Sunday Warm-up: Maudi138tt won't be bullied, takes down THUGer and Sunday Warm-up title

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpg4,379 players broke away from their television sets with a massive amount of World Cup qualifiers, Champions League, and for Americans the road to baseball's World Series with the divisional series going on this weekend. Away from the pitch and the diamond, a different kind of diamond could prove to be worth $137,395.51 for one lucky poker player in this week's $750,000 Guaranteed Sunday Warm-up. The $215 buy-in was placed at the virtual betting window to create a $875,800.00 prize pool to be split up by 630 players lucky/skillful enough to make the money.

Among those deep in the running for the massive six figure payday, Mary 717 who collected a WCOOP bracelet in last year's Event #7 and final tabled Event #20 for a total of $359K (read her WCOOP winner's interview here). But, Mary 717's run to add another major final table ended in 17th place ($2,627.41).

Ride a rush, catch some good cards, whatever you want to call it Maudi138tt sailed into the final table tonight with a big stack thanks to eliminating the last two players prior to the final nine tonight. With blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K, BigBMan29 went down in 11th place after three betting all-in for 2.8 million against a raising Maudi138tt and Markgräfler called the initial raise on Maudi's immediate left. Maudi138tt would re-raise all-in as well as Markgräfler went back to sipping some Oktoberfest bier and folded. Pocket tens T♣T♠ dominated the pocket sevens 7♥7♠ of BigBMan and Maudi138tt put this one away early after flopping a set on the 3♦ T♥ 4♣ 8♦ A♥ board taking in the 6.3 million chip pot as BigBMan walked out with $5,254.81 in 11th place.

In the very next hand Markgräfler tried to get some of those chips back from Madui138tt that were lost after getting squeezed out. After Markgräfler limped in from UTG, the hand folded around to Maudi138tt in the big blind who checked the option. 9♠ Q♣ Q♦ spilled out on the flop as Maudi138tt checked again, and Markgräfler tried to take it down with a 320K bet, but Maudi138tt flat called. T♠ on the turn and again Maudi138tt checked, and again Markgräfler bet but doubled it to 640K. Maudi138tt then doubled Markgräfler's bet to 1.28 million and it was Markgräfler turn to call leaving only 1.5 million behind. The 3♥ river got Maudi138tt to lead out another 1.28 million and Markgräfler push the remaining 1.5 million into the middle holding K♠ T♥, the pair tens looked limp compared to Maudi138tt's flopped nines full 9♦9♥. Maudi138tt would head to the final table with over 12 million chips and Markgräfler would be named tonight's bubble boy in tenth place ($5,254.81).


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Seat 1: Maudi138tt (12023896 in chips)
Seat 2: PokerikdeB (2186680 in chips)
Seat 3: THUGer (6080610 in chips)
Seat 4: FatFatJesper (6353300 in chips)
Seat 5: NutsErryTime (5350737 in chips)
Seat 6: FATMIKE79 (4550012 in chips)
Seat 7: Wawa711 (3446630 in chips)
Seat 8: jornxx (2004118 in chips)
Seat 9: FlopeDeNuts (1794017 in chips)

Maudi138tt started up the final table with nearly double the amount of chips of second place FatFatJesper but with the blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K short stacks would be looking to double-up early and often.

FatFatJesper would collect the first multi-million chip pot of the final table pushing THUGer out of the hand after three-betting THUGer preflop and continuing on a monotone flop of 7♦ 9♦ 4♦ with an 880K bet. But, it would be the chip leader to exile our first final tablist. FlopeDeNuts came into the final table with the least amount of chips and would exit the same way. With blinds still at 80K/160K ante 16K FlopeDeNuts tried to take down the blinds with an open button shove of 1.8 million while holding a suited connector 8♣9♣. Maudi138tt continued the card rush holding pocket kings K♣K♦ in the small blind and made the call. The flop offered some sunshine pairing up FlopeDeNuts' nine, but the rest of the 9♠ 2♥ A♣ Q♥ A♠ board failed to overcome the cowboys as FlopeDeNuts was out in ninth place ($7,006.41). This isn't FlopeDeNuts first brush with a big cash, chopping up the Sunday Million in September last year for over $116K (read the Sunday Million final table recap here).

