Justif1ed finds justice in winning Sunday Warm-Up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgThe final Sunday Warm-Up of may drew a whopping 4095 entrants and built a prize pool of $819,000. The action was fast-paced throughout, but the sun had still well set on the east coast when the final nine players settled in after a very brief final table bubble. Hatchi was the unfortunate final table bubble boy when his pocket kings couldn't hold against the rivered flush of KidPokerJd.

warmup 5.31.09.jpg

The action stayed quick as the final table kicked off, with short stack zmeyer doubling through KidPokerJD on the very first hand. It only took a couple more hands before winone123 moved all in over the top of basebal1b's preflop raise. Basebal1b snap-called with pocket aces, and winone123 was in trouble with A♥-J♥. The flop of 5♣-2♦-4♠ gave winone123 outs to chop with a three, but the turn and river blanked out and he busted in 9th place ($6,552).

Legenden was next to fall when he moved all in preflop with A♦-J♠. He found one caller in justif1ed, who turned over K♥-Q♦. Legenden flopped top pair on a board of J♦-4♣-8♥, but the T♥ on the turn gave justif1ed an open-ended straight draw. The river brought the 9♠ to give justif1ed the straight, and legenden was forced to be content with the $10,237.50 payday he picked up for 8th place.

After the initial flurry of eliminations, the pace slowed to something more normal as the players picked their spots carefully and looked to secure a better payday for themselves. Zmeyer came into the final table the shortest of short stacks, but managed to move up the ladder to 7th place before his run came to an end. After blodpudding raised from middle position, Zmeyer moved all in over the top from the button with 5♣-5♦. Blodpudding showed A♠-J♦ for the coin toss, and promptly pulled into the lead on a flop of 9♠-A♦-6♥. Zmeyer couldn't pick up another five on the turn or river, and he headed to the virtual rail $18,427.50 richer.

After several minutes of players passing around blinds and the occasional double-up, $hip$hark moved all in from the button with A♣-K♠. KidPokerJD woke up in the big blind with pocket tens, and the players went to the flop in a race. The board ran out a relatively uneventful 8♠-6♦-8♦-3♣-5♦, and $hip$hark was done in 6th place ($26,617.50). After spending much of the final table as one of the chip leaders, blodpudding doubled up two opponents to find himself the shortest stack. He then proceeded to double up twice himself to move back into contention.

One of those double ups was at the expense of Forceps, who found himself all in a couple of hands later with Q♣-T♣ against the A♥-5♠ of KidPokerJD. Both players made a pair on the A♠-Q♥-4♦ flop, but Forceps still needed help to stay alive. The turn brought the J♥, and when the river came down the Jd, KidPokerJD held the better two pair, and Forceps was done in 5th place ($34,807.50).

KidPokerJD played an aggressive final table and that aggression took him all the way to a 4th-place finish and a $47,092.50 payout. He made his final move by shoving all in preflop with K♣-9♠. Basebal1b made the call from the big blind with A♣-7♣, and when the final board read 8♣-5♠-2♣-9♣-3♦, Basebal1b turned the nut flush and KidPokerJD was done in 4th place. That big hand for basebal1b put all three remaining players relatively even in chips as the blinds crept ever higher.

When three players are left, the stacks are deep and the chip counts are even, it all boils down to one big hand. And this certainly qualifies. When the dust settled, justif1ed held a big chip lead going into heads-up play and basebal1b was done in 3rd place ($67,567.50).

The final two players went on a brief break, and came back to play a little small-ball, with probing bets and three-bets flying back and forth before a final, big confrontation where the chip leader came from behind to grab the win and the final massive pot.

Blodpudding got his money in ahead, but when the final board ran out, he was left as runner-up. Hopefully the whopping $95,823 2nd-place payout will take some of the sting out of the loss. Justif1ed came out the winner atop a field of 4,095 players, grabbing a huge $128,583.00 prize with no deal at the final table. Congratulations to all our final table players for a great job, and a special congrats to justif1ed for taking down the top prize!