Sunday Warm-Up: Redemption for golferen50

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgA smaller than average field--see World Series of Poker for likely reason--created a nearly 100k overlaid Sunday Warm-up this weekend; a juicy little bonus for the 3,258 internet ringers that turned up to play. And in spite of both World Series and World Cup action in full swing this past Sunday, a number of your favorite Team PokerStars players posted the $215 entry-fee and took to the virtual felt. EPT regular and PokerStars Team Germany Pro Benjamin Kang carried the PokerStars flag the furthest this week, busting out in an impressive 49th place, good for $1,425. Kang wasn't the lone PokerStars player to make it into the money this Sunday, however. Online Team members Denys "diatty" Shcherbakov (308th for $420) and Martha "marene" Herrera (104th for $1,012.50), and former racing star and current Brazil teamer Gualter Salles (102nd for $1,012.50) managed to join Kang at the virtual payout cage at the end of the day.

Tîmexed out

By the time the Warm-up had gotten down to two tables all eyes were on one screen name, Tîmex. Tîmex, or Mike McDonald as he's known in the three dimensional world, boasts an impressive live and online resume, including five EPT cashes and one win at the 2008 EPT German Open. Yes, Tîmex can mix it up with the best with them, and with just 18 players left yet another Tîmex final table looked assured. Alas for the young Canadian it was not in the cards, as time ran out on McDonald in 12th place ($4,500). Just a few hands later, and we had our final table, with a short stacked bikkles failing to run down naupen07's A♣ Q♣ with A♠ 8♠. Bubble boy bikkles took home $4,500 for his oh-so-close finish, while the remaining nine players took their seats at table 9 for final action.
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Seat 1: pececada (4082634 in chips)
Seat 2: naupen07 (4596372 in chips)
Seat 3: golferen50 (3765198 in chips)
Seat 4: Netstorm (3693900 in chips)
Seat 5: jesse6520 (4667382 in chips)
Seat 6: Xamlo (3036942 in chips)
Seat 7: Mrsgardener (1340314 in chips)
Seat 8: croll103 (4995340 in chips)
Seat 9: bigguy1322 (2401918 in chips)

Things were pretty close as the final nine restarted play. croll103 held a slight edge over the field with his 4.99 million chips. However, with six players left holding similar stacks of over three million, the chip lead could shift on any hand. Blinds were 50k/100k with a 10k ante when final table play began.

bigguy Beats Big Slick

With the chip counts so even, it would take some time before the final table's first truly big hand. In a cruel battle of the blinds, bigguy1322 raised from the small blind to 299,999. pececada re-popped the pot to 780k only to have bigguy1322 shove all-in over the top for a little over 3 million. pececada snap called with A♥ K♥, which was way ahead of bigguy1322's A♣ J♦. The flop was safe for pececada, Q♦ 4♦ Q♠, but the turn brought a dagger, the J♥. The 2♣ was no help to pececada on the river and he was crippled down to just under 400k. Two hands later pececada found his small stack in the middle with K♦ [10h] against croll103's A♠ 4♣. A ten did fall on the flop but it was accompanied with two fours, giving croll103 trips. No miracle turn or river for pececada and he bowed out in ninth, good for $6,000.

Musical Chips

It has been said that tournament poker can be a roller coaster ride, the swings are sometimes just ridiculous. 49 hands after pececada's exit, a microcosm of this belief played out. First, jesse6520 open shoved all-in from the big blind for just over 3 million after naupen07 had limped from the cutoff. naupen07 made the call with K♦ Q♦, putting his 2.3 million chip stack at risk against jesse6520's A♥ 3♣. An ace-high flop kept the lead with jesse6520, but two diamonds also in the first three cards meant things were far from over. Ding! Diamond on the turn locked the double-up for naupen07, crippling jesse6520. Just one hand later, the now chip rich naupen07 stumbled back down the chip ladder, when his 9♣ 9♠ ran into Mrsgardener's A♣ A♦, all-in on a seven-high flop. Despair was short lived for naupen07, however, for just two hands later he pushed all-in under-the-gun with 7♥ 7♠ and was called by a still short jesse6520. jesse6520 was looking for revenge with a dominating 9♣ 9♠, but a seven on the flop skyrocketed naupen07 ahead. Blanks on both the turn and river eliminated jesse6520 in eighth ($9,375) and nearly doubled a certainly dizzy naupen07.

X Out Xamlo

In less than half the hands it took the finaltable to get from eight down to seven, another elimination meant wewere down to six. With blinds at 100k/200k and a 20k ante, golferen50raised to 410k from middle position. Xamlo moved all-in over the topfor 2.8 million from the cutoff seat. golferen50 called with J♦ J♠and we were off to the races when Xamlo revealed his holdings, A♣K♦. Drama ensued, as a J♣ 4♦ [10h] flop gave a set to golferen50and a gut shot straight draw to Xamlo. All drama was killed on the turnwhen a second ten fell, filling golferen50 up. A meaningless third tencame on the river, eliminated Xamlo in seventh ($16,875) and golferen50vaulted into the chip lead with over 8 million chips.

