FoNkEy_DiSh hard to spell, harder to beat in Sunday Warm-Up Victory

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgWith the monster 200-seat Guarantee WSOP Main Event Qualifier running this week, the Sunday Warm-Up became the biggest prize of the Sunday Night fights. 4,320 players signed up, building a massive $864,000 prize pool. It was still a relatively quick affair, as it only took a little over eight hours of play to reach the final table bubble and the cusp of the serious money. Play slowed down once the final table bubble hit, and it took almost thirty minutes of short-handed play to get to the final nine. The home stretch took around 90 minutes before FoNkEy_DiSh bested bfizz11 heads up for the $135,544.32 top prize and the Sunday Warm-Up title.

warmup 6.14.09.jpg

Philipoo came into the final table as one of the shortest stacks, and when he picked up pocket nines in the big blind, he wasted no time moving all in over the top of Heskey27's preflop raise. Heskey27 snap-called with A♦-K♠, and the race was on. The race was over almost before the runners got out of the blocks, as the flop came down Q♦-K♥-8♣ to give Heskey27 the dominant hand. No two outer for philippp, and he was done in 9th place ($6,912).

Street G was next to fall when he got his money in with A♣-T♦, only to find bfizz11 right behind him with A♠-J♦. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the 3♣-7♠-K♠-4♥-A♥ board, and street G picked up $10,800 for 8th place.

After losing a huge pot to HolgerSpeck, Om3rta ramped up the aggression and shipped it in preflop several times without a caller. He finally got action from chip leader EdwasEdzend when he moved all in over the top of EdwasEdzend's preflop praise with A♦-J♣. EdwasEdzend tabled K♣-Q♠, and promptly flopped top pair on a K♠-6♣-7♣ board. Backdoor clubs wouldn't held Om3rta, and the 7♠ on the turn put an end to anyone's flush draws anyway. Only an ace on the river would save Om3rta, and when the K♥ landed, EdwasEdzend dragged a monster pot to reclaim the massive chip lead while Om3rta had to settle for 7th place and $19,440.

Caecilius ran pocket tens into bfizz11's pocket jacks to leave him on the extreme short stack, and he busted in 6th place ($28,080) a couple of hands later when he put his last few chips in with A♥-3♣ on a J♣-2♣-8♠ board. HolgerSpeck led out with A♠-2♦, and caecillus made the call. He got no help as the turn and river ran out 4♦-J♦, and he was finished.

Sometimes it all comes down to a read, and when bfizz called for all his chips against chip leader Edwas Edzend, we had the hand of the final table. It looked a little like this:

Former chip leader EdwasEdzend completed his plummet from penthouse to outhouse on the very next hand, when he shipped it in preflop with K♠-4♥. FoNkEy_DiSh called with A♠-J♥, and when the board ran out 6♥-9♥-[10c]-5♦-9♣, EdwasEdzend's tournament had ended in 5th place ($36,720).

FoNkEy_DiSh continued to play the role of the heavy when he took out HolgerSpeck in 4th place ($48,816). All the money went in prelop, and when the hands were revealed, it was a classic coin toss as HolgerSpeck showed K♣-J♥ and FoNkEy_DiSh tabled pocket nines. The nines held on a board of 5♥-5♣-3♣-6♦-6♣, and then there were three. The three players left standing paused the clock to discuss a deal, and after a few minutes of discussions, the deal was quashed and the decision was made to play it out.

After deciding "no deal" was his best strategy, FoNkEy_DiSh seemed destined for the bad luck that befalls he who doesn't deal at a final table when his internet connection crashed during three-handed play. He came back to double up Heskey27, but moved into the driver's seat when he took a massive sick pot off of bfizz11. Bfizz11 raised it up preflop from the button, and FoNkEy_DiSh flat-called from the small blind. The flop came down K♣-Q♥-7♣, and both players checked. FoNkEy_DiSh fired when the 3♦ came on the turn, and bfizz11 called. FoNkEy_DiSh checked the K♠ river, then pulled the trigger on the check-raise when bfizz11 bet at it. Bfizz11 let his time bank run almost completely out before making the call with A♦-Q♠, only to watch FoNkEy_DiSh table K♦-Q♣ for a flopped two pair that turned into a rivered full house. That hand took bfizz from the chip lead to life support as FoNkEy_DiSh gathered up nearly ¾ of the chips in play.

But that dominant lead wasn't safe, as the three remaining players traded double ups like me and my cousin used to swap baseball cards. Just when it looked like a player was done for the night, he'd double up and it would be on again. Finally, FoNkEy_DiSh crippled Heskey27 in a sick hand that saw the board run out quad fives, and FoNkEy_DiSh's Q-J give him a better kicker and crack Heskey's pocket eights. Heskey27 got it all in a few hands later and both FoNkEy_DiSh and bfizz11 called. The live players checked it down on every street as the board ran out 9♣-3♦-5♣-2♦-3♥. FoNkEy_DiSh tabled K♦-3♣ for trip threes, and both opponents mucked as Heskey 27 was done in 3rd place ($71,280).

It only took a few hands of heads up play for the 6:1 chip advantage of FoNkEy_DiSh to prove insurmountable. When bfizz11 picked up a pair, all the chips went in, but he was in deep trouble and got only deeper as the final hand played out.

When the dust settled, bfizz11 picked up $100,656 for his runner-up finish, and turning down the deal was the right decision for FoNkEy_DiSh, who grabbed a cash bag loaded with $135,544.32 for taking down the Sunday Warm-Up. Congrats to our final table players for the exciting show they put on, and congrats to everyone who cashed in this week's Sunday Warm-Up!