Taking Everyone to School: Cobus83 Takes Down the Sunday Warm-Up

Just two months ago PokerStars was filling the prize pool with the $750,000 guaranteed money. Now, it has become commonplace to see yet another smashed guarantee as it was tonight with 3,899 making the final money tally a whopping $779,800 to be broken up into smaller pieces for the 585 players that cashed tonight. Among those cashing were Team PokerStars pro John Duthie in 325th and Andre “aakkari” Akkari clocking in 146th place for $935.76. They unfortunately did not join the final nine whom played on in search of bigger cash including the $101,374.00 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up.

The chip leader with five tables remaining was no stranger to success; Sebastian “taktloss47” Ruthenberg was the runner up in the 2007 WCOOP Event #5 good for $260,184.82 (final table report link here) and third place the same year in the European Poker Tour Dortmund event, held a sizable lead into the final 45. But, Sebastian’s night would end after a rough set vs. straight flush draw hand against final tablist Powergolf, which the straight got there without the board pairing and Cobus83 trapping the German with pocket queens in a blind verus blind battle. Ruthenberg left in 13th place good for $3,119.20 in winnings.

Cassidy13 did the honors in opening up the final table as he took out BrainBusto in 10th as Cassidy13’s pocket nines proved to be the victor over the Ah-6s of BrainBusto on the 4c-3c-Qs-Th-3h board. Kameleont would carry the weight of the chip leader into the final nine, here’s how they shaped up:

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Seat 1: Kameleont (8690525 in chips)
Seat 2: Powergolf (2952791 in chips)
Seat 3: fffffs (6535376 in chips)
Seat 4: NewsKoooL (5100647 in chips)
Seat 5: Cobus83 (6271711 in chips)
Seat 6: Mr nOmadsen (2438436 in chips)
Seat 7: IDOLLS (1346112 in chips)
Seat 8: Cassidy13 (4193730 in chips)
Seat 9: Trueblue333 (1460672 in chips)

No clear-cut chip dominance starting off the final table but IDOLLS and Trueblue333 had some serious work to do with the blinds starting off at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000. Unfortunately, one of them went up and the other went out in back-to-back hands. IDOLLS found As-Js in the small blind and 3-bet all-in for a little over a million off a middle position raise to 400,000 by fffffs. fffffs made the call leaving well over five million behind with Ks-Ts. The flop Jd-4s-6d increased the lead for IDOLLS, but ffffs found a running two pair with the Kh and Tc on the turn and river sending IDOLLS home with $6,706.28 in ninth place.

Trueblue333 however would skyrocket to the seven million chip mark thanks to the former chip leader Kameleont in back-to-back hands. A flopped straight with Kh-Tc against Kameleont top pair, then a cooler of pocket queens for Kameleont and pocket aces for Trueblue333 which flopped a boat, took a 7.7 million chip pot and temporary chip lead in just two hands going from eighth to first in the standings.

The hot action continued as five hands later a blind versus blind battle would send home our eighth place finisher. NewsKoool sent out the odd $379,998 raise from the button only to have the fireworks go off behind him. Cobus83 in the small blind re-raised to 999,999 and Mr nOmadsen in the big blind pushed for his remaining 2.2 million. NewsKoool decided to read a different section of the paper, but Cobus83 made the call with Ah-Tc for the 5.2 million chip pot leaving 2.8 million behind. Black kings for Mr nOmadsen had him well into the lead on the turn of 3s-6d-2c-7c and you can see where this is going as the dirty ace of spades on the river handed $9,747.50 to Mr nOmadsen in eighth place for a new monitor or laptop. Cobus83 would shoot up to 8.8 million in chips good enough for second place.

Started as a coin flip, and another shocking river card doubled up Cassidy13 and left Powergolf with a 80 foot putt for par with a severe break from left to right. Virtually even in chips, Cassidy13 open shoved his 2.7 million in chips from the cutoff and Powergolf made the call with a suited big slick (As-Ks). Cassidy13 found his race with pocket fours (4s-4c) but found himself behind a wall of hearts on the flop that included an ace for Powergolf. The turn showed a board of Ah-3h-Qh-2s opening up four 5’s for a wheel. “Rivered again” may have wedged out of Powergolf’s jaw as the five of spades completed the runner-runner wheel straight and his scraps would be eaten by Kameleont five hands later. $15,596 in seventh place for the links lover as the blinds increased to 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000 for the six remaining players.

As the players broke for five minutes, you can too by reading up on the PokerStars World Cup news as they continued its qualifying rounds today with the US states, Canadian province, and German group finals. Check out the action from these links from the PokerStarsBlog (Germany, US and Canada early results, or follow all of the World Cup qualifying action thru this link).

Blind steals were aplenty for the next twenty or so hands as no flops were seen and the preflop raiser took down the tidy 525,000 chips sitting in the middle with blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000. fffffs, Cobus83, and Trueblue333 were tight at the top with ten, nine, and eight million chips respectively and Cassidy13, NewsKoooL, and Kameleont were on the lower end all sitting with three million and change.

fffffs continued to build his stack with timely re-raises of Trueblue333’s blind steals and found himself sitting on 13 million in chips when he raised to 570,000 from the button and was facing a push from NewsKoooL in the small blind for his remaining 2.5 million. After a few blinks of thinking, fffffs made the call with Ac-9c and the coin flip was on as NewsKoooL’s pocket fives (5s-5c) were slightly in the lead. A beautiful flop for fffffs of Tc-Kc-7h gave him a new set of outs to a flush as well as the overcards, and the Ad on the turn gave him the lead which would hold up to the river Th, shipping the 5.6 million pot to ffffs and increasing his chip lead to 16.6 million chips. A sixth place finish for NewsKoooL was worth $23,394.00 tonight with hopes that presto will provide more magic in the future.

