frtk destroys Sunday Warm-Up final table

It's become almost routine for the Sunday Warm-Up to blow through the guaranteed $750,000 prize pool, but the $894,600.00 prize pool this week's 4,473 entrants created was definitely worth remarking on. Also worth mention is that this was one of the shortest final tables I've seen at the Sunday Warm-Up, as eventual champ frtk took control from the opening hand and ran roughshod over the competition on his way to a $114,508 payday.

Lephiloufou came into the table as one of the shorter stacks, so when he picked up A♣-K♣ in late position, calling frtk's preflop raise was a no-brainer. Frtk raised enough to put lephiloufou all in, and showed pocket nines to lephiloufou's big slick. The 4♠-2♦-3♠-Q♥-J♦ board came out clubless, and lephiloufou lost an early coin flip to bust in 9th place ($6,977.88).

Frtk played the part of wrecking ball early, sending papijuno to the rail in 8th place for $10,735.20. Papijuno went all in preflop with J♦-7♦ on a bold move, but frtk woke up in the small blind with A♥-Q♣ and made the easy call. The board of 8♠-6♠-3♠-6♥-5♥ missed both players by a mile, but frtk's Ace-high was enough to send papijuno home and take a huge chip lead early into the final table.

warm up 3.1.09.jpg

After the first break of the final table, the action came back quick, as Carelo open-shoved from the cutoff with K♥-J♣. He got action from and217, who re-raised to isolate with 9♦-9♣. No other callers, and the flop looked good for Carelo, as it came down 6♠-J♦-8♣. The Q♠ on the turn gave and217 additional outs, and the [10S] on the river sealed the deal as and217 went runner-runner for the straight. Carelo headed to the rail in 7th place with $17,892.00 for his troubles.

Almost before we could blink, the field thinned even further, as frtk bulldozed through the next three competitors to leave the field three-handed and take an even more monstrous chip lead. First, UnhOoked moved all in over the top of SpotLIGHT19's preflop raise with A♣-J♠. Frtk was the only caller, and his [10C]-[10S] held up on the 2♦-6♠-K♥-4♥-Q♥ board to bust UnhOoked in 6th place ($26,838.00). Tilkk was frtk's next victim, finishing in 5thplace for $35,784.00. After a preflop raised from frtk, tilkk moved all in over the top with K♦-Q♥. Frtk called with 4♥-4♦, and once again the pair won the coin flip, this time on a board of 3♣-8♣-9♠-7♦-3♦.

Frtk rode roughshod over another opponent when he raised preflop with A♦-2♣ and got action from SpotLIGHT19, who three-bet all in with A♠-7♦. SpotLIGHT19 picked up a pair of sevens on the 4♥-Q♣-7♥ flop, but the cards were all falling frtk's way tonight as the turn and river ran out 5♦-3♣ to give him runner-runner wheel and give SpotLIGHT19 4th place and $44,730.00.

Three-handed play lasted almost long enough for me to write up the 6th and 5th-place bustouts, but not quite. It was no surprise that frtk took out the 3rd-place finisher, from the beginning of the final table it seemed that the only question was who would he eliminate and in what order. And217 was that next victim, finishing in 3rd place when frtk made the hero call that worked out for him.

Frtk raised preflop from the small blind, and217 defended his big blind and dippedydawg got out of the way. Frtk led out on the 4♥-3♦-4♦ flop, and went into the tank after and217 moved all in over the top. Frtk finally made the call, showing A♥-Q♣. It turned out to be the right call, as and217 tabled Q♥-[10D]. No help on the 3♣ turn or the J♥ river for and217, so he was done in 3rd place ($53,318.16).

Despite being a massive chip underdog (no pun intended), dippedydawg was determined to make a go of it in heads-up play. He jousted back and forth with frtk for several hands before all the money went in for the last time. For the first time at this final table, the pocket pair lost a coin flip as dippedydawg got all his money n preflop with 7♣-7♥ to frtk's Q♣-J♠. Perhaps that was because it was one of the few times frtk didn't hold the pocket pair in the coin flip, because he was fated to win every coin toss tonight, making trips on the A♣-Q♦-Q♠-6♦-[10S] board to bust dippedydawg in 2nd place (80,066.70) and claiming the $114,508.80 top prize all for himself. There was no deal made, mostly because frtk busted all his opposition too quickly for them to cut a deal!

Congratulations to frtk on a dominating final table performance, and congrats to all 675 players who cashed in the Sunday Warm-Up!

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Warm-Up