Marado86 kicks his way to 117k Sunday Warm-Up victory


The 4th of July holiday in the United States meant a smaller field than what is usually expected for the Sunday Warm-Up this afternoon. The field of 3,189 players meant an overlay of over $110,000 for the 495 players who made the money, with the winner taking down a hefty $117,750. Several members of Team PokerStars were part of the field, with Team PokerStars Online member Alvaro "VARICO" Ballesteros making a deep run in finishing 51st for $1,425. The only other Team PokerStars member to make the money was Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg, 409th for $367.50.

Ace on the River, by marado86

With the field hand-for-hand at the final table bubble, it appeared marado86 would finish 10th, when he moved in with A♣ 5♠ from the small blind for 1.3m after joemac17's 230k raise with 4♦4♠. The flop looked good for joemac17: 3♦8♣8♦, the 6♣ on the turn gave marado86 more outs, but the A♣ worked just fine to give him the double-up he needed. The final table bubble would burst at the other table, as buldermar's min-raise was followed by a shove by s0nny_bLacCk for just under 1.5m in chips. When buldermar snap-called with T♦[Ts}, s0nny_bLacCk's J♠9♠ weren't looking good, especially when the board ran out 7♣Q♠5♥9♦A♣, for the 10th place finish and more importantly for s0nny_bLacCk, $4,500 as the field was combined at lucky (for the winner) table 13 with the blinds at 50k/100k with a 10k ante.

Sunday Million 07042010.jpg

Seat 1: kashmirpoker (2047286 in chips)
Seat 2: buldermar (4320046 in chips)
Seat 3: marado86 (2628530 in chips)
Seat 4: kloris83 (6755244 in chips)
Seat 5: ImDaNuts (3855557 in chips)
Seat 6: Wing-Tsun (2180924 in chips)
Seat 7: taxidromos (2872722 in chips)
Seat 8: joemac17 (2465683 in chips)
Seat 9: Bear4rms (4764008 in chips)

joemac17 flushed away

On the fifth hand of the final table, joemac17 was hoping to get some of the chips he had lost from marado86 during final table bubble play. Another raise to 230k from joemac17, and marado86 shoved (again) from the small blind for about 2.7m in chips. A quick call followed by joemac17 with A♣K♦, while marado86 was dominated with A♠9♠. The 5♠Q♦K♠ helped both players, but the T♠ left joemac17 drawing dead. The Q♠ on the river just a footnote for the hand history as joemac7 will be wondering what he did to deserve finishing in 9th for $6,000.

ImDaNuts clips Wing-Tsun

The blinds had moved up to the 65k/130k/13k level when the next elimination took place after another two orbits of the final table. Wing-Tsun was the short stack with under 2m in chips, and shoved from under the gun with A♣Q♥. Action folded around the table until ImDaNuts double-fist pump-snapcalled with K♠K♦ from the big blind. The 6♠T♠4♠ flop left Wing-Tsun was drawing very slim. The 4♣9♦ turn and river meant an 8th place finish, good for $9,375.

Buldermar binked, broken down

The blinds had now moved up to the 80/160/16k level with buldermar third in chips, and
primed to make a move. After a raise to 344k from kashmirpoker, buldermar smooth called, followed by a three-bet from marado86 to just under 1m. kashmirpoker gets out of the way, as buldermar moves in for the rest of his stack, over 3.75m. Marado86 calls for 2.75m and can't be happy to see buldermar turn up K♣K♦, dominating marado86's J♠J♦. The 2♣T♠2♥ flop wasn't what marado86 was looking for, but the J♣ on the turn turned his frown upside down. The 9♦ gave marado86 an over 8m chip pot, taking over the chip lead from kloris83. On the very next hand, buldermar moved in the remaining chips with K♥T♥, only kloris83 would call with K♣J♣. The board came down 2♣6♠A♦Q♥[Kd}, earning buldermar $16,875 for the 7th place finish.

No Sunday Warm-up for Bear4arms

Four weeks ago, Bear4arms took down the Sunday Million for over $200,000, hoping to add another six-figure score tonight. Fifth in chips, bear4arms made a min-raise to 320k as kloris83 called from the big blind. The flop of 5♠7♠Q♥ brought a bet of 456,789 from bear4rms, followed by a raise to 2.56m from kloris, almost enough to put Bear4rms all-in. Bear4rms 3-bet the remaining 171k, and kloris83 called, turning over K♦Q♦, while Bear4rms showed A♠K♠. No further help came on the T♥ turn and 2♥ river meant a 6th place finish, good for $24,375 while kloris moved into the chip lead with nearly 10m in chips.

