Sunday Warm-up: Chris1804 wins Sunday Warm-up and $132K in 2010

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgMaybe I'll admit a bit a jealousy hearing the stories of the temperatures being reported out at the Atlantis Resort and Casino as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure kicks into high gear starting tomorrow and continues for ten days until a new champion is crowned (click here to see the payouts from Poorya Nazari's victory in the PCA Main Event last year). With nearly 50 events going on someone needs to stay behind in the sub-arctic temperatures to report on the tournaments that many players going to the PCA have taken a good chuck of money from. Like tonight's $750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up which creeps ever closer to hitting the $1 million prize pool, with 4,809 runner putting up their $215 buy-ins this evening for a shot at the $150,456.75 (yes this would cover any attempt to get to the PCA and buy a few drinks by the pool if you were not fortunate enough to qualify during the last chance satellites this past week).

With 720 players taking money from the $961,800.00 prize pool there was a little matter of getting to the final table starting with the final two tables:

looshle combined the 3rd and 4th place stacks with 11 players left to crest the eight figure mark. With the blinds at 50K/100K ante 10K both players started the hand with over 40 big blinds, LottoMartin made a button raise to 247,650 and looshle in the small blind 3-bet to 686,868. LottoMartin then pumped up the pot size by shoving all-in for over four million chips with J♣A♣. looshle covered by a little over two million and called with pocket nines 9♣9♦. The race would end in with a straight for looshle on the 6♥ 7♦ Q♥ 8♥ T♦ to set up hand-for-hand play.

In one of the shortest bubbles in my memory for the Sunday Warm-up, it only took eight hands to set up the final table. With the blinds still at 50K/100K ante 10K play started with chip leading looshle raising UTG to 222,222 chips. Folded around to IveGotToeJam who would raise to 654,500 in the big blind. Undeterred, looshle would quickly shove with pocket aces A♣A♠ as IveGotToeJam made a similarly quick call holding a very dominated suited big slick K♥A♥. The two heart flop 4♠ Q♥ 2♥ gave some pause for excitement from a very active rail, but two black cards came down on the turn 6♣ and river 8♠ as IveGotToeJam who banked $128,805 placing 3rd in the Sunday Million a little over a month ago (read the write up here) would take home $5,722.71 as the bubble boy tonight.


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Seat 1: P0ker D0h (6468211 in chips)
Seat 2: Slambamiel (2641404 in chips)
Seat 3: Narya77 (3602008 in chips)
Seat 4: Chris1804 (7288793 in chips)
Seat 5: looshle (13627602 in chips)
Seat 6: coroco75 (4075282 in chips)
Seat 7: mariano185 (4484272 in chips)
Seat 8: WacKyJaxon (2094940 in chips)
Seat 9: BFITM17 (3807488 in chips)

looshle came into the final table as the big chip leader with nearly double the chips of Chris1804 and P0ker D0h. An early start to the final table this evening as blinds just flipped up to 65K/130K ante 13K and all players are starting with nearly twenty big blinds.

No big action happened in the first final table blind level but as the blinds increased to 80K/160K ante 16K we had back-to-back eliminations. As if looshle didn't have enough chips he made the mistake of getting those chips in good yet again (that's internet sarcasm hard at work folks). This time P0ker D0h would start the action from mid-position with a raise to 400K as Narya77 would shove 3.3 million chips from the cutoff with pocket nines 9♦9♠. looshle sat content in the small blind trying to look over the 13 million chips in his stack and managed to peak down at pocket tens T♠T♥ and made the call. P0ker D0h got out of the way to watch looshle hit a set on the 4♠ J♠ T♣ flop. Needing running cards Narya77 caught the 5♠ instead making the river 2♥ moot and $7,694.00 for ninth place was transferred over.

looshle with a stack that now stood at 17.7 million nearly three times that of second place Chris1804 would not take place in the next hand. WacKyJaxon and mariano185 did however, as last place WacKyJaxon put in 1.7 million chips from the UTG leaving 66K behind as the action passed around to mariano185 in the big blind who held big slick A♦K♦ and got WacKyJaxon to put in the last of those chips with pocket tens T♦T♥. This time big slick would score on the 4♠ 2♣ A♠ Q♦ J♦ board as mariano185 took down the 3.8 million chip pot sending WacKyJaxon home in eight place ($12,022.50).

Play again would stagnate until another big preflop confrontation took place between second in chips Chris1804 and coroco75. With the blinds still at 80K/160K ante 16K Chris1804 would lead off the betting from the cutoff with a raise to 360K, as coroco75 made a move from the small blind shoving for 4.1 million chips holding pocket jacks J♦J♥. Chris1804 had a solid A♦Q♠ and made the call creating a 8.5 million chip pot. No right or wrong way to play pocket jacks as they were doomed on the flop as Chris1804 would flop a pair of queens and have it hold on the 4♠ 5♥ Q♣ 7♣ 5♦ board to knock out coroco75 in seventh place ($21,640.50).

A short time later the rich got richer as the two big stacks played a seven figure game of chicken pre-flop. With the blinds up to 100K/200K ante 20K Chris1804 would min-raise from the button as looshle 3-bet to 1,222,222 from the small blind as mariano185 wanted nothing to do this battle in the big blind and folded quickly. Chris1804 thought for a bit and pushed out a 4-bet to 2.6 million trying to get looshle put his car full of chips in the ditch, but looshle showed no fear in 5-betting all-in putting Chris1804's tournament life on the line. It would be Chris1804 who bowed the pressure and gave up with 5.5 million chip pot to looshle who now had over 20 million chips.