THUGer played the namesake part of schoolyard bully in the next elimination. Blinds holding at 80K/160K ante 16K, PokerikdeB would open shove from the button just like FlopeDeNuts for a similar 1.5 million chips also holding a suited hand 6♥A♥. Following the script, THUGer would make the call in the small blind with a dominating hand, this time A♠Q♣ was the choice of weapon. Right to the rolling credits at the end, PokerikdeB would be eliminated like FlopeDeNuts, only it was THUGer who paired the flop and this time had his opponent drawing dead by the turn on the 3♣ Q♦ K♦ 9♦ K♥ board. The Netherlands native PokerikdeB would leave the final table with an extra $10,947.51 finishing in eighth place.

Seven hands later the other Netherlander at the final table would join his fellow countryman on the sidelines. The blinds moved up to 100K/200K ante 20K further pushing smaller stacks to make push or fold decisions. jornxx is no stranger to big lights of the Sunday Majors, finishing 7th in the Sunday Million in August but only held 1.5 million chips with were used to three-bet a raising FATMIKE79 who pushed out 422K. Holding 4.5 million before the hand began, FATMIKE79 well covered the shove and made the call holding T♥A♣. The pocket nines 9♥9♠ of jornxx held a slight lead but those hopes were slowed on the T♣ J♦ 6♦ flop as FATMIKE79 paired the ten. A 2♦ on the turn was no help and the Q♠ on the river sent jornxx back to Amsterdam with seventh place money ($19,705.51).

The players would take a short break to have Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes and Host Tom tally up some possible chop numbers with the final six stacked as shown below and Maudi138tt still as the only one with over 10 million chips:

Seat 1: Maudi138tt (13821913 in chips)
Seat 3: THUGer (6210290 in chips)
Seat 4: FatFatJesper (7550300 in chips)
Seat 5: NutsErryTime (5050737 in chips)
Seat 6: FATMIKE79 (6634130 in chips)
Seat 7: Wawa711 (4522630 in chips)

The players did not like the figures thrown at them and play quickly continued.

Wawa711 would double up off the chip leading Maudi138tt as the suited connectors 7♠8♠ bested the pocket treys 3♥3♦of Maudi138tt for a 6.3 million chip pot as the blinds rose again to 125K/250K ante 25K.

Fifteen hands later started a flurry of action started with THUGer and FATMIKE79 tangling in some post-flop action. After a preflop raise by THUGer and call from FATMIKE79 in the big blind both saw the T♥ K♦ 7♦ flop to their liking and traded all-in bets to create a 8.9 million chip pot with FATMIKE79's tournament life on the line. THUGer holding big slick K♥A♦ and FATMIKE79 also hit the kicker holding A♥T♠. The better ace would prevail on the 4♥ turn and 2♠ river as THUGer pounded the 8.9 million pot off FATMIKE79 who earned $28,463.51 in sixth place.

Here's an interesting hand, one that didn't result in elimination, but nonetheless not one you regularly run into during your normal nightly grind through ten tabling SnGs and cash games:

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FatFatJesper got the courage (or had the ace) to bet out on the all kings board and took the 1.1 million chip pot.

Eight hands later THUGer kept up the assault on this Sunday Warm-up final table putting Wawa711 to the test preflop in the hand below, creating the first 10 million chip pot of the tournament:

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The small pocket treys 3♠3♣ of THUGer proved to be enough as Wawa711's A♠Q♣ failed to catch on the 2♦ 4♠ 6♦ J♦ 5♣ board and THUGer assumed the chip lead hauling in 10.7 million tournament chips as Wawa711 headed out for some yummy TastyKakes with fifth place prize money ($37,221.51).

With four players remaining the talks of chops came up on the chat box, but this time the talks were short and sweet as players expressed a need to GAMBOOOOOL and four-handed play resumed.

As the blinds increased to 150K/300K ante 30K, THUGer and FatFatJesper would knot up in a blinds versus blinds battle as THUGer threw in a raise to 800K from the small blind and FatFatJesper took offense and shoved over the top for 5.9 million. THUGer would cover and make the call holding a decent A♦J♥. But, FatFatJesper sat with a wide smile and a dominating suited big slick K♥A♥. Not used to being the underdog, THUGer came out swinging as a deadly jack was laid on the flop's door and held on the J♣ 3♠ 6♦ 9♦ 5♣ board as the 12 million chip pot increased THUGer's stack to 22 million as FatFatJesper received a $49,482.71 bad beat story in fourth place.

