Sunday Warm-up: honest abeainy wins $105K after win

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgSix a.m. and they could not wait any longer. We could hear the kids wanting to get out of their room to see if the Easter Bunny dropped a few eggs around the house. Purple and yellow for the girl, blue and orange for the boy as the easy eggs were collected along with the chocolate bunny that failed to get into the freezer with its ears intact. While my kids collected quarters and dollars inside their eggs, 3,364 players in tonight's Sunday Warm-up were looking for some bricks of cash inside theirs. After checking in with a $215 buy-in, 495 of those players would walk away with a return on their investment as the kids treated me by sleeping all afternoon. $105,630.68 sat at the final table for one lucky player who collected the most eggs or chips in this case.

Several Team PokerStars players would find enough chips in their basket to take home a slice of the $500,000 guarantee busting prize pool. Juan Pastor 426th place ($322.94), Angel Guillen 400th place ($329.67), Juan Maceiras // 354th place ($349.85), Pierre "Zoutechamp" Neuville 343rd place ($349.85), Richard "Tzen1" Veenman 223rd place $504.60, Matthias de Meulder 217th place ($504.60), Kristian "CharismA3" Martin 185th place ($605.52) all busted before Romania's Toni Judet.

During the fourth hour Team PokerStars pro Toni Judet's name was found second in chips but near the seventh hour of play with 50 players left Toni would run into a game-stopping three-way hand. Watch the massive 1.4 million chip pot with blinds at 12.5K/25K ante 2.5K below:

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Folded to CMoosepower in the cutoff, he would shove for 255,343 chips as Judet in the small blind over-shoved for 605,284 total. PRO UFA looking down at pocket queens Q♠Q♦ covered both players and just needed to dodge aces, kings, and hearts as Judet showed J♥A♠ and CMoosepower further behind with K♥9♥. All over by the turn as PRO UFA flopped the set 8♠ Q♣ 2♣ 4♥ 9♠ as CMoosepower finished in 51st place ($1,278.32) and Toni Judet took home 50th place money ($1,278.32).


Toni Judet 50th place

PRO UFA would parlay those chips into an even deeper run, finishing up in 16th place after failing to get pocket jacks pass the AQo of oogb, collecting $2,018.40 for the effort. The action went quickly down to 11 players as 11th and our bubble boy busted out in back-to-back bad beat hands. With the blinds at 40K/80K ante 8K, ALKADYPA opened to 160,995 as Jabracada three-bet from the button to 241,990. A very confident puan29 shoved from the small bet for 882,556 as it folded back to Jabracada who made the call with T♠K♠. Pocket aces A♦A♠ for puan29 may have cringed after the 9♥ J♦ 6♣ flop gave Jabracada some life with a gutshot draw. You see where this is going, right? Q♣ on the turn made the straight and the 4♥ moot on the river as puan29 took a seat in 11th place ($4,036.80).

The very next hand chip leader by a generous amount was trying to bully oogb out of his big blind from the small blind. Shoving for 6.8 million with 4♦8♠ ALKADYPA just wanted the blinds, nice and quietly, instead oogb made the call holding the dominate 4♥A♣. Like the hand that saw puan29 leave, an eight would hit the flop 8♣ 6♠ 7♦ and hold thru the turn and river Q♣ 6♥ giving ALKADYPA another 1.7 million chips while pushing oogb to the rail in tenth place ($4,036.80).


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Seat 1: risk2Dupside (2305613 in chips)
Seat 2: Coxxa (1123752 in chips)
Seat 3: abeainy (889242 in chips)
Seat 4: Jabracada (5141463 in chips)
Seat 5: charoff (5451421 in chips)
Seat 6: drifto88 (2319796 in chips)
Seat 7: LuckyOrel (2319878 in chips)
Seat 8: ALKADYPA (7770522 in chips)
Seat 9: busto_soon (6318313 in chips)

The dog almost gets there again

In a night where pocket pairs fell wayward to two overs, Jabracada finally got a dominating hand to follow-through. With the blinds at 65K/130K ante 13K nearly twenty minutes after the start of the final table, short-stacked Coxxa would shove from the cutoff with T♥Q♦ as Jabracada in the small blind covered, making the call with Q♠K♦. The flops hit Jabracada hard with top pair and redraw to a flush K♠ T♠ 5♠. But, what's poker without some sweat? T♦ on the turn gave Coxxa the two-outer and was looking to snag the 2.2 million chip pot. Instead, the K♣ hit the river with a big splash, giving Jabracada the higher full house and sending Coxxa out in ninth place ($5,382.40).

