Mug 1515 downs a cool $143K in 25 Billion-enhanced Sunday Warm-up!

Warm up 2.15.09.jpgThe PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up always draws a great crowd, but with the 25 Billion Hand promotion running the guarantee up to a staggering $1,250,000, that news brought a whopping 6,241 runners out of the woodwork this week to take their shot at a first prize that was over $150,000. With such a huge field, it was no surprise that over nine hours of play passed before varbut rivered an ace to win a coin flip against FickyVicky and set up the final table. That hand put varbut solidly in the chip lead going into the final table, with wandsworth and Mug 1515 hot on his heels.

Wandsworth took the chip lead in a "rich get richer" moment when his 4h-4s cracked chuck2003's pocket aces to send Chuck home in 9th place. Chuck2003 raised from early position with Ah-Ac, and wandsworth went for the limp-reraise from under the gun. Chuck2003 called, and looked poised for the double up on the 5d-7d-7h flop. The 4d on the turn was a soul-crusher, making a full house for wandsworth and leaving chuck2003 only two outs on the river. No help came from the 2d, and chuck2003 picked up $8,750 for 9th place.

In the blink of an eye, wandsworth claimed another scalp when he sent pierrott77 packing in 8th place. After a preflop raised from Mug 1515, pierrott77 moved all in over the top, finding action from both Mug 1515 and wandsworth. The flop came down 4s-2d-Jd, and wandsworth led out. Mug 1515 called the flop bet, but got out of the way when wandsworth led out again on the 2c turn. With action heads up, pierrott77 showed top pair with Kh-Jh, but wandsworth had him crushed with Ac-2s for trip deuces. The 6c on the river was no help for pierrott77, and he nabbed $15,000 for 8th place.

After a few more minutes of back-and-forth action, the field thinned to six when oscarleon booted OllawainTim in 7th place ($22,500). Waking up in middle position with pocket nines, OllawainTim moved all in preflop. Oscarleon found Ah-Kd in the cutoff and made the instacall. The suspense went out of the hand on the 2s-8c-As flop, and OllawainTim failed to catch his nine on the turn or river as another one went to the virtual rail.

As one of the short stacks, Patrolman35 was quick to get his chips in the middle preflop. After picking up a couple of uncontested pots, and doubling up once, he found action from fellow shorty philipoo. As Patrolman35 tabled As-Kd, the dominated philipoo showed Ah-Jc. Not only behind in the hand, philipoo was also the shorter stack, putting his tournament on the line with a Qs-3c-Ac flop. The 9d on the turn ended any hopes of runner-runner flushes for philipoo, and the Kc on the river was the final nail in his coffin, sending him home in 6th place. A nice prize of $34,375 was waiting to soothe his pain a little as he ended an excellent tournament.

With five players remaining, wandsworth held a commanding chip lead. But a few timely double ups let Mug 1515 move into the top spot, and when they tangled for the last time, it was wandsworth on the losing side. As had become his standard, wandsworth raised preflop. Mug 1515 called, and the flop came down 9s-Ks-10h. Wandsworth fired again, and Mug 1515 raised. Wandsworth moved all in over the top with Ad-5d, and Mug 1515 called with Kd-Qs for top pair. The turn and river came down Js-9c to give Mug 1515 a straight and send the former chip leader wandsworth packing in 5th place with $46,875.

Four players came back from the final break of the night, but only three survived the first moments back. After oscarleon raised preflop from the button with Ad-8d, varbut moved all in over the top with Kh-Jh from the big blind. Oscarleon called quickly, and the flop was good for varbut as it came down Js-5h-7d. Oscarleon needed running diamonds, and ace or running straight cards to win, and when the 9c hit the turn, only a six or an ace would give him the pot and send varbut packing. The 6s on the river was brutal river card for varbut, as he picked up $59,375 for 4th place.

Patrolman35 was the next to fall when he ran afoul of oscarleon to finish his event in 3rd place ($71,875). He shipped it all in on a steal move with 9h-3h, and oscarleon called with Qc-10h. The flop came down Ad-Kd-7d, and oscarleon had a gutshot to further lock in the lead. The 5d on the turn was no help to Patrolman35, and when the river brought the Qs, the tournament was heads up.

With nearly identical chip stacks, oscarleon and Mug 1515 quickly agreed to an even chop of the remaining prize pool. After $20,000 was left for the eventual winner, each of the two survivors was guaranteed $121,875. Heads up play kicked off, with $20,000 hanging in the balance. Oscarleon took down the first few pots, but in the first major confrontation it was Mug 1515 who took down the pot and took over the chip lead when his A-K held up against oscarleon's A-9. After that, it took just moments for all the chips to end up in the middle again, and again Mug 1515 was dominating his opponent. Oscarleon raised preflop from the button, and Mug 1515 moved all in over the top. With his tournament life on the line, oscarleon made the call with 2d-2s, only to find himself facing Mug 1515's pocket fives. Presto was good as Mug 1515 picked up a set on the 4c-7c-5s flop. With no flush possible, oscarleon's only hope was running deuces. The 8s left him drawing dead, and when the Js hit the river, Mug 1515 was the champ and picked up the extra $20,000. Congratulation to Mug 1515 for a fine tournament and to all our final table competitors!

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Warm-Up