lrdvoldemort vanquishes his foes in Sunday Warm-Up win

Ah, back to quiet way of life in these poker parts. After the dash for the 25 billionth hand promotion had people multi-tabling like never before, and over 6,000 players playing the juiced up promotional $1.25 million guarantee Sunday Warm-up last week it's time to roll back to simpler times.

Or not.

With the Spring Championship of Online Poker on the horizon, players are hoping for a big score to head into the April 2nd-12th competition with a shot at the $30 million in guarantees being offered. Tonight 4,452 players ponyed up the $215 to vie for the $113,971.20 first prize.

Among those in the final nine, a fixture on the Tournament Leader Board, Roothlus was heading towards another big pay day in tonight's Sunday Warm-Up. Last big splash he made on these pages, was a sixth place finish in event #29 (write up here) at the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker for a sizable $37,815 and don't forget the penny. lrdvoldemort will kick off the final table with the big stack, and has a WCOOP bracelet to his credit (2008 Event #13, live blog here) he will also be looking for another six figure score to add to his $207,772.50 he won in September. He was also responsible for securing the final table after knocking out ROCKEY975 in tenth when his pocket kings held up to ROCKEY975's quiet pocket sevens.


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Seat 1: strahhh25 (3309102 in chips)
Seat 2: lrdvoldemort (13193270 in chips)
Seat 3: omasa81 (2518730 in chips)
Seat 4: Naropa (6933632 in chips)
Seat 5: Christos911 (8779585 in chips)
Seat 6: UnXplainable (2890707 in chips)
Seat 7: Noctus (1108060 in chips)
Seat 8: Roothlus (4827794 in chips)
Seat 9: CaAngels2002 (959120 in chips)

Wasting no time, lrdvoldemort needed no black magic to decrease the size of the final table from nine to eight. strahhh25 raised to 320,000 from UTG with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 and got a flat call by lrdvoldemort to his left as the blinds folded. Flop of Q♦-8♥-Q♣ got a 320,000 chip continuation bet from strahhh25 and another call by lrdvoldemort. 480,000 chip bet by strahhh25 on the 2♦ turn got another flat call by the chip leader. The [10S] river was enough for strahhh25 to push his remaining 2.1 million into the pot, and was promptly called by slow-played the pocket rockets of lrdvoldemort. Ninth place and $6,945.12 for strahhh25 as his ace-high hand (A♥-7♥) shipped the 6.9 million chip pot to the huge chip leader.

With under ten big blinds to their credit, the two shorties decided to take their wars preflop. First, it was CaAngels2002 taking a shot with A♥-8♠ from the cutoff, pushing his 623,120 chips in the middle and getting a call from omasa81 in the small blind, but Naropa in the big blind had other ideas. Naropa would push his 6.2 million stack, prompting omasa81 to abandon his bet. Pocket ducks for Naropa was enough to outrace the ace and eight of CaAngels2002 on the Q♣-6♠-7♠-J♣-3♦ board. Eighth place and $10,684.80 for the Anaheim baseball fan.

Nine hands later the other short stack, Noctus, took his shot to improve. Pushing his 772,060 chips with K♠-J♦ from UTG+2, the big blind having already invested 160,000 chips made the call with 7♦-6♣. The math call was the right one, as the flop provided a pair of the sevens (7♠-2♦-A♦) and the turn 6♦ locked up the 1.7 million chip pot with two pair. The Canuck will be warmed up by the $17,808.00 being shipped to his PokerStars account tonight for his seventh place finish.

