Bundy604 comes from behind in thrilling Sunday Warm-Up Win!

sunday-warmup-promo.jpgThis week's edition of the Sunday Warm-Up saw the prize pool creep ever closer to that whopping $1 million mark, with 4,722 entrants building a $944,400 prize pool. Some 10+ hours after kickoff, the final table ended after one of best heads up comebacks this writer has ever seen. When all was said and done, bundy604 came from a massive chip deficit to draw even in chips with Eham5 and get an even-money chop for his hard work, then take down the $10,000 the players left on the table for the eventual champion, too!

warmup 3.30.09.jpg

Play was cagey for the first few orbits, but eventually the blinds and antes caught up with the short stacks, and someone had to make a stand. After seeing his stack dwindle to the shortest of the short, scarer moved all in preflop from the small blind with A♥-K♣. PiKappRaider had limped in from middle position, and made the call with 9♣-9♥. The stereotypical coin toss - two overcards versus a pocket pair, and as the board ran out Q♥-4♠-7♥-T♥-4♦ PiKappRaider's pocket nines held up to send Scarer to the rail, the first casualty of the final table, done in 9th place for $7,366.32.

It took a while for the next elimination to come along, as the remaining players picked their spots and took down relatively uncontested pots. After a few more orbits, homanga raised from the cutoff and skrabukes moved in over the top from the small blind. Homanga insta-called with K♠-K♥, and skrabukes was looking for help with A♠-8♠. The flop came down 3♥-7♣-6♦, and skrabukes would need running straight cards to stay alive. The 9♣ on the turn was one of those, but the river brought the 4♥ instead of a five or ten, and skrabukes finished up in 8th place ($11,332.80).

In a moderately gross case of a cooler getting re-coolered, HustlerGrune busted in 7th place ($18,888.00) after getting all his money in spectacularly ahead. Here's what it looked like when it all went down. HustlerGrune raised all in from the button with A♣-A♦, and bundy604 moved in over the top with Ks-Kc. The suspense went out of the hand right on the flop, as it came down 9♠-J♣-K♥ to give bundy604 a set. The turn and river ran out 4♣-3♠, and HustlerGrune hustled off to collect his payout.

Because bustouts come not as single spies, but battalions, it took more time for me to write up the 7th place bustout than it did for 6th and 5th places to bust. First, PiKappRaider went down in 6th place when he shipped it in preflop from late position with K♣-9♠. He got action from Eham5, who made the call from the big blind with K♥-Q♥. The flop was no help to either player as it came down 5♣-8♦-7♥, and the 4♣ on the turn changed nothing. PiKappRaider was looking for a nine or a six on the river to save his tournament, but it was the Q♦ that fell instead, giving Eham5 top pair and sending PiKappRaider to the rail in 6th place ($28,332).

Because coming from behind with pocket kings is not enough big starting hands for one final table for some people, bundy604 just had to pick up another monster. It's easy to defend your big blind when you know your opponent is behind, so when profontaine raised from the button with Q♦-T♦ it was a simple decision for bundy604 to call with A♥-A♠. The flop had potential for profontaine, as he paired the queen on the Q♣-4♥-3♦ board. The 6♦ on the turn made things more interesting, as profontaine could win with any queen, ten or diamond. But he couldn't win with the 7♠, so when that hit the river, profontaine hit the rail, picking up a very respectable $37,776 for 5th place.

Scarface0908 was the 4th-place finisher, getting the last of his chips in preflop with 5♦-6♠. He was actually the last player to the dance, with homanga opening for a raise, then Eham5 moving all in over the top, and scarface0908 calling all in for less. Homanga got out of the way, and Eham5 showed his 9♣-9♦. The flop was no help to anyone as it came down Q♣-T♦-Q♦, but the 5♣ on the turn gave scarface a little hope, as he could stay alive with another five on the river. But in the end it was the better hand that won, as the 9♥ on the river filled up Eham5 and sent scarface0908 home in 4th place ($47,220).
There was some brief discussion of a deal when play went three-handed, but nothing could be agreed on, so the three survivors played it out.

The turning point of the final table was certainly this huge confrontation between homanga and Eham5:

After that huge swing, homanga doubled through bundy604, but it wasn't long until this hand went down:

Homanga went from chip lead to third place in the span of two big hands, but he still picked up a nice $56,286.24 consolation prize for his third-place finish.

With such a huge chip lead, the outcome seemed almost academic as Eham5 went into heads up play with 40 million in chips to bundy604's 6.4 million, but anything can happen in poker, and bundy604 refused to give up, picking up pots here and there and dodging Eham5's aggression as best he could. It took a little while, but bundy604 managed a double up to get right back into the match, then another to take the chip lead.

After a couple of back and forth hands, the two players realized that the chip stacks had become very close to even, so they decided on an even chop, which left $10,000 on the table for the winner. That chop came to a whopping $97,703.50 each with $10,000 left over for the winner.

After a brief break while the chop details were worked out, the players came back for the final duel. In the end, it came down to an ace against a pair.

Congratulations to bundy604 for taking down the Sunday Warm-Up and the $107,703.50 top prize. Eham5 put up a great fight, but eventually succumbed in second place for $97,703.50.