Three hands later it was THUGer again, this time pulling off the gloves against the short stacked NutsErryTime. Blinds still at 150K/300K ante 30K, THUGer would open in the small blind for 790K but NutsErryTime would take K♥J♠ to the felt by shoving for 4.5 million. Thanks to the massive stack and a decent A♦Q♦ hand the call was a quick one from THUGer. The exit came on the turn of the 5♥ A♣ 9♥ 6♦ T♥ board as THUGer would add another 9.2 million to the already overflowing chip leading stack as NutsErryTime lacked the nuts this time leaving with $72,253.51 in third place.

Maudi138tt assumed the chip lead for most of the final table until THUGer's pummeling of the last four players left the heads-up chip stacks looking like this:

Seat 1: Maudi138tt (15988403 in chips)
Seat 3: THUGer (27801597 in chips)

Showing a softer side perhaps, THUGer offered to chop up the remaining prize pool for $120,000.00 as Maudi138tt countered with $110K and $119K for THUGer.

THUGer's reply? "120 or we continue play; I'm used to getting what I want"

Maudi138tt would give in to the bully as the final two spots got the payouts below, leaving $10,000 on the table for the Sunday Warm-up Champion.

Maudi138tt: $109,426.22
THUGer: $120,000.00

With the big money locked up, heads-up play would start with a bang at 150K/300K ante 30K blind level and continue for a long fight. The third hand saw Maudi138tt playing the part of muscled street corner fighter and winning a 5.4 million chip pot after three-betting THUGer preflop, betting 1.5 million on the flop and getting calls both times. With the board showing J♥ 3♥ 4♦ Q♣ on the turn another bet of 3.9 million from Maudi138tt got THUGer to back down and evened up the chip counts a bit as THUGer's lead was dropped to 24 million to Maudi138tt's 19 million.

Six hands later Maudi138tt would string together six straight wins to bring the chip counts nearly even, then ten hands later after THUGer fought back to win six of seven hands the two would throw their stacks into the middle preflop creating a massive 37 million chip pot. Watch the hand play out below:

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A bit of a cooler for THUGer holding Q♠A♥ and facing the suited big slick K♠A♠ of Maudi138tt as the four outs went to three after the T♠ 8♦ J♦ flop. But THUGer couldn't find broadway on the T♥ turn nor 5♠ river and Maudi138tt took over the chip lead 37 million to six million for THUGer.

THUGer wasn't going to lay down however winning the next six of seven hands as the two would trade glancing blows back and forth over getting to the 200K/400K ante 40K blind level before the players found a flop they both liked. Still holding a 36 million to seven million chip lead, Maudi138tt would call the min-button raise from THUGer and both would see a coordinated 7♦6♥ 5♦ flop. Maudi138tt tried to win this one quickly with a min bet but THUGer would have nothing to do with that sending out a raise to 2.55 million. Maudi138tt responded by setting THUGer all-in holding top pair and a redraw to a straight 8♠7♣. THUGer also had the straight draw but was behind with the ace kicker A♥8♣. A pair of ladies on the Q♣ turn and Q♥ river did THUGer no help and the long heads-up battle came to a conclusion as THUGer walked away with $120,000.00 as the runner up.

Maudi138tt stuck up to the aggressive THUGer and walked away with victory along with the additional $10,000.00 added to the dealt $109,426.22 for being crowned this week's Sunday Warm-up Champion!

Congrats to all our final table players this evening and be sure to catch all the hole cards exposed on the PokerStars.TV recap of tonight's tournament to be shown later this week.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up (10-11-09)
(*denotes two-way deal)

1. Maudi138tt (Rostov-na-Donu) *$119,426.22
2. THUGer (Stokmarknes, Norway) *$120,000.00
3. NutsErryTime (orlando) $72,253.51
4. FatFatJesper (Bunkeflostrand) $49,482.71
5. Wawa711 (Cherry Hill) $37,221.51
6. FATMIKE79 (Unterhaching) $28,463.51
7. jornxx (Amsterdam) $19,705.51
8. PokerikdeB (Tilburg) $10,947.51
9. FlopeDeNuts (Holiday) $7,006.41

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up