More chips for kloris83

Two hands later, kloris83 knocked out another player at the final table. Kashmirpoker had lost a huge 9m chip pot to ImDaNuts to fall to around 2m in chips. Seeing A♦Q♥ under the gun five-handed looked like a really good time to shove, only to see kloris83 snap-call with K♦K♠. The 9♠4♦3♠J♦3♣ board meant a 5th place finish, as kashmirpoker earned $41,875.

Let's try to make a deal

With four players remaining, the first discussion of a deal at the final table got underway with kloris83 looking to do a chip chop deal. After Team PokerStars Online's Steven Paul gave the figures for the deal ImDaNuts, 2nd in chips at the time, was asking for $100,000, well above the $82,000 that he would have been earned from the deal. After kloris83 attempted to negotiate ImDaNuts down to $90,000, a counter-offer of having the other three players give him $5,000, then $4,200, were all denied as play got underway again.

Taxidromos sent for a ride

With the blinds now at 100k/200k/20k, taxidromos eventually fell to under 10 big blinds before mounting a comeback, fueled by a double up with A♣[Ts} against ImDaNuts A♠4♦, eventually approaching the 6m chip mark to close the chip deficit against the other three players. Marado86 min-raised to 200k, followed by a call from taxidromos. The 5♠7♣8♣ led to taxidromos check-raising all-in after for 5.3m after marado86 bet 480k. Marado86 had an overpair and a gutshot straight draw with 9♣9♠, but taxidromos was looking great with 7♠7♦. However, this was marado86's tournament to win, hitting the straight as the 6♣ appeared on the turn. The Q♥ on the river mean taxidromos would drive off with $43,125 for the 4th place finish.

ImDaNuts not danuts today

With ImDaNuts success in last week's Sunday Million, along with several other big finishes at PokerStars this year, you'd figure this would be his tournament to win. With the blinds now at 125k/250k/25k, ImDaNuts briefly held the lead when play was three-handed, but fell to under 3m in chips after kloris83 rivered a straight. ImDaNuts picked up J♠T♥ in the small blind and shoved, only to find marado86 wake up with A♠A♣ in the big blind. The board was 2♦T♠9♥9♠Q♣ and ImDaNuts had to settle for 3rd place money, $61,875.

Let's try to make a deal, part 2

Heads-up play began with kloris83 holding just a 300k chip lead over marado86 when talk of an even chop and playing for the remaining $10,000 began. After a brief discussion, marado86 wanted $100,000 and kloris83 declined.

Marado86's wins with the ace-highl

After a few hands of heads-up play, kloris83 had increased their chip lead slightly, holding 17.2m in chips to marado86's 14.6m. Kloris83 made a raise from the small blind to 600k, with marado86 making the call. On a J♠4♥T♥ flop, marado86 check-raised kloris83's 750k bet to 1.95m, with kloris83 making the call. The 2♦ on the turn had marado86 betting 2.2m, as kloris83 called. The 2♠ on the river had marado86 check-calling a bet kloris83's bet of 5.5m. Kloris revealed Q♥9♠ for a busted straight draw, while marado86 showed A♦5♦ to take down a 20.55m chip pot with just ace-high. I leave it to the reader to decide how one could make such a call.

Marado86 straightens out a set to win

Facing a 4-1 chip deficit, kloris83 hung in for a few more hands, doubling up on what turned out to be the the next to last hand of the tournament, to get back up to nearly 12m in chips. The blinds were now at 150k/300k/30k and kloris in the big blind. After a min-raise to 600k, kloris83 re-raised to 1.2m as marado86 calls. On a flop of T♣7♣J♠, kloris83 leads out with a 2.1m bet, with a raise to 4.8m from marado86, followed by a 3-bet all for kloris83, with marado86 making the call. When the cards were turned over, kloris83's A♦A♥ certainly didn't feel comfortable seeing the 9♣4♣ for the gutshot and flush draws with two cards to come. The A♠ was a good card for kloris83, but the 8♥ on the river closed the book on this tournament, as kloris83 sees an additional $87,750 appear in his account, while marado86 takes down a first place prize of $117,750 to wrap up another exciting edition of the Sunday Warm-Up

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-Up results (07-04-10)>

1st marado86 (Gamsen) $117,750
2nd kloris83 (Nieuwoop) $87,750
3rd imdanuts (Las Vegas) $61,875
4th taxidromos (komotini) $43,125
5th kashmirpoker (Levanger) $31,875
6th Bear4rms (Knaresborough) $24,375
7th buldermar (Humlebæk) $16,875
8th Wing-Tsun (Otterstadt) $9,375
9th joemac17 (Coventry) $6,000