aligator67 Eats Em' Up During Sunday Warm-Up Win

As the excitement of the recently completed 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (see Poorya Nazari's winner's interview here) is packed back up until next year, it's back to the virtual tables for the big weekend tournaments. The $750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up opened its doors for over 4,032 players this evening, some who may still be lapping up the remaining festivities on Paradise Island in their rooms with this $215 buy-in tourney with a shot at the $104,832.00 first place prize. 585 players went home with at least $403.20 and the final nine was assured $6,935.04 for at least eight hours of work. Supernovas tmmy2win, throwinphins, and crisbus81 were showing their well-earned frequent player stars as they made it to the final three tables, one of which would go on to chop up first place.

A super short stack with three tables remaining, a fortunate river card with fifteen left helped BigRed0000 hit the final table running. Here's the remainder of the group that played for that six figure sum shown above after unfortunate bubble boy JopperHarryN ran into the BigRed chip truck when his flopped top pair couldn't match up to BigRed0000's top two pair:


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Seat 1: tmmy2win (4291604 in chips)
Seat 2: Vienna Bundy (4415244 in chips)
Seat 3: davrow (3931685 in chips)
Seat 4: throwinphins (917511 in chips)
Seat 5: JPette333 (4512976 in chips)
Seat 6: aligator67 (4444710 in chips)
Seat 7: ramon123456 (2346528 in chips)
Seat 8: BigRed0000 (12532314 in chips)
Seat 9: killbillyboy (2927428 in chips)

Supernova throwinphins wasted no time as he started the final table with an all-in before the PokerStars host even welcomed everyone to the table! On the very first hand with blinds starting off at 65,000/130,000 ante 13,000, throwinphins shoved his remaining 839,511 chips into the small blind hoping to claim the 299,000 sitting in the middle. But, patiently waiting was JPette333 in the big blind with 4.5 million in chips, plenty to make the call with As-Jc. throwinphins did have two live cards with Kc-9d. The flop hit both players showing 9s-5h-Ad, leaving throwinphins tossing at five outs for trips or two pair, neither of which arrived on the 3h turn or 8s to save the short stack from our first elimination. $6,935.04 for a ninth place finish by throwinphins tonight perhaps to help him earn his way towards Supernova Elite.

BigRed0000's stack would take a fairly decent knock against the other Supernova at the table, tmmy2win. With the board showing Qd-Td-Jc-Ks-3c, tmmy2win shoved his remaining 2.6 million chips into the pot on the river and got a call from BigRed0000 who held pocket nines for the short end of the straight. As-Jd good for the nut straight shipped the 8.2 million chip pot to tmmy2win as BigRed0000's chip lead was pared down to a sleek 9.3 million, but still good for the chip lead.

Just five hands later Vienna Bundy's demise would begin quickly. First a raise to 640,000 from the cutoff got davrow on his right to three bet to 1,525,555 chips with the blinds escalating to 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000. Vienna Bundy called to see a flop of 8d-6c-Kh, and played a little stop-and-go by shoving immediately. davrow was quite happy to place his remaining 1.6 million into the pot with a top set of kings which held up over the pocket treys of Vienna Bundy for the 6.7 million chip pot. Unlucky fives would strike again for Vienna Bundy as five hands later he ran head first into another premium pocket pair against BigRed0000. With under ten big blinds, Vienna Bundy choose to three-bet all-in from the big blind for his remaining 1.3 million chips against the cutoff raising BigRed0000. Pocket queens for BigRed0000 were well ahead of the Ah-6d for Vienna Bundy and stayed that way thru the board of Ks-4s-Tc-9c-3c. Five figures, $10,080.00 to be exact for Vienna Bundy's eight place finish.

One split pot, then a race for all his chips again. The next two hands of the final table sealed the fate of killbillyboy. The short stack at the table pressed his 1.9 million in chips the next two hands after we saw off Vienna Bundy. He would split with tmmy2win as both turned up ATo for no love, then with the popular number five would make a come back as he would raise to 555,555 the very next hand. JPette333 would put the pressure on with a shove for five million out of the small blind. killbillyboy made the call to race his As-Jc against JPette333's pocket black tens. Small numbers on the flop of 2c-5s-7c helped neither player. The 3d on the turn took flush possibilities out but opened an inside wheel draw and the Ks on the river slayed killbillyboy in seventh place. He'll be sure to rise again however with the $16,128.00 received tonight for his efforts.

Preflop play for the next fifteen hands was the only game in town as zero flops were seen until ramon123456 and davrow decided the board was getting cold with no cards being laid down on it. ramon123456 was down to nine big blinds with the blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000 in middle position holding Ac-Js and open shoved. davrow however was not backing down in the small blind holding Ah-Qd and covered by 6.2 million. The flop Qs-Kc-7c gave davrow top pair and shifted ramon123456's direction to needing a ten for a straight. 6c on the turn got the rest of the clubs in the deck on ramon123456's flight plan for success, but the 9d shot down our sixth place finisher before takeoff. ramon123456 added a few more numbers to his bankroll with the $24,192.00 received in sixth place.

