Buton77 takes down mig.com in Sunday Warm-Up win

Just two more weeks until the flood gates of tournament action are unleashed when the inaugural Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) kicks off for players of all bankroll sizes. Starting April 2nd and lasting until the main event April 12th, players will be able to compete in three buy-in levels of action that won't kill your virtual wallet to be a part of. Be sure to check here at the PokerStarsBlog for all the final table recaps as we crown three champions a night!

As for tonight's action at the $215 buy-in Sunday Warm-Up 4,353 easily crushed the $750,000 guarantee again and ramped up the first prize to $112,307,40 and assured five figure paydays to eight different players.

Here's how we arrived at the final nine:

A nice run by Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (199th place winning $957.66) ended on an open button push with A♥-9♠ and lara15fiona awaited in the big blind with A♦-Q♠. lara15fiona would promptly flop broadway and sent the Dutch pro out of the tournament. With three tables left, not to mention several hours later, lara15fiona would still be using Boeken's chips on a run towards the final table but ultimately finishing a respectable 23rd place ($1,828.26).

Joining lara on this late table run was none other than James "mig.com" Mackey who's 2007 WCOOP main event final table netted him almost $600,000 for third place (report found here) and winning Event #14 ($1,050 NLHE) the same year for another $580,212.50, read about that win here.

Another player who is familiar to late play in big online tournaments, grebnrets86, was sitting near the top of the leaderboard with two tables left, just two weeks ago claimed the runner-up prize in the Sunday Warm-up ($76,014.00).

mig.com would knock out mppowerm in 11th after turning a set of nines against mppowerm's A-8o to leap from mid pack to near the top in chip counts. After dishing out some chips and taking them back via steals, mig.com would send ronnyr3 home as the bubble boy when mig.com turned up A♦-[10H] to ronnyr3's K♥-Q♦ and neither connected on the J♠-J♣-6♦-9♣-6♣ board and Mackey's ace-high produced our final table.


Seat 1: don_beppe (2,612,658 in chips)
Seat 2: Buton77 (12,005,148 in chips)
Seat 3: Ar Schaflme (4,502,712 in chips)
Seat 4: grebnrets86 (3,781,982 in chips)
Seat 5: dj_ponytale (2,621,644 in chips)
Seat 6: DeacNutt (1,684,826 in chips)
Seat 7: p5an (2,705,570 in chips)
Seat 8: mig.com (8,973,176 in chips)
Seat 9: Quagmire (4,642,284 in chips)

Buton77 wasted no time to expandhis lead as the fifth hand at the final table he would be responsible for its first knock-out. With blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 and folded around to don_beppe in middle position, he would open shove for his 2.5 million chips with 8♣-8♦ and receive a snap call by Buton77 on his direct left. Buton77 turned up a slightly better pocket pair A♥-A♣ which would hold on the 3♣-K♠-2♠-3♠-A♠ board. don_beppe would have to settle for ninth place and the $7,051.86 that came with it.

Fifteen hands would go by before DeacNutt and Ar Schaflme would actually produce cards in the middle of the board. Post flop play went by quickly however with DeacNutt taking down the 849,424 chip pot with a 640,000 chip flop bet.

At the break the chip counts stood as shown below with Buton77 stack dwarfing the field and mig.com sitting in second:

Seat 2: Buton77 (15,256,806 in chips)
Seat 3: Ar Schaflme (2,877,000 in chips)
Seat 4: grebnrets86 (5,068,982 in chips)
Seat 5: dj_ponytale (1,923,744 in chips)
Seat 6: DeacNutt (2,673,438 in chips)
Seat 7: p5an (2,164,570 in chips)
Seat 8: mig.com (8,440,176 in chips)
Seat 9: Quagmire (5,125,284 in chips)

Mackey would claim his first final table victim in the form of p5an. Folded around to p5an sitting on the button with the short stack and 7♣-7♥ a push seemed to be an easy decision. Unfortunately, that 460,000 pre-flop pot would not be sliding his way as mig.com woke up with K♥-K♦. The kings proved to be enough on the 4♣-3♥-[10C]-2♥-4♥ board with mig.com being the benefactor of the 3.8 million chip pot increasing his total to nearly nine million. For eighth place p5an got a five figure send off in the form of $10,882.50 added to his PokerStars account.

Six hands later, the other big gun at the table, grebnrets86 would get his hands deep into the battle for that $112K first prize as he tangled with Ar Schaflme pre-flop. Folded around to Ar Schaflme in the cut-off he would shove his remaining 2.8 million into the middle and got a customer in the form of a re-raise from grebnrets86 on the button. The blinds got the message to sit this one out. A♦-[10D] for grebnrets86, a dominated A♠-7♥ for Ar Schaflme, and there was no drama once again as grenbnrets86 would flop two pair and river the nut flush on the [10C]-Q♦-A♥-K♦-9♦ board for the 6.1 million chip pot sending Ar Schaflme home in seventh place ($17,412.00).

