jusepe236 outlasts pesky bugstud to capture 11/14/10 Sunday Warm-Up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgDays are getting shorter. Nights longer. And like the leaves from the trees, temperatures are starting to drop. Sneaks up fast, doesn't it? You're walking around in short sleeves one day, then suddenly you're looking for a jacket or something with which to keep warm.

Meanwhile, the tourney action remained hot as ever at PokerStars on Sunday, with 4,644 players choosing the Sunday Warm-Up as a means to combat the cold. That group together built a nifty prize pool of $928,800, thus beating the $750K guarantee. A total of 675 places paid, with the first-place finisher due to earn a handsome $145,712.25.

Enough to pay the heating bill and then some, that.

Talking Team PokerStars

It would take nearly four hours to reach the cash bubble, during which time Team PokerStars' own Veronica "Princesa" Dabul of Argentina spent a couple of stretches during the afternoon hovering inside the top 10 of the chip counts.


Team PokerStars Pro Veronica Dabul

Dabul would falter a bit, however, and in fact nearly busted just shy of the money. But during hand-for-hand play she scored a big double-up with pocket queens versus bit10's pocket nines to survive with an above-average stack once the payouts began.

At that juncture, with 675 players remaining, goleafsgo41 -- a name we've seen many times on the leaderboards in MTTs at PokerStars -- was sitting atop the counts, followed by KM-6 jaxxonxxx, JK91JK, and jombil.

Along with Dabul, three other members of Team PokerStars had survived into the cash as well -- Thierry "BOKPOWER van den Berg (Team Netherlands), Toni Judet (Team Romania), and Martha "marene" Herrera (Team Online) -- though all three were sitting with relatively short stacks.

Van den Berg was the first of that group to shove all in, doing so with J♥T♠ and getting called in two spots by LoneHixx with A♣J♠ and ViennaNights with A♥9♦. The board ran out T♥9♠8♣8♠9♣, giving ViennaNights the hand with trip nines. Van den Berg actually had ViennaNights covered by just 130 chips, which subsequently went in the middle on the next hand, and soon the Dutch pro was sent to the rail in 646th place ($315.79).

Toni Judet was the next member of Team PokerStars to go, losing a race with 9♥9♣ versus jooorgen's A♥K♦ when a king appeared among the community cards, eliminating Judet in 481st ($352.94).

And soon it was Dabul who'd follow her teammate out of the tourney. Having slipped to just under 12 big blinds, Dabul open-shoved with A♣4♠ and got called by slowmo who held Q♥Q♦. The flop was good to Dabul, coming A♦6♦4♥ to give her two pair. The jack on the turn was also a welcome card to "Princesa." But the Q♠ river gave slowmo trips, knocking out Dabul in 401st place ($380.80).

That meant Team Online Martha "marene" Herrera was the lone representative of Team PokerStars among the remaining 400 players. She'd continue to nurse her short stack successfully for another half-hour, then found it necessary to commit her last chips with T♦T♣ in what became a three-way all-in with JIM_BALLAS who held Q♦Q♥ and Cougars4444 who had A♣J♠. JIM_BALLAS' queens held, sending Cougars4444 out in 314th and Herrera out in 315th, both of whom earned $445.82 for their efforts.

Finding the Final Nine

Play continued, and at the five-hour break 258 players remained. Th_Tank72 led the way with more than 724,000, followed by the always-tough Vingtcent, TranquilMind, marroca5, and gigaplayer.

An hour later just 117 were left with chips, with kidwhowon the only one among them with more than seven figures' worth, sitting with 1,010,198. BuriedJack89 was close behind with 991,273, with Th_Tank72, LosChief, Vingtcent, nikolai1986, and slowmo all with more than 800,000.

It would take another hour and 45 minutes for the field to shrink down to 27, at which point "88k" led the way with 4.88 million, followed by d-mon-d 3.89 million, and t000piC in third with 3.77 million. A little over a half-hour later, they were down to two tables, with marquitos74 having moved in front with 4.87 million, jusepe236 in second with 4.76 million, and "88k" still near the top in third with 4.48 million.

