28h@ndsl@ter charges to victory in Sunday Warm-Up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgAnother Sunday, another couple million dollars on the line in the PokerStars Sunday Guaranteed Tournaments. This Sunday saw a lengthy final table bubble in the warm up turn into a quick final table, and a four-way deal among the last players standing locked up a healthy payday for everybody. Then, with ten grand on the table, we saw 28h@ndsl@ter come from third out of four remaining to snag the title and the extra $10,000 cash! 3,702 players in total put their cash on the line this week in the Sunday Warm-Up, and 540 of them took down their piece of the $750,000 prize pool. After a solid seven hours of poker, the final table started off pretty slowly, as the players picked their spots and waited to get their money in ahead.

warmup 5.17.09.jpg

Unfortunately, sometimes getting your money in ahead isn't enough, as mkind0516 learned to his chagrin when his aces got cracked by pearldam's pocket eights in the first big confrontation of the final table. Pearldam raised preflop from middle position and mkind0516 quickly shoveled all in over the top with pocket aces from the cutoff. The board looked good for mkind0516 as it ran out 5c-3d-Qs-6c, but the 8h on the river was the two-outer pearldam needed to send mkind0516 packing with a $6,000 consolation prize for his 9th-place finish.

8th place went to torowe when he picked an unfortunate time to go for a steal from the cutoff. Torowe raised preflop with 5♣-4♣, and when 28h@ndsl@ter moved all in over the top torowe was pot-committed and in troubled with 28h@ndsl@ter tabled his A♥-A♣. The suspense went out of the hand right on the flop, as 28h@ndsl@ter flopped top set on a board of K♥-4♦-A♦. The turn and river ran out T♦-4♠ to make trips for torowe, not enough to stand against 28h@ndsl@ter's full house. Torowe collected $9,375 for his 8th-place finish.

Die by Big Slick, live by Big Slick must have been the motto of INW85. After losing a chunk of his stack running A-K into pocket kings early in the final table, he made a huge comeback when he busted schakal in 7th place ($16,875) in this hand:

Freshern lost a massive pot to pearldam that left him with less than one big blind, so it was no surprise when the remnants of his stack went in the middle on the next hand. He got four-way action as daskalos20, INW85 and 28h@ndsl@ter all limped in. The live players checked down the board of 2♦-6♣-8♣-9♣ untilINW85 led out at the turn. His live opponents folded, and he showed 9♥-[10c], which made the four-flush on the river when the 2c came down. Freshern's K♥-4♥ was no good as he headed to the virtual rail $24,375 richer for his 6th-place finish.

It wasn't long after freshern headed off that SgtSaLT moved all in from early position with A♣-8♣. Daskalos20 woke up in the small blind with A♠-Q♠ and quickly called, and SgtSaLT had some catching up to do. The flop was no help as it came down 3♦-2♠-4♠, and when the 3♠ hit the turn, SgtSaLT was drawing dead. The irrelevant 7♣ came on the river, as SgtSaLT picked up $31,875 for 5th place.

The remaining four players then took a few minutes to discuss a deal based on chip counts, and after a few moments of higher math, the following payouts were locked up based on chip counts: chip leader INW85 took down $89,681, runner-up pearldam took down $83,335, 3rd place 28h@ndsl@ter got $68,090 and short stack daskalos20 secured a $59,392 payday. With $10,000 still up for grabs, the remaining four players exchanged congratulations and settled in to resume battle.

It took a few hands, but 28h@ndsl@ter moved one step closer the to that extra $10K when he took out daskalos20 in 4th place. All the money went in preflop, and daskalos20 was way behind with pocket eights to 28h@ndsl@ter's pocket queens. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the board, and daskalos20's run was over with the guaranteed $59,392 as a result of the deal.

The pot of the tournament saw INW85 lose most of his stack to 28h@ndsl@ter when he ran into 28h@nds' aces. INW85 stuck around a little longer, but finally moved the last of his chips in preflop with Q♣-J♣, only to find himself running smack into aces again, this time in the hands of pearldam. The board ran out T♣-8♥-7♠-J♠-3♣, and pearldam faded all those river outs to send INW85 home with his guaranteed $89,681.

INW85's ouster in 3rd place meant that 28h@ndsl@ter and pearldam were playing heads up for $10,000 cash, as each player had already locked up a very nice payday. Their heads up confrontation didn't last long, as it was only a couple hands into heads up play when this hand put an end to the tournament.

When the dust settled, pearldam's 2nd-place finish was worth $83,335 and 28h@ndsl@ter came from behind to add the extra $10,000 to his payout, making him a $78,090 winner on the day. Congrats to 28h@ndsl@ter and everyone who cashed in this week's Sunday Warm-Up!