight draw on the Qd-2s-Js flop, but the 2d on the turn gave Shotgun78111 a full house and left eatyourstac drawing dead.
With the extra $10K for taking down first place, Shotgun78111’s haul for the evening totaled a whopping $98,104! Congrats to Shotgun78111 and all the players who cashed in this week’s Sunday Warm-Up!

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