Finally the tourney crossed the nine-hour mark, at which point three knockouts came in rapid succession -- gaucho2121 (12th), Th_Tank72 (11th), and marroca5 (10th) -- with each eliminated player earning $5,572.80. The final nine was set:


Seat 1: bugstud -- 8,766,060
Seat 2: slowmo -- 4,846,336
Seat 3: jusepe236 -- 6,576,565
Seat 4: marquitos74 -- 3,644,277
Seat 5: E1ephant -- 2,642,278
Seat 6: nikolai1986 -- 5,382,099
Seat 7: Traveller99 -- 3,308,775
Seat 8: d-mon-d -- 7,601,796
Seat 9: Naropa -- 3,671,814

Thanks to a big hand on the final table bubble in which bugstud used pocket aces to oust marroca5 in 10th, bugstud enjoyed the chip lead as the final table began, with d-mon-d and jusepe236 not far behind.

From 9 to 2

They had reached Level 33 (blinds 100,000/200,000, antes 25,000), and while the shorter stacks were beginning to feel some urgency, the final table began with brief period of relatively quiet play. Then came a hand in which jesepe236 opened from early position for 469,669, and marquitos74, sitting to jesepe236's left, reraised to 1.05 million. It folded back to jesepe236 who repopped it all in, and marquitos74 called with the 1,669,833 he had left behind.

jusepe236 showed A♥9♥, needing to improve to beat marquitos74's T♦T♠. The flop came 7♣5♥7♥, putting the heart flush draw out there, then the 8♥ completed it. marquitos74 still had outs, but the K♦ on the river wasn't one of them, and he was out in ninth.

Soon there followed more action as E1ephant doubled through nikolai1986, his A♥A♠ proving best versus the latter's Q♠Q♣. On the very next hand, however, nikolai1986 got some chips back when he three-bet shoved all in with 4♥4♦, E1ephant called with A♠[10h], and a four flopped to help put nikolai1986 back in contention.

About 15 minutes later, the blinds had risen to 150,000/300,000, and Traveller99 had slipped to eighth out of eight when he saw chip leader jusepe236 open for 699,776 from middle position. It folded to Traveller99 in the big blind who pushed all in for 2,433,775 total, and jusepe236 made the call.

Traveller99 had A♠T♦, while jusepe236 showed 4♣4♥. The flop came K♣J♣3♣, which took away a couple of club outs from Traveller99 though added three more in the form of the non-club queens. The 4♦ on the turn complicated things a bit, though -- now only those three non-club queens would do. But the river was the 5♦, and Traveller99 hit the road in eighth.

Just a half-dozen hands later it was Naropa open-shoving all in from early position for 3,876,814. It folded to E1ephant who reraised all in, pushing out nikolai1986. E1ephant showed K♠K♥ and had Naropa in a tough spot with A♠J♦. The board came Q♠J♣4♥2♦9♥, and Naropa hit the rail in seventh.

It would take just a little over one more orbit for the next elimination to occur. jusepe236 -- up over 14.3 million in chips, about twice his nearest competitor -- again opened for a raise from the cutoff, this time to 666,999, and nikolai1986 called from the small blind. d-mon-d then reraised all in from the big blind for 4,066,796. jusepe236 called, and nikolai1986 stepped aside.

d-mon-d tabled K♠K♣, and seemed in relatively decent shape versus jusepe236's A♣8♠. d-mon-d was still technically ahead after the 9♣6♣2♣, although the prospect of a flush loomed large with two cards to come. The T♦ turn was okay for d-mon-d, but the 7♠ filled a gutshot straight for jusepe236, sending d-mon-d out in sixth.

nikolai1986 had become the table's short stack, and soon was open-shoving all in for 3,386,531 from the button. bugstud reraised all in from the small blind, and slowmo in the big blind folded. nikolai1986 had T♣9♦, well behind bugstud's J♣J♠. The five community cards came 2♣4♠8♥2♦5♦, and nikolai1986 was gone in fifth.

