omalos owns 7/31/11 Sunday Warm-Up title

new_sunday_warmup_thumb.PNGThe last Sunday Warm-Up of July saw a total of 3,274 players join the fun, together building a handsome prize pool of $654,800 (well above the tourney's $500K guarantee). The top 495 finishers divided the loot, with $102,804.86 potentially due the winner barring any final table deals.

It took about four-and-a-half hours for the money bubble to burst, at which point star_panos led the way approaching the 500,000-chip mark. star_panos would catch a rush shortly after to push way up over 830,000 -- more than twice the nearest competitor at the time.

Over the next hour players continued to hit the rail, among them Anders "Donald" Berg of Team PokerStars Online (419th, $314.30), Jonathan Duhamel of Team PokerStars Canada (343rd, $340.49), Theo Jorgensen of Team PokerStars Denmark (284th, $392.88), and Malta resident Marcel Luske of Team PokerStars Netherlands (268th, $425.62).


Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske

That left just Toni Judet of Romania to represent Team PokerStars, but shortly after the six-hour mark Judet would run pocket queens into Feitsch's pair of cowboys to go out in 129th ($785.76).

At the six-and-a-half hour mark 100 players remained, with OU THE NICK in first with more than 1.1 million and BMW 330XD and Tomascibak the closest with just over 900,000 each.

An hour later the field had been halved to 50, with star_panos among the eliminated, having gone out in 53rd ($1,244.12). OU THE NICK still led the way with more than 1.75 million with JeanGrae just few thousand behind and mtvdeum in third with just over 1.38 million

Over the next 90 minutes, OU THE NICK would drop back to the middle of the pack while omalos and abeainy pushed out over 5 million and to the top of the counts. Then with 11 left Päffchen scored a double knockout, sending out Aduobe4 in 11th and leplusbeau in 10th (both of whom earned $3,928.80). The final table was set.


Seat 1: OU THE NICK -- 4,463,080
Seat 2: omalos -- 5,556,559
Seat 3: kharak -- 2,435,732
Seat 4: Jossel2008 -- 1,992,134
Seat 5: JeanGrae -- 4,050,215
Seat 6: BMW 330XD -- 1,492,720
Seat 7: Päffchen -- 6,619,909
Seat 8: abeainy -- 5,262,771
Seat 9: BOOOOMMMMMMM -- 866,880

That double-KO catapulted Päffchen over 6.6 million and into the chip lead, with omalos, abeainy, and OU THE NICK not too far behind. Meanwhile BOOOOMMMMMMM was the final table's short stack, and with the blinds up to 65,000/130,000 blinds he would have to push those chips soon.

Not surprisingly, it would take just a half-dozen hands before BOOOOMMMMMMM was open-raising all in from middle position for his last 597,880. He'd get one caller in Jossel2008 from the small blind. BOOOOMMMMMMM showed A♥6♠ and would need help versus Jossel2008's A♠9♥. But the board came K♦9♦5♥5♦K♣, and BOOOOMMMMMMM's tourney run had finally blown up in ninth.

Not long after it was Jossel2008 opening for 274,300 from middle position, then BMW 330XD reraised all in from the big blind for 759,096. Jossel2008 called, showing 9♣8♣ to BMW 330WD's A♠7♦. The flop came 3♠9♦Q♠, pairing Jossel2008, and after the 2♣ turn and 5♥ river BMW 330XD was driven away in eighth.

With seven left, Päffchen still held the chip lead with just under 6 million, although omalos, kharak, and JeanGrae were all close behind. Soon a huge hand developed between Päffchen and kharak, resulting in a major shift in chips.

The blinds had moved to 80,000/160,000 when Päffchen opened with a minimum-raise to 320,000 from UTG+1. It folded around to kharak who made it 822,000 to go from the small blind, forcing out Jossel2008 in the BB. Päffchen responded with a reraise to 1,655,909, then kharak shoved all in for 5,328,188. Päffchen called, turning over Q♣Q♥. kharak showed J♣J♦.