You know how people compare the live game with the speed of the online game? Well, the next bust out happen quicker then I could type out the amount won by Ar Schaflme! The very next hand grebnrets86 sended another player out of his seat. Opening from the cutoff for 478,987 grebnrets86 would push DeacNutt's in the big blind into making a decision for his chips. The decision was clear that A♥-J♣ was the hand to double-up or go home with as DeacNutt shoved his nearly two million chips into the middle. grebnrets86 would make the call with pocket ducks and the race was on for DeacNutt's tournament life. Only this race lasted slightly longer then a bad TV sitcom pilot, as grebnrets86 would flop a set of twos and river a boat on the 2♠-9♥-5♥-6♦-9♣ board leaving DeacNutt with nothing left to hold but the $26,118.00 he received in sixth place.

Eight hands later would be the biggest hand of the tournament to this point as the two heavyweights would collide for all of their chips pre-flop. mig.com would start the betting by raising to 510,000 with the blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000. grebnrets86 would counter with a re-raise from the small blind to 1.6 million. To which Mackey had an answer of "all-in", and grebnrets86 took a look at his cards and responded likewise.

grebnrets86: [10D]-[10S]
mig.com: 5♥-5♠

Well behind, Mackey still had 177K chip in his stack but wouldn't need them, as the pretty looking five of diamonds hit the [5D-J♠-9♥ flop. 8♦ on the turn opened up straight possibilities as well as the other two tens, but A♦ came instead and grebnrets86 couldn't improve on his runner-up finish this evening and had to settle for a $34,824.00 bad beat story in fifth place. Mackey's stack would take over the chip lead as a result of the 22.1 million chip pot.

dj_ponytale tried to dance with the seemingly bulletproof Mackey next as he would shove as 1.9 million chips in from the cutoff and getting a call from Mackey on the button. This time it was mig.com's turn to dominate as his A♥-9♣ was ahead of dj_ponytale's A♦-6♦. The K♥-Q♦-4♦ flop heavily favored dj_ponytale as he got some light with the nut flush draw. 9♠ on the turn changed nothing, and the A♠ on the river stopped the music for dj_ponytale in fourth place for $43,530.00, perhaps enough for a new turntable.

Buton77 would snag a five million chip pot off mig.com to pull the race closer two hands later. Quagmire stayed out of their way until he faced a push holding K♠-J♣ from Mackey into his big blind. mig.com only held J♥-9♦ and with the 8♠-A♦-A♠-4♠-5♥ board, 7.5 million chips and a new life headed into Quagmire's stack. But, with the blinds moving up to 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000 moves would need to be made to hang on to those chips. Buton77 raised to 615,000 into Quagmire's big blind and with a little more force in his stack he would shove over the top for 6.2 million total with just 2♦-9♦ hoping to increase his stack even more. Buton77 had the cards to make the call and did while exposing pocket sevens. A deuce would hit the flop but the 2♥-6♣-J♣-3♦-[10H] board showed Buton77's sevens were the victor. $52,236.00 was Quagmire's to keep in third place as heads-up play was about to begin.

Buton77 (23,569,374 in chips)
mig.com (19,960,626 in chips)

Fairly even stacks as both players would begin their joust for the $112K first prize with the blinds still at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000.

The first minor shot came with mig.com taking down a 3.75 million chip pot when they both agreed to finally see a flop of 6♠-7♣-8♠ after the two traded pre-flop raises and mig.com's 2.25 million chip bet took it down. Buton77 would counter back while taking his own 4.55 million chip pot a few hands later when his 2.7 million chip bet on a flop of Q♠-3♦-Q♥ was not called and he regained his small chip lead.

"As long as there are outs, you still have a chance to win," might be tad overstated and bland to read. But when there's a $30K difference in prize money on the line, a roller coaster of emotions going from elation to defeat and back to happy-land again might require a strong heart watching those outs produce on the board.

The final hand started out innocently enough as Buton77 raised to 600,000 from the button and got a call from Mackey to see a 8♥-A♠-[10H] flop. mig.com checked as Buton77 followed thru with a bet of 815,000. Then the fireworks started, mig.com check-raised to 2.5 million, Buton77 countered with a three-bet to six million, and mig.com made it four bets for nearly twenty million. Definitely, a nut check holding just middle pair with $30K on the line and [10S]-6♠, but Buton77 would make the correct call and mig.com showed the semi-bluff of 9♦-7♥. An open ended straight draw for Mackey would fill on the 6♦ turn but still gave Buton77 outs to a boat.

You see where this going?

River: [10D]

Tens full boat for Buton77 and at the end of the roller coaster, the $112,307.40 for this week's Sunday Warm-up Champion! Mackey added yet another huge tournament score in second place banking $78,354.00 as the runner-up.

Be sure to check PokerStars.TV tomorrow as the hole cards of the final table will be exposed to all with great commentary.

Sunday Warm-up Results (03-22-08)
1. Buton77 $112,307.40
2. mig.com $78,354.00
3. Quagmire $52,236.00
4. dj_ponytale $43,530.00
5. grebnrets86 $34,824.00
6. DeacNutt $26,118.00
7. Ar Schaflme $17,412.00
8. p5an $10,882.50
9. don_beppe $7,051.86

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Warm-Up