With four players left, jusepe236 continued to enjoy a significant advantage with almost 21 million chips. bugstud was next with 9.64 million, followed closely by E1ephant with 9.06 million, and slowmo brought up the rear with close to 6.81 million.

jusepe236 continued to pressure his opponents over the next several hands. Then, in the last hand before the 10-hour break, jusepe236 raised once again and E1ephant called. A couple of kings flopped, and an ace turned, thereby inducing enough action to build a significant pot. Check it out:

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Thanks to that nearly 11 million-chip pot, E1ephant had moved into the chip lead with nearly 15.9 million, with jusepe236 having slipped to just under 14.1 million.

Just a few minutes later, with the blinds 200,000/400,000 (Level 36), slowmo raised to 875,000 from UTG, and jusepe236 called from the button. E1ephant then three-bet to 3.5 million from the small blind, prompting a fold from bugstud. slowmo responded by pushing all in for 6,655,450 total, then jusepe236 reraised all-in over the top for more than 13.4 million. E1ephant decided not to play along any further and folded.

slowmo had A♠8♠, while jusepe236 had craftily called that first raise -- then gotten aggressive -- with K♦K♣. The board came 5♥2♣3♣2♦7♥, and jusepe236 was back in the lead while slowmo was out in fourth.

bugstud would soon improve his status, doubling through jusepe236 after flopping a set of jacks. The pair would tangle again in a hand in which bugstud was able to push jusepe236 out with an all-in flop shove, and suddenly the remaining trio were all sitting about even in chips, with all three just above or below the 15 million-chip mark.

jusepe236 pushed ahead once more, while E1ephant fell back. Then, with the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000 (Level 37), E1ephant minimum-raised to 1 million from the button, and jusepe236 called from the big blind. The flop came 8♦Q♦3♠. jusepe236 bet 1.5 million, E1ephant pushed all in for 6,782,325, and after thinking for several seconds jusepe236 made the call, turning over 5♦4♦ for a diamond flush draw. E1ephant had Q♠5♠ for top pair. The turn was the 8♠, and E1ephant remained in front, but the river brought the 7♦, shooting down E1ephant in third.

Heads Up

Heads-up play began with jusepe236 holding the advantage with 29,655,480 to bugstud's 16,784,520. On the eighth hand of heads-up, bugstud made a big call on an all-in turn bet from jusepe236 in which bugstud only held second pair, but jusepe236 was semi-bluffing with an open-ended straight draw. bugstud's pair held up, and after having entered the final table with the chip lead, bugstud once again was on top, enjoying about a 3-to-2 chip advantage over his opponent.

bugstud chipped further at jusepe236's stack over the next 60 hands, occasionally coming close to a 3-to-1 chip lead. But jusepe236 remained cool as he battled back, and as they approached the half-hour mark for their heads-up battle the pair were virtually even in chips. jusepe236 continued to push forward, moving back out over the 30 million-chip mark while bugstud slipped to under 16 million.

Then, on the 90th hand of heads-up play, 10 hours and 45 minutes after the tourney had begun, the end would come.

With the blinds up to 400,000/800,000 (Level 39), jusepe236 opened for 1.6 million from the small blind/button, and bugstud reraised all in for 15,529,040. jusepe236 quickly made the call, turning over A♦T♦ to bugstud's A♠7♠. The flop came Q♣8♠K♣, and bugstud was still looking for a seven. But the J♥ turn gave jusepe236 a straight, leaving bugstud now hoping for a ten to chop. But the river was the 4♥, and all of the chips slid into jusepe236's stack.

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Congratulations to jusepe236, Sunday Warm-Up champion!

Sunday Warm-Up Results for 11/14/10:
1st: jusepe236 ($145,712.25)
2nd: bugstud ($108,205.20)
3rd: E1ephant ($76,626)
4th: slowmo ($52,477.20)
5th: nikolai1986 ($39,474)
6th: d-mon-d ($30,186)
7th: Naropa ($20,898)
8th: Traveller99 ($11,610)
9th: marquitos74 ($7,430.40)

Check out the PokerStars tourney page for information about PokerStars' extensive line-up of tourneys -- always heating up no matter what the temperature outside.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Warm-Up