Playgirl555 toys with final table in Sunday Warm-up win

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgA slightly smaller crowd then the usual guarantee busting stampede showed up this evening at the $750,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-up. 3,622 players meant PokerStars would be footing the bill to assure a six-figure $101,250.00 first place prize. 540 players walked away with at least $375.00 but the final table would be feasting on the below figures tonight:

1. $101,250.00
2. $71,250.00
3. $48,750.00
4. $38,625.00
5. $30,750.00
6. $23,250.00
7. $15,750.00
8. $9,750.00
9. $6,750.00

cnew27 is coming off a decent SCOOP series final tabling Event #6-High buy-in (winning $28,800) and chopping up the same Low buy-in event for another $28K in the same night. He'll be joined at the final table tonight by the below players:


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Seat 1: nolan24 (5906919 in chips)
Seat 2: canny86 (2385567 in chips)
Seat 3: polonezas (10051523 in chips)
Seat 4: Playgirl555 (3636835 in chips)
Seat 5: bonya37 (3284638 in chips)
Seat 6: enjoyin_nyc (1718897 in chips)
Seat 7: cnew27 (1751638 in chips)
Seat 8: Haas (2158874 in chips)
Seat 9: Try__An__Hit (5325109 in chips)

Just four hands into the final table after eight and a half hours of play enjoyin_nyc had reasons to enjoy his J♦A♣ as shown by the hand played out below against nolan24's pocket rockets A♠A♥:

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With that 3.6 million chip pot, enjoyin_nyc got to enjoy a pay jump from being the short stack. The pay jump came at the expense of Haas who open-shoved his 1.8 million chips with blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 into the middle nine hands after enjoyin_nyc's double up but was called by nolan24 sitting on the button with Q♥ A♥. Haas' J♠ A♣ was in bad shape and never threatened on the 2♠ T♠ 6♦ A♦ 2♥ board making him the first casualty at the final table ($6,750.00).

After several hands of aborted steal attempts and causally mucking preflop, bonya37 was ground down to just 655,638 chips with blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000 and holding a pair of ducks 2♠ 2♣ in the cutoff. He would push those chips with the twos and be met with an overshove by cnew27 in the small blind holding fours 4♦ 4♥. Neither player improved on the 5♠ 5♥ A♥ Q♣ T♣ board and bonya37 said "see ya" to the table in eighth place ($9,750.00).

polonezas came to the final table as the chip leader and was eerily silent compared to the aggressive cnew27 and Try__An__Hit, but made his presence known to nolan24 when the short stacked nolan24 open-shoved from the cutoff for his remaining 1.4 million chips and polonezas made the call from the small blinds holding pocket nines 9♠ 9♦. nolan24's J♠ K♥ were glad to see a race for the 3.3 million chip pot but were unable to take it down on the 8♥ A♠ 6♥ Q♥ Q♣ board as the Simpson's fan would leave Springfield with an extra $15,750.00 for a seventh place finish.

Playgirl555 would go on a nice heater that started with a double up off polonezas, a blind steal, and then showed canny86 how to race. canny86 re-raised Playgirl555's UTG 550,000 chip raise to 1.25 million and Playgirl555 answered with a shove that would put canny86's tournament life on the line. Holding pocket queens Q♥ Q♣, canny86 made the call to see the race against Playgirl555's K♦ A♠ for the nearly seven million chip pot. The T♣ T♥ 9♠ flop was safe for canny86, but the A♣ on the turn was not. 5♠ on the river did not turn things back around as canny86 was well... 86'd in sixth place ($23,250.00).

Try__An__Hit tried to hit against the wrong player as the heater Playgirl555 was on never died down as shown by this hand below:

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Try__An__Hit did hit the flop hard, but with an extra pip Playgirl555 took down the ten million chip pot as Try__An__Hit was out in fifth place ($30,750.00).

The wavy chip stack of cnew27 finally met its end at the hand of polonezas. With the blinds sitting at 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000 and only 1.6 million in chips left cnew27 would shove from the cutoff holding Q♣ J♣ but polonezas had pocket tens T♣ T♦ on the button and overshoved to shut out the blinds. They would fold and cnew27 would watch his tournament end in fourth place ($38,625.00) after the K♠ 8♠ 6♣ 4♣ 8♦ board failed to pair his queen or jack.

With the lone dissenter in chop talks gone, the remaining three made quick work of putting the deal that left $10,000 on the table for the Sunday Warm-up champion:

Playgirl555: $77,387.70
polonezas: $67,087.34
enjoyin_nyc: $66,774.97

polonezas' stack took a couple of hits on the way to his final hand against enjoyin_nyc. After enjoyin_nyc completed the small blind, polonezas check his option to see the 3♣ K♣ 2♥ flop. enjoying_nyc would check as polonezas led out for 800,000 and enjoyin_nyc snapped into action with a 9,999,999 chip check-raise. polonezas would pause for a moment before calling off his remaining 4.4 million chips holding Q♠ 3♦ good for middle pair, but not as good as enjoying_nyc's 5♥ K♥ top pair. A♦ on the turn and T♣ on the river did not help. The beginning final table chip leader polonezas left with $67,087.34 in third place after the chop.

Heads-up play would start as a near dead heat as shown by the chip counts below...

Seat 4: Playgirl555 (18637804 in chips)
Seat 6: enjoyin_nyc (17582196 in chips)

... but enjoyin_nyc would strike on the first hand taking a eight million chip pot, outkicking Playgirl555's 8♦ 9♦ flopped top pair of nines with 9♠ A♥ on the 2♥ 6♣ 9♣ 4♦ 3♥ board.

The two would go on for a lengthy heads-up duel, but Playgirl555 would catch fire again, eventually taking a 6:1 chip lead going into the final hand of the tournament shown below:

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Not a pretty win with king high, but Playgirl555's king ruled over the queen high of enjoyin_nyc and Playgirl555 claimed this week's Sunday Warm-up title. Along with the biggest chunk of the chop, Playgirl555 will take the extra $10,000 for winning this evening.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-Up Results (04-12-09)
(*figure based on three-way chop)
1. *Playgirl555 $87,387.70
2. *enjoyin_nyc: $66,774.97
3. *polonezas: $67,087.34
4. cnew27 $38,625.00
5. Try__An_Hit $30,750.00
6. canny86 $23,250.00
7. nolan24 $15,750.00
8. bonya37 $9,750.00
9. Haas $6,750.00

As a reminder, here at the PokerStarsBlog you can get all of the final day of SCOOP action, as we will be live-blogging all three levels of the Main Event starting at 4:30pm EST tomorrow.

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up