Perplexed winner confused28 takes down Sunday Warm-up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgWith the bright lights of SCOOP behind us, the Sunday Warm-up churned its usual $750,000 guarantee busting crowd this evening. With 4,077 players lined up and 585 of those going home with a little more than their buy-in we would take under ten hours this evening to go from start to finish.

JACKPOT786 couldn't line up the reels against confused28 as he pushed his remaining 854K in chips from the cutoff with K♠ 3♣. confused28 was waiting in the big blind with K♣ A♦ and after a A♣ T♣ 5♣ J♠ 7♦ board spilled out, the final nine poured in to play for the big $128,017.81 first place prize.


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Seat 1: YouSoNaive (3395027 in chips)
Seat 2: GripDsNutz (4628338 in chips)
Seat 3: Gags30 (4642387 in chips)
Seat 4: Pommy Blez (3669470 in chips)
Seat 5: Big Huni (3525778 in chips)
Seat 6: homanga (3353488 in chips)
Seat 7: Artanis11 (3353000 in chips)
Seat 8: confused28 (11832287 in chips)
Seat 9: Tagult (2370225 in chips)

With blinds starting off at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 all players were sitting above ten big blinds but the short stacks had some work to do to catch chip leader confused28. YouSoNaive took some early hits and was whittled down to 1.8 million when T♦K♥ looked good enough to gamble with. An open push from one off the cutoff to win the blinds, but Gags30 was sitting on the button with Q♠A♦ and made the call. The slight advantage gap for Gags30 turned into a bigger one after an ace fell on the flop, and held up thru the 7♥ A♥ 3♣ J♣ 8♦ board. YouSoNaive will have to settle tonight for ninth place ($6,523.21).

Big Huni was looking for a big ten to go into the T♥T♠ showing in his hand as Huni's stack of 2.4 million was slid into the middle from middle position. GripDsNutz took ahold of his 4.6 million chips and did likewise with A♠K♥ from the small blind as Gags30 gave up his big blind. Once again, the ace flopped, and also turned for trips, but the 7♦ A♥ 2♥ A♦ 6♣ board would not produce that big ten for Big Huni and a big $10,192.51 was shipped for the eighth place finish.

Immediately after the break, with the blinds rising to 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000, another players took leave from the table. Gags30 took one look at the pocket nines 9♣ 9♠ and the 435K chip raise from Tagult and announced all-in. Easy call for Tagult's pocket kings K♠K♣ to make a 7.5 million chip pot. No love for Gags30 on the Q♠ T♦ A♣ 2♠ A♦ board, as the kings held and shipped $18,346.51 in the direction of Gags30 for seventh place.

homanga's stack took a beating when 7♦ A♣ couldn't get past the pocket nines 9♠ 9♦ of Artanis11. Five hands later with just 848K in chips left facing a raise from GripDsNutz, homanga decided T♥K♦ was good enough to call. Indeed it was because GripDsNutz was only holding T♣J♦. The flop 8♣ 3♥ 9♣ would provide the underdog with an open-ended straight draw, the turned 8♦ was safe, but the Q♦ on the river pushed the 2.4 million chip pot to GripDsNutz and pushed homanga out of the tournament in sixth place.

Just four hands later the biggest pot of the tournament took place with Artanis11 all-in against the chip leader confused28. Watch the 15 million chip pot play out below with the tournament chip lead on the line:

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The nines were lucky against homanga, but not versus the pocket jacks of confused28 as Artanis11 left in fifth place ($34,654.51) and confused28's stack got a very healthy bump up to nearly 24 million chips.

From this point on confused28 would go on a tear looking for that six figure prize. Starting with taking down Tagult in fourth place, confused28 would weld that big stack by starting off with a min raise to 600K, Tagult on the button holding A♣ J♥ shoved for 3.1 million. With an extra 15 million behind, confused28 decided to gamble with K♦9♠. A good roll of the dice for the befuddled one, as confused28 would catch a nine of the turn as the river produced no ace or jack on the 8♣ Q♦ 8♦ 9♣ 5♥ board. Fourth place and $46,885.51 headed Tagult's way after confused28 wouldn't stop here...

... as eight hands later confused28 would benefit from a very naughty river and would spank Pommy Blez out of the tournament. Watch the dirty ace hit the river and crack Pommy Blez's pocket kings K♣ K♠ below:

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Third place for Pommy Blez and a $67,270.51 bad beat story, as short but action filled heads-up play contest was about to begin.

confused28 would start heads-up play with a sizable chip lead shown below:

Seat 2: GripDsNutz (7070152 in chips)
Seat 8: confused28 (33699848 in chips)

GripDsNutz would find a little opening while shoving J♠ 9♠ about ten hands into heads-up play and out racing confused28's 7♣ A♥ on the 9♣ 3♠ 2♠ 8♦ K♥ board for a 14 million chip pot.

14 million to 26 million after that all-in would be as close as GripDsNutz would get, as confused28's aggression would drill GripDsNutz back down to a 12 million to 28 million chip disadvantage setting up the final hand below:

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This time the ace high would hold up, and confused28's run thru the final table was complete taking the chip lead from wire to wire for the win and $128,017.81 as GripDsNutz gripped his newly found $95,401.81 for the runner-up finish.

Be sure to check out the replay and commentary on PokerStars.TV's replay show which will expose all the hole cards for inquiring minds.

Sunday Warm-up Results (04-26-09)
1. confused28 (savannah) $128,017.81
2. GripDsNutz (Arlington Heights) $95,401.81
3. Pommy Blez (Sartrouville) $67,270.51
4. Tagult (Oyten) $46,885.51
5. Artanis11 (Culemborg) $34,654.51
6. homanga (Auburn) $26,500.51
7. Gags30 (Rockaway) $18,346.51
8. Big Huni (Columbia) $10,192.51
9. YouSoNaive (Saint-Petersburg) $6,523.21

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up