2/13/11 Sunday Warm-Up: tytkto takes it down

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgOn this day before Valentine's Day, a total of 5,165 players showed up for the Sunday Warm-Up, together creating a lovely prize pool of $1,033,000, well exceeding the tourney's $750K guarantee. The top 765 finishers were due to split those riches, with the one left standing at the end due to earn $161,592.19 barring any final table deals.

For a $215 buy-in, that's one sweetheart of a return!

It took a little over four hours to reach the cash, with Claret1 being the unfortunate 766th-place finisher. At that point thesye1 and Zaorco led the way, both with a little over 300,000, marroca5 was in third with a little less than that, and MrNebula, nutzho, Ray1284, and bonini4 were all right there hovering around the 250,000-chip mark.

Tracking Team PokerStars

Five members of Team PokerStars remained once the payouts began: Anders "Donald" Berg (Team Online), Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby (Czech Republic), Vadim Markushevski (Russia), winner of last week's Sunday Warm-Up Liv Boeree (UK & Ireland), and the newest team member Shane "shaniac" Schleger (Team Online).

Of those five, Markushevski was the first to put his tourney life at risk. Down to 20 big blinds, Markushevski decided to shove-ski with J♠T♥ only to run into LukeFromB13's A♣K♠. The board ran out 3♦T♠K♣Q♦5♦, and Markushevski was eliminated in 653rd place, good for $330.56.

Shortly after that, Boeree had slipped to less than 10 big blinds when she reraised all in following an opening min-raise from DBL BOGEY101. Her opponent called, showing K♥Q♦ to her pocket tens. A queen flopped and last week's Warm-Up winner couldn't catch up. Boeree had to settle for 524th place this week and $361.55.

A little while later a series of back-and-forthing between Anders "Donald" Berg and WL Forever on a seven-high flop ended with Berg all in with 8♣7♣ but behind WL Forever who had an overpair of tens. The tens held, and Berg was out in 403rd ($402.87).

The tourney had reached the five-and-a-half-hour mark when Shane "shaniac" Schleger, down to less than six big blinds, reraised all in with pocket jacks and was called by dappadan777 who held K♦Q♥. A king landed on the flop, and two cards later Schleger was out in 205th ($578.48).


Shane "shaniac" Schleger, Team Online

About a half-hour later, Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby became the final member of Team PokerStars to hit the rail after his K♦T♥ failed to outrace highlite11's pocket nines. Hruby finished in 153rd place, earning $774.75 for about six hours' work.

From 152 to 9

At that point 152 players remained, with four of those having crested the one-million chip mark. too123456 sat atop the counts with about 1.31 million, followed by BruceWizayne with just under 1.23 million, King 2307 with nearly 1.22 million, and Cairns1987 with 1.11 million.

Over the next two hours the field shrunk to 33 players, with SantaZzz, marroca5, and aramesko out in front. Among those cashing out during the interim were Danny "THE__D__RY" Ryan in 141st ($826.40), Matt "ADZ124" Marafioti in 123rd ($929.70), mistakooll in 112th ($981.35), Billy "Patrolman35" Kopp in 86th ($1,280.92), ozenc in 83rd ($1,280.92), NYC P.I.M.P. in 60th (1,704.45), BruceWizayne in 45th ($2,045.34), and Owen "ocrowe" Crowe in 44th ($2,045.34).

It took another 45 minutes for the field to be whittled to 18. With two tables left, DimaDima13 was in front with nearly 6.7 million, followed by outragous76 with 4.8 million and geosolon with 4.63 million.

About a half-hour after that they were down to 10 when SantaZzz lost a heartbreaker of a hand against aramesko. All in before the flop with T♥T♠ against SantaZzz's A♥A♠, aramesko flopped a ten and survived by winning a 5.34 million-plus chip pot.

Shortly afterwards SantaZzz was all in himself with A♦Q♠ versus DimaDima13's pocket jacks, but couldn't catch an ace or queen and finished in 10th place, earning $6,146.35.

After nearly nine-and-a-half hours of play, the final table was set.


Seat 1: QueeeenDeuce -- 2,728,948
Seat 2: Drateks -- 7,456,511
Seat 3: DimaDima13 -- 7,431,271
Seat 4: tytkto -- 10,916,128
Seat 5: MakeMeMaster -- 4,686,496
Seat 6: aramesko -- 4,496,046
Seat 7: Broose51 -- 2,795,664
Seat 8: outragous76 -- 2,290,264
Seat 9: ziggy47 -- 8,848,672

With nine left tytkto enjoyed the chip lead with nearly 11 million with ziggy47 the nearest foe with a little less than 8.85 million. The blinds were already up to 125,000/250,000, meaning the short stacks were likely to be shoving shortly.

From 9 to 2

The first of those short stacks to take the plunge would be outragous76, not quite one orbit into the final table. After aramesko opened with a raise to 500,800 from early position, outragous76 reraised all in for 1,740,264 total, and it folded back to aramesko who quickly made the call. outragous76 had a nice hand -- A♦K♠ -- but aramesko had the nicest one with A♥A♠. The board came Q♥3♠6♥7♠K♣, and outragous76's seat was the first one to vanish from the final table as he hit the rail in ninth.

