Five is just fine, Dennis2410 wins Sunday Warm-up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgAs expected with the crush of PokerStars players sitting in the Amazon Room at the Rio playing the 40th edition of the World Series of Poker, the numbers at today's $750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up were down. But, not by much as 3,690 players ponied up the $215 buy-in leaving the tourney a few buy-ins shy of the guarantee but thanks to PokerStars there was a $750,000 prize pool split up by 540 players tonight.

After eight and a half hours of play the final table bubble loomed as Beyn's large stack would call the all-in re-raise of obywatel_g with J♦T♠ hoping for two live cards. obywatel_g's pocket tens T♦T♣ held the dominating position and looked great to collect the 2.9 million chip pot, but the flop came out 9♥ 8♠ 7♣ notching a nut straight for Beyn. Unfortunately for obywatel_g the jack for a split did not come on the 2♥ turn nor A♠ river and obywatel_g was tonight's final table bubble boy but received $4,500.00 in tenth place.

After obywatel_g took leave from the tournament the players reconvened on Table 155 for the race to the $117,750.00 first place prize. Here's how the players started out with blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K:


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Seat 1: slm022 (4827280 in chips)
Seat 2: Beyn (7929864 in chips)
Seat 3: skully92 (3263592 in chips)
Seat 4: swinebag (3074192 in chips)
Seat 5: smartplaying (4604506 in chips)
Seat 6: Dracospinner (1711130 in chips)
Seat 7: DIV999 (5345348 in chips)
Seat 8: Dennis2410 (4545818 in chips)
Seat 9: ymemoy (1598270 in chips)

As mentioned Beyn came in with the chip lead but would lose a 4.4 million chip pot just a few hands into the final table to slm022 in a blind versus blind battle when slm022 flipped up suited big slick A♠K♠ on a 3♠ Q♠ J♦ 6♣ A♣ board causing the former chip leader to muck two unknown cards (until tomorrow's wrap up show perhaps).

No eliminations occurred during the 100K/200K ante 20K blind level but action would heat up in the next 125K/250K ante 25K blind level between DIV999 and the often mentioned Beyn. After losing 1.25 million chips to Dennis2410 after having to abandon his preflop raise when Dennis2410 pushed over the top, DIV999 would flip a 2.8 million chip stack holding K♦A♥ versus Beyn's pocket tens T♦T♠. Watch the hand play out below:

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With the board absent of kings and aces, DIV999 took a seventh place cut of the prize pool ($16,875.00).

Five hands later Beyn angry baby avatar decided to share with the other kids, as Dennis2410 and a short stacked smartplaying tangled when Beyn found a rattle to play with. While UTG, smartplaying raised to 612,000 chips with blinds at 125K/250K ante 25K and Dennis2410 on the immediate left cut out 1.5 million in chip, folded back to smartplaying who made a brief pause and shoved for 2.7 million chips holding pocket fours 4♣4♦. Dennis2410 needed no pause to make the call holding pocket kings K♠K♦. No surprises here as the 8♣ 5♠ 9♦ A♣ 6♦ board ran absent of a third sailboat and smartplaying's brain trust added $24,375.00 to the bankroll in sixth place.

A boost in the blinds to 150K/300K ante 30K saw a couple of bust outs in short order. First, the angry baby of Beyn was pacified for a few short moments after A♠5♣ held up over slm022 half court shot short stack push with 4♥Q♠ failed to the hit the net on the 4♠ A♥ 2♥ T♠ 8♥ board awarding the 4.2 million chip pot to Beyn. slm022 fifth place finish was worth $31,875.00

swinebag doubled up off Beyn when a fortunate ace (not a diamond) hit the river on the K♦ 8♦ 6♠ Q♦ A♠ board, swinebag's A♥4♦ cracked Beyn's pocket jacks J♠J♥ and received the first 10 million chip pot of the tournament. The very next hand saw skully92's tournament life on the line after pushing 4.3 million chips over the top of Dennis2410's preflop raise and watching Dennis2410 call with pocket tens T♣T♠. skully92's A♠Q♦ could not overcome the turned set of tens on the 8♦ 3♦ J♣ T♥ A♥ board and the alpaca got $43,125.00 to nibble on in fourth place.

Five hands later with the same blinds with chop talks flashing across the chat box, and Dennis2410 holding 2/3rd of the chips in play, Beyn and swinebag got their similar stacks into the middle in the hand below for a near 14 million chip pot:

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Beyn failed to connect on the board with 3♥K♦ as swinebag's ace-high A♣7♣ sent the crabby newborn back to the nursery with a soothing $61,875.00 for third place.

No sooner than Beyn leaving the tournament area the remaining two players checked in with tonight's MC Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose for a deal holding the following chip counts:

Seat 4: swinebag (13635672 in chips)
Seat 8: Dennis2410 (23264328 in chips)

Heads up play was then paused to discuss a deal to divvy up the biggest amount left in the prize pool. First a "yes" from swinebag and a "no" from Dennis2410, then a second deal was shot down by swinebag, and lastly a return to the original chip chop numbers found the remaining players locking in their profits for the evening (minus the $10,000 set aside for the champion).

Dennis2410: $100,456.95
swinebag: $95,043.05

The deal came with excellent timing too, as the ink on the deal was just beginning to dry when both players hit a decent chunk of the board and heads up play would last only five hands. Watch the value bets of Dennis2410 work perfectly below:

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swinebag's turned two pair J♠9♥ was no match for Dennis2410's flopped two pair with big slick K♥A♣ on the 9♣ K♠ A♠ J♣ 7♥ board and before this humble author could get settled in for the heads up battle, we had our winner.

For the runner up, swinebag took home the mentioned $95,043.05 acquired in the chop, while this week's $750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up champion, Dennis2410, added another $10,000.00 to the chopped total bringing Dennis2410's total winner's check to $110,456.95!

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$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up Results (06-21-09)
(*based on two-way deal)

1. Dennis2410 (Herning) *$110,456.95
2. swinebag (Manchester) *$95,043.05
3. Beyn (Regensdorf) $61,875.00
4. skully92 (West Allis) $43,125.00
5. slm022 (monaco) $31,875.00
6. smartplaying (limassol) $24,375.00
7. DIV999 (Southall) $16,875.00
8. Dracospinner (Bergen) $9,375.00
9. ymemoy (Gaenserndorf) $6,000.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up