Just as the blinds moved to 125K/250K ante 25K, shortstacked Slambamiel took aim at snagging the blinds away from the two chip kings by shoving with A♦5♠ from the button for 2.7 million chips. It wouldn't even get past Chris1804 who's icon blinked once before calling with J♣A♠ as looshle was content with other people getting chips for once. No ooh's and ahh's on the T♠ 9♦ 2♥ T♥ 8♥ and Slambamiel was knocked out in sixth place ($31,258.50).

In the very next hand, looshle felt left out watching Chris1804 haul in that 5.8 million chip pot, so he decided to pick on BFITM17. After BFITM17 led off UTG with a raise to 522,222 both Chris1804 and looshle would call to see a coordinated 8♥ T♥ 7♠ flop. looshle in the blinds would check as would BFITM17 as Chris1804 tried to steal the pot on the button with a bet of 765,000. looshle came out quickly with a check-raise to 2,333,333. Action continued to pile on as BFITM17 also check-raised, this time all-in to 5.6 million as Chris1804 folded but looshle holding the nut flush draw and a open ended straight draw with A♥9♥ made the call creating a 13.9 million chip pot. BFITM17 like those others who tried to face looshle held one pip short with the second nut flush draw K♥J♥. Neither player hit anything on the Q♠ turn and 3♠ as looshle's stack bloated to 30 million chips and BFITM17 was out in fifth place ($40,876.50).

Two dozen hands later with the blinds still at 125K/250K ante 25K, it was shortstacked mariano185 attempting a double-up against the chip leader. Different hands, same results. mariano185 would shove 2.2 million chips UTG with pocket eights 8♥8♠ as looshle sitting in the big blind would make the call with A♦J♦. The Q♦ T♣ 5♦ flop hit looshle hard, inside royal flush draw and still two overcards to hit. One of those would come down as looshle hit the jack on the J♠ and sealed the deal on the Q♣ river. Lost coin flip meant $54,341.70 was coming BFITM17's way for the fourth place finish.

Domination? Check out the chip counts at the start of three-handed play.

Seat 1: P0ker D0h (3016097 in chips)
Seat 4: Chris1804 (8017874 in chips)
Seat 5: looshle (37056029 in chips)

Chris1804 would trim a 12.5 million chip pot off looshle after the chip leader was looking at a board showing J♠ 9♠ 7♥ T♠ 2♠ and facing an all-in bet of 5.7 million. There was no answer as the chip leader folded and 12 million chips took their place into Chris1804's stack.

P0ker D0h would manage one small double up but as the blinds moved up to 150K/300K ante 30K the shortstack would succumb to the big stacks sitting across the virtual felt. After looshle folded the button, P0ker D0h shoved 3.4 million chips from the small blind with 6♠K♣. But Chris1804 had a decent ace A♦T♣ and plenty of chips to make the call. Both would make two pair on the Q♥ 7♦ A♥ 6♣ 7♥ board but with aces up Chris1804 eliminated P0ker D0h in third place ($79,348.50) setting up the heads up match below:

Seat 4: Chris1804 (18302790 in chips)
Seat 5: looshle (29787210 in chips)

Immediately looshle extended an olive branch to deal for the remaining prize pool. Thanks to the MC for the evening Team PokerStars Pro Nuno Coelho there was an equally quick agreement to the below figures leaving $10,000.00 on the table to play for:

looshle: $129,645.18
Chris1804: $122,861.27

Heads-up play went mostly in one direction and that was Chris1804's chip stack. Starting with the biggest pot of the tournament seven hands into heads-up play as Chris1804 would min-raise from the button. looshle followed that up with a 3-bet to 1,777,777 as Chris1804 flat-called to see the A♦ A♥ 9♣ flop. Both would check for the 5♣ to drop on the turn as looshle bet 1,777,777 again but was raised to 4.8 million by Chris1804. This time it was looshle making the flat call for the 3♣ river as looshle seemed ready to concede the hand by checking. But, Chris1804 wasn't done as a push for 11.9 million came out. Time was called as looshle also called holding 9♦6♦ not believing Chris1804 could have an ace, but there was one right next to the queen in his hand Q♣A♠. With trip aces Chris1804 raked in the big pot knocking looshle down to 10 million chips.

About thirty hands later it was all over. With looshle hanging on to 7.3 million to 40.6 million chips for Chris1804 the Sunday Warm-up title would come down to a river decision once again. With the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 40K Chris1804 would call from the button as looshle checked his option to see the 2♦ 4♣ A♥ flop. looshle checked as Chris1804 would min bet and get called. 8♦ on the turn got another check from looshle and another bet, this time 1.2 million from Chris1804 along with another call. 3♥ on the river again looshle checked yet again only see Chris1804 bet enough (5.6 million) to put him all in. Holding second pair 8♠K♥ looshle would make the call and find out again that Chris1804 was holding the ace, this time with a jack kicker J♣A♠. And as the last 14.7 million chips slid to Chris1804, looshle counted the $129,645.18 he just received from the chop agreement for the runner-up finish.

Overcoming a massive chip leader, Chris1804 carried home the extra $10,000.00 for $132,861.27 and the title of Sunday Warm-up champion!

Be sure to check out later this week for commentary with hole cards on tonight's final table.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up Results (01-03-10)
(*denotes part of two-way chop)
1. Chris1804 (Stößen) *$132,861.27
2. looshle (Thompson) *$129,645.18
3. P0ker D0h (madison) $79,348.50
4. mariano185 (Nijmegen) $54,341.70
5. BFITM17 (Bangor) $40,876.50
6. Slambamiel (Surrey) $31,258.50
7. coroco75 (brasov) $21,640.50
8. WacKyJaxon (Vilnius) $12,022.50
9. Narya77 (Nijmegen) $7,694.40

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up