Egor2077 gets hot at the right time to claim Sunday Warm-Up Win!

sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgThis week's edition of the Sunday Warm-Up drew a whopping 4,763 entrants to build a prize pool of a massive $952,600, more than $200,000 over the guarantee! By the time the final table was set, it was fully dark on the east coast, and the late NFL game was almost to halftime. Final table host PokerStars Team Pro Ivan Demidov came on to welcome the players to the final table, and they had just enough time to play one hand before going on a quick break.
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With nine hours in the books, it would take the players less than 90 minutes to declare a winner. When all was said and done it was egor2077 getting hot hands at the right time to decimate his last opposition and claim the $149,017.54 top prize, with no deals made at the final table this week.

Short stack smerks pushed his stack into the middle several times before finding himself in a final coin flip against GoldStar player xQ024. Smerks held a slight edge preflop with 8♥-8♦, but xQ024's K♠-J♦ made top pair on the K♥-T♥-7♠ flop and smerks needed on of the two remaining eights or running hearts to stay alive. The turn card was a singularly unhelpful A♦, and when the river brought the 9♠, smerks was headed to the rail in 9th place ($7,620.80). Just a few hands later funnywhiteshss open-shoved with K♥-Q♠, only to run into egor2077's A♥-A♠. The board ran out 4♣-8♥-9♠-7♦-5♠, and then there were seven. Funnywhiteshss picked up $11,907.50 for 8th place.

The all-ins were flying around like bullets in a Quentin Tarantino movie, but most of the time the short stacks were dodging elimination. After an opening all in move from egor2077 in the small blind, timdmd defended his big blind with Q♥-9♥. It turned out to be a good read, as egor2077 was on a steal with A♠-3♣, but the J♣-9♣-A♥ flop put egor2077 firmly into the driver's seat. Timdmd needed a queen or another nine to stay alive, but the turn and river ran out 6♦-3♥, and he was done in 7th place ($21,433.50).

XQ024 came out firing again with a series of strong preflop raises, and fabregarp moved all in over the top of his button raise with A♠-2♥. This time xQ024 turned over the dominating A♦-K♣, and fabregarp was in danger of elimination. The flop of 3♦-3♥-6♦ was no help to either player, but fabregarp picked up additional outs when the 5♣ hit the turn. No deuce or four landed on the river, however, as the J♣ was the final card in his final hand. Fabregarp picked up an impressive $30,959.50 for his 6th-place finish.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this little video shows how a river is worth $40,485.50. That's how much olle101 picked up for his tournament after busting out in 5th place.

Play slowed dramatically with only four players remaining, as the remaining players jockeyed for position and passed the chip lead back and forth among themselves. Finally, just before the final break of the night, egor2077 took out two players in short order to move into a 2:1 chip lead going into heads-up play. First, xQ024 moved all in from the small blind with T♣-T♥, and egor2077 called with A♦-K♦. A flop of 4♠-A♣-3♥ put the coin flip in egor2077's court, and when the turn and river came down J♦-7♣, xQ024 was done in 4th place ($53,821.90).

On the very next hand, egor2077 raised from the button with A♣-9♣, and FUTURE102 moved all in over the top with K♠-K♦. FUTURE102 looked poised to double through egor2077 on the Q♦-8♣-5♦ flop, but the T♣ on the turn gave egor2077 more outs to win. The A♥ on the river was one of those outs, and FUTURE102 was done in 3rd place ($78,589.50) and egor2077 took a significant chip lead into heads up play.

No stranger to online final tables, Titantom32 closed the gap heads up fairly quickly, refusing to make things easy on egor2077. The players feinted and parried for long minutes before finally the chips went in the middle for the last time.

When the dust settled, egor2077's two pair were better than Titantom32's, and he was eliminated in 2nd place ($110,977.90). With no deal in place, or ever seriously discussed, egor2077 took out the final three opponents at the final table to claim the $149,017.54 top prize. Congratulations to egor2077 and all our final table players!

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