Sunday Warm-Up 10/24: Mizzi doesn't miss, wins Warm-Up


This week's edition of the Sunday Warm-Up drew a field of 4,786 entrants, creating a guarantee-busting prize pool of $957,200, with 720 players making the money after Kameleont busted out on the bubble. When the tournament was over, it'd be a well-known name in online and live play taking down the top prize of nearly $150,000.

PokerStars Pro players who cashed in today's Sunday Warm-Up: Team PokerStars Online player Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc (below, 55th), Team Nordics Pro Johnny Lodden (168th), Team PokerStars Online player Andre Brito "acoimbra" Coimbra (593rd) and Team Netherlands Pro Joep "Pappe_Ruk" van den Bijgaart (615th)


Hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble would not take long, as the 10th and 11th place finishers were out in nearly consecutive hands. Focusing on the 10th place finisher, the blinds were at 80,000/160,000 with an ante of 16,000 when John Mckoeur opened with a raise to 328,585 with 6♥6♣. Action folded to OMGitshunt in the big blind, shoving with A♠5♠ for 1,643,493 as John Mckoeur made the call. The flop came down 6♦ K♦ 4♣ giving John Mckoeur a set, leaving OMGitshunt drawing to a runner-runner straight. The 7♦ on the turn gave OMGitshunt an open-ended straight draw, but the J♥ on the river had OMGitshunt collecting $5,695.34 leaving the remaining players to surround the final table and their chip counts:

10-24-10 Sunday Warmup FT.jpg

Seat 1: OU THE NICK (4,984,680 in chips)
Seat 2: Brendy88 (5,770,817 in chips)
Seat 3: mizarkshzark (4,034,979 in chips)
Seat 4: Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi (11,684,982 in chips)
Seat 5: clunged (2,438,997 in chips)
Seat 6: alainliam (1,918,763 in chips)
Seat 7: Inf3rnal (3,393,274 in chips)
Seat 8: innamon (3,268,030 in chips)
Seat 9: John Mckoeur (10,365,478 in chips)

Clunged was the first player to exit the final table, finishing in 9th for $7,657.60., Here's how the action went in a three-way pot with two players all-in on the hand:

The first hand after the hourly break saw innamon take 8th place, cashing for $11,965.00. The blinds were now at 100,000/200,000 with an ante of 20,000 in innamon's final hand, opening from UTG to 445,000 with Q♠Q♦. Brendy88 re-raised to 887,766, which was followed by Mizzi making the four-bet shove all-in holding A♣Q♥. Innamon made the call, while Brendy88 got out of the way. Unfortunately for innamon, the flop was not kind: J♦ A♥ 6♣, leaving innamon drawing to the remaining queen, which didn't come on the 8♥ turn and 2♦ river.

Mizzi would come from behind again to eliminate Inf3rnal in 7th place. After doubling up Brendy88 the hand before (TT v 88), action had folded around to Mizzi, shoving from the button with Q♥9♦, called by Inf3rnal in the big blind with A♦7♥. The flop was 7♣ 8♣ K♦ as Inf3rnal remained in the lead. However, the 9♥ on the turn moved Mizzi into the lead, which held when the river was the J♣, sending Inf3rnal to the rail with $21,537 in additional monies.

A few hands later, mizarkshzark was dispatched in 6th place, falling victim to John Mckoeur. The hand began with Mizzi min-raising to 400,000, as John Mckoeur called. From the big blind, mizrakshzark shoved from the big blind for their remaining 6,095,502 in chips, holding J♥J♠. While Mizzi folded, John Mckoeur was happy to make the call, holding A♥A♦. The board ran out K♥ 8♦ 6♣ A♠ 7♠, giving mizarkshzark $31,109 to add some bite to the bankroll.

With play now five-handed, the blinds were now at 125,000/250,000 with an ante of 25,000 when a short-stacked OU THE NICK shoved for 1,887,701 from the button with T♣6♦, and only Mizzi called from the big blind with Q♣J♣. Five cards later, the board showed 2♣ 3♣ 9♦ Q♠ 4♠, as OU THE NICK seat was vacated, earning $40,681 for 5th place.

On the following hand, a blind v blind confrontation went wrong for alainliam, earning $54,081.80 in 4th place. Action folded to Mizzi in the small blind with A♣5♣, open-shoving as alainliam called from the big blind with 3♣3♦. The flop was 6♠ 9♣ K♦, the turn was the 9♦, meaning Mizzi could win with any ace, five, six or king. The 6♣ on the river counterfeited alainliam's hand, sent to the rail as Mizzi added to his chip lead.

The blinds had now increased to 150,000/300,000 with a 30,000 ante with the three remaining players having at least 40 big blinds. That didn't mean the action slowed down as Brendy88 departed in 3rd place a few hands later. Brendy88 raised to 605,544, Mizzi re-raised to 1,734,500 and after John Mckoeur folded, Brendy88 moved in for 12,219,143 with K♦J♠. Mizzi called with 8♦8♣ and the race was on. The board revealed to the table 7♥ A♦ 5♦ 3♣ 4♥ as Mizzi's pair was much the best, as Brendy88 picked up $78,969 for the 3rd place finish.

Heads-up play between John Mckoeur and Mizzi went a bit longer than expected, as the first seven eliminations had happened in such a short period of time. Mizzi maintained the lead through most of the heads-up play, eventually holding about a 3 to 2 chip lead when the final hand was played. The blinds were at 200,000/400,000 with an ante of 40,000. John Mckoeur min-raised to 800,000 as Mizzi re-raised to 2,450,000 as John Mckoeur made the call. The flop was Q♥ 4♠ K♠ with Mizzi leading out with a bet to 2,730,000 as John Mckoeur called. The A♥ on the turn went check-check, with the 4♥ on the river leading Mizzi to move all-in. John Mckoeur gave it some thought, eventually using some of his time bank before making the call, revealing K♥8♠ for two pair. However Mizzi rolled over 8♥2♥ for a rivered flush, and all of the chips. John Mckoeur wound up with $111,513.80 for the runner-up finish, while Mizzi added $149,737.10
to his long list of tournament cashes.

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10/24/2010 Sunday Warm-Up Final Table Results:

1st: Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi $149,713.10
2nd: John Mckoeur $111,513.80
3rd: Brendy88 $78,969.00
4th: alainliam $54,081.80
5th: OU THE NICK $40,681.00
6th: mizarkshzark $31,109.00
7th: Inf3ernal $21,537.00
8th: innamon $11,965.00
9th: clunged $7,657.60