The remaining eight traded chips for another 30 hands, during which time the blinds increased to 200,000/400,000. A hand then arose in which all folded to QueeeenDeuce who open-raised all in for 1,978,948 from the cutoff and got one caller in tytkto from the big blind. tytkto had A♦5♥, while QueeeenDeuce needed help with J♦4♦. But the five community cards came 5♠7♣3♣3♥3♦, giving tytkto treys full of fives and bouncing QueeeenDeuce in eighth.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" typed tytkto, presumably indicating pleasure with how things had proceeded thus far at the final table. With seven left, tytkto enjoyed the chip lead with more than 16 million, nearly twice the stack of second-place DimaDima13.

The tourney crossed the ten-hour mark, and soon Drateks was pushing all in from middle position for 4,176,511 (a little over 10 big blinds). DimaDima13, sitting to Drateks' left, quickly called, and the others folded. Both had big pairs, but DimaDima13's K♥K♦ was bigger than Drateks' J♣J♥. Five cards later -- 5♥9♣T♦A♠A♣ -- Drateks was out in seventh, and just like that, DimaDima13 had nudged out in front of tytkto with six left.

As it happened those two were on a collision course, with short-stacked Broose51 about to become collateral damage amid the wreckage.

With the blinds up to 250,000/500,000, Broose51 got things going with an all-in shove from early position for 3,451,328. DimaDima13 called the raise from the button, and tytkto came along as well from the small blind, making the pot more than 11 million before the flop came 9♦T♦9♠. Both tytkto and DimaDima13 checked. The turn then brought the J♥ and another check from tytkto. This time DimaDima13 bet 3,699,999, and after pausing a bit tytkto made the call.

The river was the 9♥, putting a third nine on board. tytkto waited a moment, then checked, and after a few more seconds passed DimaDima13 shoved all in. tytkto quickly called with his last 6,939,549, showing J♦J♠ for jacks full of nines. DimaDima13 had T♥T♣, having flopped a full house, too, before getting outdrawn. DimaDima13 was suddenly down to just over 2.3 million, while Broose51 -- third-best in the hand with 3♥3♣ -- hit the rail in sixth place.

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No chatbox exclamations this time from tytkto, although there was good reason. With five left, tytkto had more than 32.4 million -- well over half of the chips in play -- with ziggy47 in a distant second with 8.55 million. And soon enough, it would be just those two.

The next elimination came when MakeMeMaster open-shoved from the small blind with K♣5♥ and aramesko, waiting in the BB with 9♦9♥, called with his remaining 2,367,820. The board came Q♥A♠K♦8♣T♦, pairing MakeMeMaster's king and sending aramesko out in fifth.

A couple of quick orbits later, ziggy47 open-raised all in from UTG and DimaDima13 called from the button with the 3,355,414 he had left. ziggy47 had K♥K♦, while DimaDima13 was looking for an ace with A♥T♣. None came on the 8♠T♦J♣8♦2♥ board, however, and DimaDima13 was eliminated in fourth.

On the very next hand, tytkto opened for 1,125,000 from the button and MakeMeMaster reraised all in for 8,805,406 from the small blind. ziggy47 got out, and tytkto called the raise, showing 2♥2♦ to MakeMeMaster's A♣7♦. Those mighty ducks would hold, as the next five came Q♠3♣8♣3♦5♣, sending MakeMeMaster out in third.

Heads-Up Play

tytkto had a commanding lead to start heads-up play, with 41,785,779 to ziggy47's 9,864,221. That didn't prevent ziggy47 from asking "even chop?" as the first hand was dealt. tytkto didn't go for that, but was willing to talk, and the tourney was paused to discuss a possible deal.

After a bit of negotiating, the pair agreed to terms, with ziggy47 ultimately getting a bit more than the "chip chop" numbers indicated. With $10,000 still left to play for, the tourney resumed.

ziggy47 chipped back a bit, pushing up close to 16 million to tytkto's 35.6 million during the first 10 hands of heads-up. Then, as the tourney clock crossed the ten-and-a-half-hour mark, the final hand took place.

It began quietly with ziggy47 limping from the small blind/button, completing to 500,000, and tytkto checking behind. The flop came Q♥A♥8♠. tytkto checked, ziggy47 bet the minimum -- 500,000 -- and tytkto called. The turn brought the 4♦. tytkto checked again, and this time ziggy47 fired out 1,111,111. tytkto once more made the call.

The river card was dealt, the Q♣, pairing the board. Once again, tytkto checked. ziggy47 bet 2.5 million, and tytkto responded by reraising all in. ziggy47 made the call.

As it happened, the river had brought an action card, giving both players trip queens. But tytkto had Q♠T♦ to ziggy47's Q♦7♣, meaning tytkto had the better kicker. And all the chips.

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Congratulations to tytkto, winner of this week's Sunday Warm-Up!

Sunday Warm-Up results for 2/13/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: tytkto ($151,936.69)*
2nd: ziggy47 ($130,000.00)*
3rd: MakeMeMaster ($85,222.50)
4th: DimaDima13 ($58,364.50)
5th: aramesko ($43,902.50)
6th: Broose51 ($33,572.50)
7th: Drateks ($23,242.50)
8th: QueeeenDeuce ($12,912.50)
9th: outragous76 ($8,264.00)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Warm-Up