viksha rolls over final table in Sunday Warm-up win

What better way to top off a weekend of online tournaments then the $750,000 guaranteed $215 Sunday Warm-up? With a first prize usually over $100,000 it gives a good excuse to go through 4,223 runners and nearly ten hours of intense poker it takes to reach that big prize.

In pre-final table action online and live tournament pro Eric "Rizen" Lynch made a fine run tonight finishing in 48th when his A♦-9♦ failed to get by the pocket eights of DomDal on the 3♥-6♣-J♠-5♣-3♠ board when the two threw in the chips preflop. JackOPoker scared his way to the top of the leaderboard with 32 remaining after getting pocket aces and kings back-to-back and having them hold which lined up his deep run. He would remain in the top three as we crushed down to the final two tables with miw700 and homner sitting atop the leaderboard as the big money sitting on the final table waited with nine more eliminations.

Each player was assured $2,111.50 at this point and with the $108,953.40 first place prize within grasp after outlasting 4,205 players of the 4,223 that started, the players were looking for that chip boost to grab that six figure payday.

cwalsh6's smoking Yoda avatar failed to grasp the Jedi ways while his A♠-Q♠ didn't hit the J♣-3♦-K♥-8♦-8♣ board against grebnrets86's pocket sevens as he returned to Dagobah in 13th place. Previous chip leader JackOPoker slow played pocket aces in a blind versus blind battle against flex212derde and paid the price when flex's 2♠-3♠ snagged a flush on the turn despite flopping a set of aces, shipping the very large 8.5 million chip pot flex's way when the river didn't pair the board and finishing in 12th place. odiesage's tournament would end as the final table bubble boy when his top pair-top kicker looked good enough to shove his remaining 1.23 million chips in, but homner flopped the nut straight ending odiesage's night in tenth place with $4,223.00

Here's how the players lined up in the final table race for the $100K+:


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Seat 1: viksha (6090772 in chips)
Seat 2: cobusie (3187815 in chips)
Seat 3: flex212derde (7913194 in chips)
Seat 4: grebnrets86 (4886844 in chips)
Seat 5: 00psiedaisy (2043583 in chips)
Seat 6: homner (6753308 in chips)
Seat 7: miw700 (6790073 in chips)
Seat 8: LunchTime645 (1796538 in chips)
Seat 9: Brughtality (2767873 in chips)

00psiedaisy would make the first significant move at the final table, flopping a set of tens after shoving preflop against homner who's pocket sixes rivered a useless set, taking in the four million chip pot and giving himself some breathing room with the blinds at 65,000/130,000 ante 13,000.

Brughtality would be the next to find some air as he lured homner into his chip net after flopping top two pair on the board of Q♣-A♠-5♦-9♠-Q♥. His all-in bet of 1.1 million chips was called by homner on the turn leaving him drawing dead and shipping the Minnesota Wild fan Brughtality the 4.3 million chip pot. homner would retrieve some of those chips back as Brughtality min-raised with blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 from middle position and was called by viksha to his left, then three-bet by grebnret86 to 1.1 million chips. homner pushed his remaining 1.6 million into the middle getting rid of Brughtality and viksha, but grebnret86 had a math call to make and did with K♣-8♥. homner's pocket nines were plenty for the 2♣-3♦-[10D]-5♦-5♥ board and welcomed the 4.4 million chip pot to his stack.

The very next hand while folded around and sitting on the button, 00psiedaisy pushed his smallish stack of 2.6 million into the middle preflop with hopes to get the blinds. Unfortunately, miw7000 had a hand and the chips to make the call with A♠-J♠. Holding 9♦-4♣ while all-in makes for an "oopsie-daisy" part of poker and with the 3♦-8♦-J♣-A♦ board on the turn he still had a shot of turning the that "oopsie" into a "great play". But, no flush fell with the 8♥ river and $6,841.26 was 00psiedaisy's in ninth place.

"All you can eat" a famous line from a poker pro could have been the choice words of LunchTime645 as he shoved his under a million chips stack into the middle preflop with A♥-[10S]. viksha gave the action he wanted holding pocket eights on the button as the blinds took off for a snack elsewhere. The J♥-4♦-[10H] flop firmly swung the percentages in LunchTime645's favor with middle pair. Q♠ on the turn opened up the gutterball straight draw for viksha that would hit on the 9♠ river sending $10,557.50 to LunchTime645 in eighth place as viksha claimed the 2.3 million chip pot.

cobusie and homner would trade back-to-back all-in pots while remaining alive on the short end of the chip board. But, four hands later one of them would succumb to the rising blinds. Facing a raise to 500,000 button raise from grebnrets86, homner made his move with a three-bet to 1.2 million in the small blind leaving 1.4 million behind with the blinds at 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000. No bluff on the button here as grenbnrets86 shoved his covering stack into the middle with pocket aces and got the call from homner holding K♠-J♣. This one ended early, as by the turn on the 2♥-8♠-6♠-9♦-6♥ board homner's fate was sealed in seventh place ($16,892.00).

