Dat a SuperNova nabbing a super payout in the Sunday Warm-Up

sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgWho Dat? Dat SuperNova philivey0997, who picked up $133,620.23for taking down the Sunday Warm-Up on the biggest sporting night of the western hemisphere. While millions of people tuned into a little football game in Miami, 4,900 players tuned into PokerStars for the Sunday Warm-Up. The prize pool of $980,000 was nothing to sneeze at, and neither were the six-figure paydays that the last three standing at the final table locked up for themselves in a chip count chop.

warmup 2.7.10.jpgJust as the big parties celebrating the New Orleans Saints' big victory kicked off, our final nine players locked in their seats at the final table, including a big-stacked SuperNova in philivey0997 and a repeat final table player from two weeks ago. The stacks looked like this when the final table kicked off -

Seat 1 - Gretko - $2,557,597
Seat 2 - philivey0997 - $10,153,220
Seat 3 - nofingclue11 - $3,506,632
Seat 4 - doulas12 - $3,105,256
Seat 5 - ehcaramba - $4,968,491
Seat 6 - B3st Move - $3,163,187
Seat 7 - trippkirk - $3,380,629
Seat 8 - vaderGZ - $8,245,010
Seat 9 - Vincent466 - $9,567,978

After losing a monster pot just before the first break of the final table, nfingclue11 got his last few chips in on the first hand back. After an opening raise from Vincent466, nofingclue11 called off the last of his chips preflop with A♠-5♣, and ehcaramba joined the fray to see the three-way flop of 4♠-6♣-2♥. Ehcaramba led out with a bet, Vincent466 got out of the way, and ehcaramba tabled A♦-Q♥, dominating nofingclue11. The turn and river ran out J♠-6♥, and nfingclue11 was done in 9th place ($7,840.00).

The action continued on the very next hand, as B3st Move got coolered to send him packing in 8th place ($12,250.00). philivey0997 opened for a raise from under the gun, and B3st Move decided that his best move was to shove all his chips into the middle with Q♣-Q♦. Usually a pretty good move, but philivey0997 made the easy call with K♣-K♦, and then flopped a set to leave B3st Move dead to running queens. The final board read K♥-5♣-5♦-4♦-T♦, and then the action cooled off just a little with seven players remaining.

Two weeks ago, Gretko put on a show at the final table and finished the Sunday Warm-Up in 2nd place for well over $100K. He couldn't match that performance this week, but two final tables in three weeks is certainly nothing to sneeze at! Gretko lost a huge pot just before the final table and never got his traction back before busting in 7th place ($22,050) at the hands of mega-stacked philivey0997. All the money went in preflop, as Gretko shoved with K♠-9♠. Philivey0997 called with A♣-T♦, and made top pair on the T♥-8♦-3♠ flop. Things didn't get any better for gretko as the turn and river came down J♥-6♠, and his run at another Sunday Warm-Up was over.

After coming into the final table second in chips, Vincent466 couldn't get anything going at the final table and finally finished up in 6th place ($31,850). Vincent opened for a raise preflop, and was called by vaderGZ in the big blind. Both players checked the K♦-8♣-2♠ flop, then vaderGZ led out when the 9♠ hit the turn. Vincent moved all in over the top with J♥-9♥, and vader quickly called with Q♥-K♣. The Q♣ on the river made two pair for vaderGZ, and and exit cue for Vincent466.

Before Vincent466's seat was even cold, doulas12 was following him out the virtual door in 5th place ($41,650). All the money went in preflop as ehcaramba open-shoved with 7♥-7♦. Doulas12 called with A♠-K♣, and the race was on. The T♥-Q♥-9♥ flop gave doulas12 a Broadway draw to go with his overcards, but it also added a flush draw to ehcaramba's possibilities. Nothing changed on the 8♠ turn, and when the river brought the 5♥, ehcaramba's flush was good enough to bounce doulas in 5th place.

Play continued a few moments four-handed until ehcaramba's luck ran out in 4th place ($55,370). It certainly wasn't the first time ehcaramba had moved all in preflop, but it was the last, as he open-shoved from the button with A♣-8♥. Trippkirk called with 7♠-7♦, and the flop came down squarely in the camp of ehcaramba, falling 3♦-J♠-A♠. His top pair held through the 5♥ turn, but the 7♥ river made a set for trippkirk and left only three survivors.

The three remaining players paused to discuss a deal, and after some discussion, settled on a chip count chop that left $10,000 on the table for the winner and guaranteed the following payouts - chip leader philivey0997 - $123,620.23, runner-up vaderGZ $110,548.90 and trippkirk locked up $104,152.27. Once those details were settled, Team PokerStars Pro host Greg Raymer pronounced it a deal and the three survivors settled in to play for the last $10,000.

The three survivors duked it out for a surprisingly long time before finally philivey0997's monster stack was too much for vaderGZ to overcome. All the money went in on a coin toss, as the players threw raises back and forth until vader's last few chips were in the middle with 9♥-9♣. philivey0997 was slightly behind with K♥-J♥, but the 5♠-J♦-Q♥ flop helped quite a bit. The2♥ on the turn gave him a flush draw to go with his jacks, but it turned out that jacks were enough as the T♠ came on the river to send vaderGZ home in 3rd place. Thanks to the deal made when he was in 2nd place, he finished up with $110,548.90.

heads up 2.7.10.jpg
Heads up play only lasted a few hands, and it was a made hand against a monster draw that finally ended the suspense. Trippkirk raised from the button, and philivey0997 called. The 2♦-8♠-5♦ flop set off the fireworks, as the players traded bets back and forth until all the money was in the middle. Trippkirk tabled Q♣-8♥ for top pair, but philivey0997 showed 6♦-7♦ for the flush draw and the open-ended straight draw. The J♦ on the turn made the flush for phil and left trippkirk drawing dead, and when the 6♠ came on the river, the tournament was over, with trippkirk finishing in 2nd place for $104,152.27 and philivey0997 grabbing the extra $10K to bring his total win to $133,620.23.

Congratulations to all our final table players and everyone who took part in this week's Sunday Warm-Up. We'll see you next week for more monster paydays and crushed guarantees!

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