Crolling Rolling... on

Enteringthe final table with the chip lead, croll103 was unable to get muchgoing at the final table and eventually made his exit in fifth, withhelp from bigguy1322. Action was folded around to croll103 in thecutoff, who moved all-in for 3.1 million. bigguy1322, on the button,followed croll103's example and moved his 3.7 million chip stack intothe middle. The blinds folded and croll103 was heads-up for histournament life with A♥ J♥ versus bigguy1322's A♦ K♠. Theboard, although pretty and connected, ran dry for croll103, A♠ [10c]4♠ K♣ 6♣, and the former leader was out in sixth ($24,375).


naupen07,as previously indicated, had quite the roller coaster day. However, notlong after the blinds were raised to 125k/250k with a 25k ante, naupen07 wasin desperate need for a double-up, having just 1.7 million in chips. naupen07decided to make his stand with [10h] 8♥ in the big blind, aftergolferen50 had doubled the blinds in first position. golferen50 madethe call and showed-down K♥ Q♦. The flop couldn't have been muchworse for naupen07's [10h] 8♥, falling K♦ 2♠ 3♣. The 5♥ and9♥ came on the turn and river, respectively, leaving naupen07 oneheart short of a victory. The roller coaster ended with a fifth placefinish for naupen07, $31,875 being his consolation prize.


Earlythis year, February 7 to be exact, golferen50 came as close as you canto sweet victory without ever getting a true taste, finishing second inthe Sunday Million. Now, with just four left, golferen50 was inposition to redeem his second with a big win in the Warm-up. Of coursethree other, very capable players stood in golferen50's way of thepromised land.

With four left and the blinds at 125k/250k with a 25k ante here is how the final stacks looked:

Seat 3: golferen50 (10385905 in chips)
Seat 4: Netstorm (6374122 in chips)
Seat 7: Mrsgardener (8503496 in chips)
Seat 9: bigguy1322 (7316477 in chips)

Chop it up... please?

Oncethe final table got down to four the chat box became flooded with dealdiscussions. Eventually, PokerStars pro moderator Pieter De Korver wasasked to pause the action so negotiations could intensify. And oh howthey intensified, discussions over a deal ran the gamut from a strictchip-chop to a four-way even split. A stalemate was reached, and DeKorver was forced to restart the tournament before anything could besolidified. Once more, play commenced while the chat box filled withdeal discussions. Finally, a second break was agreed upon and a dealwas made, leaving $10,000 on the table for the eventual winner.

golferen50: $86,000
Netstorm: $71,500
Mrsgardener: $71,500
bigguy1322: $71,500

Stormy Times for Netstorm

Notlong after a deal was struck, the final four got down to a simple trio.bigguy1322 raised 666,666 on the button and, after a fold fromgolferen50 in the small blind, Netstorm pushed all-in from the bigblind with just under 5 million. bigguy1322 made the call, showing K♥Q♣. Netstorm was in trouble with K♦ J♥, needing a jack to stayalive. No funny business on the flop, 3♦ [10s] 5♦, or the turn,4♥, or the river, [10d], and Netstorm was sent home in fourth with$71,500, almost $30,000 more than he would have received with thenormal payouts.

Not Big Enough

With Mrsgardenerand golferen50 in a virtual tie for first, bigguy1322 found himselflagging behind and in need of a big pick-up. bigguy1322's big chancecame a few orbits after Netstorm's exit. bigguy1322 opened for roughly612k on the button and was raised to 1.675 million by golferen50 in thesmall blind. Mrsgardener got out of the way and bigguy1322 pushedall-in for his last 7 million. golferen50 called and turned-up 9♠9♥. bigguy1322 had an over, but was behind with A♦ 4♦. The flopwas devastating to bigguy1322, Q♠ 2♠ 6♠, giving golferen50 aflush draw. The 4♣ on the turn gave bigguy1322 one more out, but alasit was not to be for the big fella, as the Q♣ came on the river.bigguy1322 took home $71,500 for his deep run and with his exit thetournament now entered its final stage, heads-up.

Bridesmaid Turned Bride

golferen50entered heads-up play with a comfortable 20 million to 12 million chiplead over Mrsgardener, but with the blinds at 150k/300k and a 30k anteMrsgardener's 40 big blind stack was far from out of it. The match hadthe potential to be a long one, but just 18 hands after bigguy1322'selimination a major confrontation arose. golferen50 raised to 800k onthe button, which was quickly called by Mrsgardener. The flop came downA♦ 6♦ 4♦ and Mrsgardener checked to the bettor. golferen50 betout another 800k only to have Mrsgardener move all-in for 9.9 milliontotal. golferen50 snap called and showed 4♣ 4♥ for a flopped set offours. golferen50's hand was a monster heads-up, but Mrsgardener wasfar from dead with her K♦ 9♥ for the nut flush draw. The turnbrought a blank, the J♣, but the river brought a diamond... the J♦giving Mrsgardener her flush but golferen50 a full house.

And just like that, Mrsgardener is eliminated in second ($71,500), golferen50 redeems his previous Sunday runner-up with a victory and takes down the rather nice sum of $96,000.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up Results (06-27-10)
(* denotes part of four-way deal)

1. golferen50 (Naerboe) *$96,000.00
2. Mrsgardener (Haven) *$71,500.00
3. bigguy1322 (Rye) *$71,500.00
4. Netstorm (Zoetermeer) *$71,500.00
5. naupen07 (Wijchen) $31,875.00
6. croll103 (Henderson) $24,375.00
7. Xamlo (MC) $16,875.00
8. jesse6520 (Evanston) $9,375.00
9. pececada (Espergaerde) $6,000.00