Shane261966 comes from behind in dramatic Sunday Warm-Up win!

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgSunday was a banner day for PokerStars action, with an LAPT event in Argentina, an EPT event in Italy, and blowout crowds in the guarantees tournaments.

The Sunday Warm-Up drew an impressive 3,859 players, and by the time it was all said and done shane261966 had bested BoyArgentina in a thrilling heads up match that all hinged on a huge coin toss. But I might be getting ahead of myself...

Warmup 4.19.09.jpg
Short stack sndk 100 did a good job of picking a spot to get all his chips in the middle, shipping it all in on a T♠-8♥-J♥ flop holding 8♠-8♦ for the flopped set. His only action came from BoyArgentina, who showed A♣-Q♠ for the up and down straight draw. The 4♠ on the turn was a blank for both players, but the river brought the 9♠ to fill BoyArgentina's straight and send sndk 100 to the rail in 9th place ($6,637.48).

ILIOS72 busted in 8th place when he moved all in over the top of grasbeer's preflop raise with A♠-Q♣ only to find grasbeer dominating him with A♥-K♣. The board ran out a fairly standard T♥-7♣-5♠-3♥-7♥, and ILIOS72 was done. The $9,647.50 should provide a decent salve to the bustout wound, however.

BoyArgentina took the chip lead early in the final table, and padded his lead even further a big confrontation that saw TranquilMind come up short and pick up $15,436.00 for his 7th-place finish. BoyArgentina wasn't done though; busting s00tedj0kers in 6th place just moments later to pad his chip lead even further. All the money went in preflop, with s00tedj0kers showing 7♦-7♠ to BoyArgentina's T♣-T♥. Without a lot of help s00tedj0kers' tournament would be over, and that help was nowhere in sight as the board ran out Q♦-3♦-3♥-K♠-9♥. When the dust settled, s00tedj0kers was done, picking up $23,154 for 6th place.

When you're running good, you're running good. And there was no question that midway through the final table, BoyArgentina was running good. Even when he got his hand caught in the cookie jar by WildDogo after he raised preflop with 8♣-6♣ things worked out okay. WildDogo moved all in over the top with Q♥-K♥ and BoyArgentina thought for a moment before making the call. The call paid off right on the flop, as it came down 4♥-6♦-9♠ to give BoyArgentina a pair and the lead in the hand. WildDogo picked up a straight draw when the turn brought the T♠, but the river paired the ten and WildDogo was done in 5th place ($30,872).

Grasbeer lost most of his stack in a big had with shane261966 where he flopped trips holding A-10 but shane261966 flopped a boat with pocket sixes on a board of 10-6-10-x-x. Grasbeer never recovered and got the last few of his chips in a couple of hands later with action from both shane261966 and eom2000. After an initial feeler bet from eom2000 on the A♠-9♥-K♠ flop, the live players checked it down, with shane261966 showing A♣-Q♥ for top pair, enough to drag the pot and send grasbeer home in 4th place, good for a $38,590 payday. With that big couple of hands, the field was three-handed and shane261966 had taken over the chip lead, with a slight edge over BoyArgentina.

After a length run of three-handed play, BoyArgentina took back the chip lead in dramatic fashion, busting eom2000 in3rd place ($46,308) in the process. BoyArgentina started the hand with a button raise, which shane261966 called. Eom2000 moved all in over the top with A♠-2♦, and BoyArgentina snap-called with A♦-T♦. The flop came down a singularly unhelpful 6♠-8♥-5♦, and when the T♣ hit the turn, eom2000 was drawing dead. BoyArgentina scooped the massive pot when the river came the K♥ and took the chip lead into heads up play.

The two players fenced for a while, looking for openings and passing the chip lead back and forth, but in the end it came down to a coin flip. The players traded raises back and forth preflop until all the money went into the middle, with BoyArgentina having shane261966 slightly covered. BoyArgentina showed A-K for big slick, and shane261966 tabled pocket fives, hoping to find a little magic in "presto." And indeed, as the board ran out queen high (two of them, as a matter of fact) shane261966 made almost all of BoyArgentina's stack disappear.

With that hand, shane261966 took the commanding chip lead and it was just a couple of hands later that the last of BoyArgentina's stack went into the middle for the last time. He open-shoved preflop with 8♦-6♣ and shane261966 called with Q♠-8♣. Shane261966 led the whole way, and when the board ran out 7♣-2♠-J♣-9♣-A♣ both players made the four-flush but shane's was higher and BoyArgentina had to settle for 2nd place and $69,462. Shane261966 came from behind heads up to claim the win and the $100,334 top prize. Congrats to our final table players and to all the 585 players who cashed in the Sunday Warm-Up!