At the break here's how our remaining six looked:

Seat 1: viksha (7465088 in chips)
Seat 2: cobusie (3803444 in chips)
Seat 3: flex212derde (8675195 in chips)
Seat 4: grebnrets86 (7747619 in chips)
Seat 7: miw700 (10235908 in chips)
Seat 9: Brughtality (4302746 in chips)

Brughtality would improve his position quickly get his 3.8 million chips into the middle preflop against miw700 and having his pocket queens hold against miw700's A♠-J♠ on the [10C]-K♥-2♣-4♠-5♦ board winning the 8.4 million chip pot.

cobusie however did not fare as well on his attempt to move up. Four hands after the Brughtality double-up, cobusie tried to shove his 3.2 million into the middle preflop from the cutoff after Brughtality min raised to 500,000 and was called by viksha. The blinds and Brughtality gave up their donations but viksha called and turned up pocket jacks. Bad news for the pocket sixes of cobusie and instead of rooting for a six, he found himself rooting for a chop as the board read [10D]-9♠-8♠-J♣ on the turn leaving the sevens and queens open for a chop of the 7.5 million chip pot. But, the 8♥ came up and cobusie went down in sixth place, earning $25,338.00 in the process.

viksha would then go on a chip tear winning five hands in a row (chopping one pot with grebnrets86). He would take those chips and build the first twenty million chip stack at the table. miw700 would fall to that huge stack, as his demise started in a hand against viksha with an eight million chip pot and the board reading 2♥-6♦-5♣-Q♠-4♣ and holding just 2.1 million behind. viksha bet enough to put miw700 all-in on the river and his two cards (which will be shown on's review show like this one from last week) were not good enough to call and viksha added to his chip leading stack without showing.

While on fumes with the blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 25,000 miw700 made his move on the button, shoving his remaining 1.6 million into the middle preflop and getting a call by his nemesis viksha in the big blind. A♥-2♦ for miw700, dominated by the A♠-[10C] of viksha, the 5♦-9♣-9♠-3♦-6♥ board would offer no help as $33,784.00 was deposited in miw700's account for his fifth place finish.

After trimming some chips off flex212derde in a nearly nine million chip pot, viksha would push his chip stack to 25 million and easily covered the table. Eight hands later the viksha express made no effort to slow down for flex212derde as he min-raised to 600,000 from the cutoff and flex212derde decided to try his luck again against the chip leader and shoved from the button for 3.4 million with A♠-J♠. The blinds went away as viksha called with ducks and quack-quack-quack on the flop as he hit deuces full of fives leaving flex212derde with a need for miracle running aces, jacks, or fives. The turned Q♣ stopped all wishes and the $42,230.00 in fourth place money was flex212derde's to keep.

Now sitting on 32 million, viksha would push those chips and squeezed grebnrets86 and Brughtality while getting up to 37 million chips while grebnrets86 and Brughtality would trade a couple of all-ins between them but after the smoke cleared still hovered around the three million mark with blinds at a pre-flop push necessary 200,000/400,000 ante 40,000.

grebnrets86 would win the battle of the short stacks taking the majority of Brughtality's chips as Brughtality's button push with K♦-5♦ was met by grebnrets86's call in the big blind with K♠-[10H]. 6♠-4♥-9♠-K♥-J♦ later and Brughtality was left with enough to barely pay the big blind and ante. He would manage one double up on the very next hand, but two hands after that grebnrets86 claimed Brughtality's remaining scraps as the J♦-6♥ of grebnrets86 caught top pair on the flop of J♠-4♦-5♦ as Brughtality's Q♦-2♦ had some life with a flush draw and an over card. The pair draw would go away on the 6♠ turn, and the pot would go to grebnrets86 on the Q♠ river. Brughtality's bankroll was immediately increased by $50,676.00 for his third place finish and maybe enough to afford season tickets at the Xcel Energy Center for the next hockey season.

Seat 1: viksha (36360842 in chips)
Seat 4: grebnrets86 (5869158 in chips)

Seven to one chip deficit and nary a whisper of chop talks? Ok, we'll forgo the sarcasm as grebnrets86 had viksha's huge chip mountain to topple before discussing a deal.

The heads-up play went quickly as grebnrets86 would take the blinds on the first two hands, then give them back the next two. On the fifth hand of heads-up play viksha would finish off his final opponent. viksha would start the betting with a min-raise from the button with blinds at 200,000/400,000 ante 40,000. grebnrets86 would make the call to see a [10C]-4♦-K♠ flop. Check from grebnrets86 got a min bet of 400,000 from viksha and a quick check-raise to two million from grebnrets86. The turn 4♣ elicited no responses as we moved on to the 3♥ river. viksha would check again, and sorely needing that 5.6 million in the middle, grebnrets86 would push his remaining 3.2 million hoping viksha did not have anything that could call his 6♣-7♣ bluff. Pair of tens was enough for the dominating chip leader to make the call with Q♥-[10H] as the remaining 12 million in tournament chips slid viksha's way along with the $108,953.40 he earned as this week's Sunday Warm-up champion!

For not giving up against the steamroller of viksha, grebnrets86's runner-up check of $76,014.00 will help soothe any hard feelings after the loss.

Sunday Warm-up Results (03-08-09)

1. viksha $108,953.40
2. grebnrets86 $76,014.00
3. Brughtality $50,676.00
4. flex212derde $42,230.00
5. miw700 $33,784.00
6. cobusie $25,338.00
7. homner $16,892.00
8. LunchTime645 $10,557.50
9. 00psiedaisy $6,841.26

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Warm-Up