At the first final table break here's how the dark wizard loomed over the heads of the rest of the table and they returned to 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000 blinds:

lrdvoldemort (15,707,372 in chips)
omasa81 (3,931,220 in chips)
Naropa (5,401,110 in chips)
Christos911 (5,969,296 in chips)
UnXplainable (6,697,414 in chips)
Roothlus (6,813,588 in chips)

Big pot after the break between lrdvoldemort and UnXplainable saw the chip leader's stack take a big hit when UnXplainable raised to 750,000 on the button and lrdvolemort shoved from the big blind only to be shown the pocket aces of UnXplainable. K♣-Q♦ for lrdvolemort could not scratch the rockets and the chip lead was shipped in a southern direction towards UnXplainable

Naropa and omasa81 could not get anything going after the break and were sent home in consecutive hands. With blinds at 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000 omasa81 tried to snag the blinds from the button with a shove for 2.3 million with Q♦-[10S], but found a customer in Christos911 who covered easily in the big blind. Christos911 turned over K♠-[10H] for the dominating hand that would hold up on the 9♦-9♣-8♣-2♣-4♣ board for the 5.1 million chip pot and sent omasa81 home in sixth place ($26,712.00).

The very next hand Naropa would get to race off his remaining 2.4 million chips against the hot-hot lrdvoldemort. Big slick for Naropa and pocket tens for lrdvoldemort, no love on the 9♠-Q♦-8♥ flop for the short stack. The [10C] on the turn shortened the outs list to just four for Naropa, and the river 8♣ left Naropa off the final table guest list in fifth place ($35,616.00).

Attempts to make a deal despite the similar stacks were thwarted at each turn and four handed play went on with the blinds reaching a sizable 200,000/400,000 ante 40,000.

Short-handed, and escalating blinds in the 250,000/500,000 ante 50,000 still did not open up chop talks but did open up the aggression as several preflop raises were met with all-in over shoves but no calls. No flops were played until Christos911 tried to pick off Roothlus' big blind with a shove for his remaining 3.4 million from the button. Roothlus made the correct call with K♣-J♠ and found himself well ahead of the J♣-[10D] of Christos911. The all low board of 2♦-5♥-6♠-6♣-8♣ caught no one's broadway cards and with king high we were down to three as Christos earned $44,520.00 in fourth place.

About ten hands later, it was Roothlus' turn to fell the wraith of lrdvoldemort. As Roothlus completed the small blind, lrdvoldemort pounced on the weak bet with a shove that covered Roothlus' stack. With some thought, Roothlus made the correct call with A♥-7♠ and found himself well ahead of the A♠-2♠ of lrdvoldemort. The master of the dark arts found the right spell as a deuce hit the K♦-2♦-4♣ flop. After taking the lead, the 9♥ and [10D] fell on the turn and river harmlessly for lrdvoldemort and sent the MTT crusher Roothlus home in third place ($53,067.84).

While he was willing to deal earlier, lrdvoldemort turned down the offer to make a deal with UnXplainable while under a two million chip difference. Maybe the WCOOP bracelet holder had a premonition of the next two hands. After lrdvoldemort gave up his preflop raise in the next hand after Roothlus left in third place, the two remaining players got all the chips into the middle preflop for the $34,000 difference between first and second:

UnXplainable: [10C]-[10H]
lrdvoldemort: A♥-Q♠

The flop was an UnXplainable-y safe 4♥-8♠-8♥, but the dark chip wizard did it again as the As dropped on the turn to leave UnXplainable with just two outs and didn't get there as the 7♠ fell and left the formerly slight chip leader with just 819,312 chips and 250,000/500,000 ante 50,000 blinds. Those scraps would be eaten up on the very next hand when UnXplainable's 9♠-2♠ couldn't overcome lrdvoldemort's A♦-J♠ and find neither a third spade, nor a pair on the board of 8♠-Q♦-4♣-3♠-4♦ and UnXplainable finished as tonight's runner-up earning $79,690.80 in the process.

Two six figure wins in six month's time for the young Swedish pro is a huge accomplishment, as lrdvoldemort did it again winning $113,971.20 as this week's Sunday Warm-up champion!

Sunday Warm-up Results (02-22-09)
1. lrdvoldemort $113,971.20
2. UnXplainable $79,690.80
3. Roothlus $53,067.84
4. Christos911 $44,520.00
5. Naropa $35,616.00
6. omasa81 $26,712.00
7. Noctus $17,808.00
8. CaAngels2002 $10,684.80
9. strahhh25 $6,945.12

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Warm-Up