The community cards came 9♥A♦7♣3♣A♣, meaning kharak had been cut down in seventh. Meanwhile, Päffchen's chip stack had suddenly ballooned to more than 10.9 million, about twice his nearest foe with six left.

Soon the blinds were 100,000/200,000 when omalos raised to 400,000 from UTG. It folded back to abeainy in the small blind who shoved all in for 1,889,772. OU THE NICK folded in the big blind, and omalos called, turning over A♠J♦. abeainy had was ahead before the flop with 7♥7♣, but the board ran out J♠9♠9♥8♠J♥, giving omalos a full house and bouncing abeainy in sixth.

Four hands later JeanGrae was opening with a min-raise to 400,000 from the button, then OU THE NICK reraised all in from the big blind for 5,085,498. JeanGrae instacalled, showing A♦A♥, while OU THE NICK tabled 5♣5♦.

The flop came 3♣T♦4♣ and JeanGrae's rockets remained best. The 6♥ turn brought some straight outs for OU THE NICK. Then came the river -- the 7♠! Aces cracked, JeanGrae's tourney ground to a sudden halt with a fifth-place elimination.

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The remaining four battled for a short while, during which period omalos, OU THE NICK, and Päffchen gradually evened out with all three sitting between 9 and 10 million and Jossel2008 hovering around 4.5 million. After some chat all four agreed to look at the "chip chop" numbers which at the time were presented as follows: omalos $70,405.29; OU THE NICK $69,486.23; Päffchen $68,348.43; Jossel2008 $52,848.33 (leaving $10,000 for the winner).

Most were amenable, but Jossel2008 said he preferred ICM (independent chip model) numbers which he calculated would give him about $2,000 more than would this deal. Päffchen was willing to bend a little and give Jossel2008 some more, but OU THE NICK was not and play soon resumed.

Just four hands later, omalos min-raised to 500,000 from the button and Jossel2008 shoved all in for 4,100,950 from the small blind. Päffchen then reraised all in over the top from the big blind, and omalos stepped aside. Päffchen showed A♦K♦ and Jossel2008 T♥8♥. The board came 4♣5♥4♠3♥6♦, and Jossel2008 was tossed out in fourth.

The remaining trio immediately asked for the "chip chop" numbers to be produced again, all liked what they saw, and a deal was struck. Play resumed with the extra $10,000 still on the table for the eventual winner.

Those three fought back and forth for about 20 minutes, during which time the blinds rose to 150,000/300,000. Then came a hand in which OU THE NICK opened from the button for 600,012, then omalos reraised to 1.72 million from the small blind. Päffchen folded, and OU THE NICK shoved all in for 7,603,222 total.

omalos tanked for several seconds, then finally called, showing A♠8♦. It was a good call, as OU THE NICK had A♣5♦. The board ran out Q♣Q♠7♠9♠6♣ and OU THE NICK was outkicked and thus eliminated in third.

Heads-up began with omalos enjoying a small lead with 17,699,965 to Päffchen's 15,040,035. They battled for more than 15 minutes, during which time omalos gradually increased his chip advantage to better than 3-to-1. Then, on the 43rd hand of heads up -- and just over 11 hours after the tourney's first hands -- the final hand was dealt.

The blinds were 200,000/400,000. omalos opened to 800,000 from the small blind/button, and Päffchen jammed for 7,814,104. omalos called quickly, turning over T♥T♣, while Päffchen had 8♠7♠. The five community cards came Q♠K♣3♦8♥3♣, and omalos had all the chips.

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Congratulations to omalos, this week's Sunday Warm-Up champion!

Sunday Warm-Up results for 7/31/11 (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: omalos ($82,314.51)*
2nd: Päffchen ($78,901.71)*
3rd: OU THE NICK ($72,221.06)*
4th: Jossel2008 ($37,651)
5th: JeanGrae ($27,829)
6th: abeainy ($21,281)
7th: kharak ($14,733)
8th: BMW 330XD ($8,185)
9th: BOOOOMMMMMMM ($5,238.40)

Tomorrow is August. That means September is next. And you know what September means... WCOOP! Click here for information about the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker, the web's biggest annual poker tournament series!

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Warm-Up