After a lull of nearly 30 hands without significant action, and NewsKoooL busting in sixth, just four hands later Trueblue333 and beginning final table chip leader Kameleont tangled for another big pot between the two. Trueblue333 raised to 1 million from the cutoff, as Kameleont came over the top on the button with a shove for 3.5 million and the blinds went back to watching Sunday Night Football. Trueblue333 made the call leaving 3.2 million behind and showed Ad-Tc versus Kameleont’s black sevens. Flopped set of trip aces for Trueblue333 on the flop of 5s-Ah-As propelled him well into the lead. The two outer did not appear on the turn and river as the nine of spades and diamonds rained down and $31,192.00 was shipped to Kameleont as his nemesis Trueblue333 chopped up his chip lead and then sent Kameleont home in fifth place less then an hour later.

A few all-ins by Cassidy13, including doubling up off of Trueblue333 with a AK vs. AJ hand. The double up spread out the chips a bit with four players left, as fffffs’ chip lead was only a few million over Cobus83 and Cassidy13 with Trueblue333 looking up with five million in chips when the blinds moved up to 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000. But, no talks of chopping or any kind of chatter would be found, as the chat box shows nothing but hand result information nearly the entire final table up to this point.

As the blinds moved up to 250,000/500,000 ante 50,000 so did the big hands as Cassidy13 found himself getting short with only eight BBs left but doubling up off of fffffs who subsequently dropped to nearly eight million chips. Cobus83 racked up an impressive lead with nearly 17 million chips at this point as the four-handed match was played without fear as all four players used aggression and position to keep themselves ahead of the blinds at this point with nearly a million chips in the middle preflop:

Seat 3: fffffs (7932625 in chips)
Seat 5: Cobus83 (17339645 in chips)
Seat 8: Cassidy13 (7363680 in chips)
Seat 9: Trueblue333 (6354050 in chips)

Cobus83 would open up his lead to nearly 22 million in chips as the other players (Trueblue333, Cassidy13, and fffffs) were left to fight among themselves as Cobus83 held more then half the chips in play as just before the blinds moved up to 300,000/600,000 ante 60,000 fffffs and Trueblue333 got their stacks into the middle preflop in a blind versus blind battle. fffffs was slightly ahead with Ac-7h versus the Kh-Qc of Trueblue333 in the virtual coin flip and fffffs had three million behind when they created a 9.2 million chip pot. The flopped pair of aces for fffffs would hold up as the board ran out 8d-Tc-Ad-3h-9d and ended Trueblue333’s night in fourth place. After the $38,990.00 was sent to Trueblue333, the other players finally found the letter keys of their keyboards and asked for the chip chop numbers to be presented.

In the shortest agreement since offering ice cream instead of broccoli for dessert to my kids, we had a chop of the first thru third place prizes:

Cobus83: $83,819
fffffs: $68,210
Cassidy13: $56,314

Now that the big money was settled, the three played on for the title of Sunday Warm-Up champion and $10,000 left aside for the winner. Cassidy13 would strike first blood against fffffs, as he doubled up to almost 15 million chip when a turned Th gave him the lucky card he needed as his Ah-Ts overcame the As-Js of fffffs. Several hands of blinds steals would go on as none of the players were readily giving in. But, it was Cassidy13 putting the nails into the coffin of fffffs as the two squared off again preflop nineteen hands later. With the blinds at 300,000/600,000 ante 60,000 Cassidy13 raised from the small blind to 1.8 million and was met by ffffs’ shove for his 7.2 million chip stack. Unlike the last big hand between the two, this was a coin flip for the 15 million chips in the middle.

Cassidy13: Ah-Jd
fffffs: Th-Tc

Things went sour quickly for fffffs as Cassidy found trip jacks on the Jc-9s-Jh flop. Things did not improve on the turn as the Ac sealed up the hand and Cassidy13 became the new chip leader with 20 million chips thanks to the jacks full of aces and fffffs would exit in third place with $68,210 from the chop agreement.

From the previous play from these players and virtually same chip stacks, a long heads up battle was sure to take place…

… but it did not as Cobus83 took the chip lead after just four hands of heads up play when the following hand would seal his victory in this week’s Sunday Warm-Up.

Cassidy13 started off with 16 million to Cobus83’s 20 million and the blinds still at 300,000/600,000 ante 60,000. A raise on the button to 1.8 million by Cassidy13 was met quickly by a shove all-in by the shaded George Washingon icon and Cassidy13 made the call with Ad-7d. Usually any ace is a great heads-up hand, unless you’re outkicked as Cobus83 turned over Ah-Qh. The 4h-Jh-Kc flop took away several outs from Cassidy13 as any ten or heart would seal up the victory. Looking for a black seven, Cassidy13 wouldn’t find them as the Ks on the turn and 2h on the river gave Cobus83 the nut flush and the extra $10,000 for the victory.

From the chop Cassidy would take home $56,314 for second place and Cobus83 would add $10,000 to his biggest piece of the pie from the chop, to total $93,819 for tonight’s win!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Results 11/23/08
Based on three-way chop
1. Cobus83 $93,819.00
2. Cassidy13 $56,314.00
3. fffffs $68,210.00
4. Trueblue333 $38,990.00
5. Kameleont $31,192.00
6. NewsKoooL $23,394.00
7. Powergolf $15,596.00
8. Mr nOmadsen $9,747.50
9. IDOLLS $6,706.28

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up