Right after the break and a double up by tmmy2win here's how our final five looked with davrow nipping at BigRed0000's heels for the chip lead:

Seat 1: tmmy2win (7375372 in chips)
Seat 3: davrow (10868404 in chips)
Seat 5: JPette333 (6914003 in chips)
Seat 6: aligator67 (4053234 in chips)
Seat 8: BigRed0000 (11108987 in chips)

aligator67 would take the first ten million chip pot in the tournament off BigRed0000 when his preflop shove blind steal would net more then the 500,000 in the middle preflop. His Kh-Td was slightly behind BigRed0000's Ad-9h until the flop Kc-Th-8s gave alligator67 top two pair which held up thru the 3h and 4d river sending the 11.1 million chip pot to aligator67 for the chip lead. BigRed0000 did cover by 6.5 million and still held a comfortable chip position with blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000.

But, not being in the chip lead must have uncomfortable for BigRed0000 as a steal went wrong in a hurry against tmmy2win. tmmy2win lead out UTG for 750,000 with blinds at 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000 and folded around to BigRed0000's big blind. BigRed0000 would make a big shove for a little under six million chips. Pocket aces made tmmy2win's call much easier as BigRed0000's face blushed a little, showing Th-8s for an ill-timed bluff. No miracles would appear on the 7h-3s-Qc-Kd-6h board and the once dominant chip leader was left with table lint and $32,256.00 in fifth place.

tmmy2win would take his newly acquired chip 12.2 million chips and start building his tower with several preflop raises and re-raises to get to 16 million when he button raised to 750,000 into a short stacked JPette333's big blind. With only 2.8 million behind after paying the blind dues, two face cards look more then inviting to shove. Qd-Jc for JPette333 and tmmy2win made the correct call with As-9s for a slight advantage. The board would not comply for JPette333 as tmmy2win's ace high would hold on through 5h-6c-8s-2s-8d board. After tmmy2win pushed his stack over the 20 million mark and $40,320.00 was pushed to JPette333 in fourth place, the three competitors got down to deal making.

The Supernova tmmy2win was firm on his chip lead and table experience, and aligator67 had a dollar amount in mind that was a little bigger then what the table could chew as HostScott restarted the tournament after five minutes of negotiations we began three-handed with blinds at 200,000/400,000 ante 40,000. No deal was the battle cry as the three players sat back in.

Not back in for long as just three hands later alligator67 and davrow took their nearly equal stacks and shoved them into the middle preflop:

aligator67: Jh-Jd
davrow: Ac-Th

aligator67 snapped out of the gate with a commanding lead once the Qd-Kc-9s fell with no ace. The 7c on the turn left davrow with the same five outs for a straight or pair of aces. Td on the river paired up davrow but still not enough to overcome the jacks that now made a straight. davrow was now on the outside, finished in third place with $48,384.00, looking in as the final two went back to chop negotiations immediately.

The chip difference of 61,000 may have been huge five hours ago, but now it was enough to split up the remaining $166,352 (minus the $10,000 to the winner) right down the middle and award $83,704 to both players.

aligator67 would score the first big strike with an 18 million chip pot on a river shove with the board showing 3h-Kc-7c-5d-6d for 12 million chips. tmmy2win took his time but decided to keep his nine million chips for later use. Neither player was willing to give up the remaining $10,000 easily, and after a few preflop shoves from aligator67 they settled down to a more passive game with the small blind receiving the chips many times after the button folded. On the other side of the coin when min-raises were made from tmmy2win, seeking easy blind steals, aligator67's 30 million went into the middle instead netting him even more chips.

Until tmmy2win had a hand to call aligator67's shove with. Pocket sixes proved to be the hand and it held up over aligator67's 5d-6d for a chip equalizer on a board of Ac-As-2s-3c-2d as the blinds moved up to 250,000/500,000 ante 50,000.

The two would tussle for control of the 40 million chips in play until alligator had opened up a 28 million to 12 million chip lead going into this preflop four-bet all-in battle:

aligator67: Ah-8c
tmmy2win: Qc-Jc

A coin flip for the title and $10,000 that sided with with the chip leader as the board rained down 4d-9s-2d-7d-4s to make aligator67's ace high good enough to claim this week's Sunday Warm-Up champion!

Congratulations to all our final table contestants tonight and here's how the money was divided out:

01-11-09 Sunday Warm-Up Results
(based on two-way deal)

1. aligator67 $93,704.00
2. tmmy2win $83,704.00
3. davrow $48,384.00
4. JPette333 $40,320.00
5. BigRed0000 $32,256.00
6. ramon123456 $24,192.00
7. killbillyboy $16,128.00
8. Vienna Bundy $10,080.00
9. throwinphins $6,935.04

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up