Be nice to your neighbor

Watch Jabracada and charoff sitting next to each other show why fences make good neighbors in the video below:

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This time Jabracada would be on the defensive after trading bets with charoff and building a 11.1 million chip pot. All-in preflop holding a suited big slick A♥K♥ Jabracada was not pleased to see the pocket kings K♠K♦ rolled over by charoff. A flopped boat, from the case king on the K♣ 8♦ 8♣ 5♦ Q♠ board, swiftly ended Jabracada's night earning $8,410.00 in eighth place.

Not so lucky

LuckyOrel may have won ten consecutive coin flips one time and earned the nickname, but it would only take one coin flip to end the tournament tonight. With the blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K abeainy would shove all-in for 2.02 million from middle position as it folded to LuckyOrel in the big blind holding pocket tens T♣T♥ and just 1.7 million in chips. LuckyOrel would make the call and flip against the Q♦A♦ of abeainy. This one started out one-sided and ended the same way as abeainy not only hit the ace A♣ 3♦ J♦ but also the nut flush draw. The diamonds were unnecessary as the 3♣ and 9♣ fell to give abeainy the 3.9 million chip pot and knock out (un)Luck yOrel in seventh place ($15,138.00).

Upside is going home with a five figure win

As the blinds increased to 100K/200K ante 20K the players got more and more antsy to take care of things preflop. Chip leader charoff who was the only one sitting on an eight figure stack opened for 495,800 as it folded to risk2Dupside in the big blind holding A♣Q♥. Holding 3.9 million in chips risk2Dupside shoved hoping to make the chip leader go away or call with a smaller ace. charoff did not have a smaller ace, and nor did he go away, instead snap calling with pocket queens Q♠Q♦. Nothing fancy or exciting about the 6♦ 4♦ 3♠ 5♦ T♣ board, "standard" as some would say, as the queens held for the eight million chip pot and risk2Dupside was gone in sixth place ($21,866.00).

Charoff runs off another

Just seven hands later, drifto88 who has ducked for cover most of the final table decided to take a stand against the chip leader. With the blinds still at 100K/200K ante 20K, drifto88 shoved from the big blind over charoff's small blind raise to 600,000. Just 503,961 more to call with over 12 million behind charoff made the call showing 6♠5♣, slightly behind the T♥K♣ of drifto88. The flop changed nothing T♠ Q♣ 5♠ as both found a pair. K♥ on the turn improved drifto88 to two pair leaving just a non five on the river for the 2.3 million chip pot. 5♥ planted on the river giving charoff more chips to add to the lead and drifto88 spun off the guardrail in fifth place ($28,594.00).

Busto now

Every dog has its day, and tonight was that day as the blinds moved up to 125K/250K ante 25K Busto_soon sitting on the smallest stack shoved 2.9 million from the small blind into abeainy's big blind holding 5♦A♣. abeainy produced a smaller kicker A♠4♠ but sometimes this ends up as a chopped pot. The four on the door made sure that did not happen as 4♦ 2♥ K♥ 2♣ A♦ hit the board and abeainy came from behind to snag the six million chip pot sending busto_soon to busto now in fourth place ($38,686.00).

Fortunes change quickly

charoff sat on the chip lead for quite some time until three handed play changed things very quickly. A 15 million chip pot to abeainy, then three hands later with just 1.3 million left charoff was all-in holding big slick against ALKADYPA's 4♦Q♥. Again, the door card changed everything as a lady sat on the front of the flop Q♦ 5♥ 5♦ and held through the turn T♣ and river T♦ knocking out charoff rapidly in third place ($55,506.00).

Nearly even for the start of heads-up play

Blinds holding at 125K/250K ante 25K abeainy would enjoy a slight lead of 18.7 million to ALKADYPA's 14.8 million to kick off heads-up play as ALKADYPA shot down any chop talks determined to play it out for the full $105,630.68 going to our champion.

Once in a while the favorite gets there

Watch below as heads-up play would last just seven minutes as the two players get it in preflop:

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Blinds still at 125K/250K ante 25K, abeainy opened for a standard min-raise from the button as ALKADYPA three-bet to 1.25 million. abeainy was not just on a steal and four-bet to 2.99999 million as ALKADYPA was ready to gamble with A♠7♠ shoving in 10.6 million. abeainy held the cooler however and quickly called holding A♣Q♥. 9♣ J♦ 8♦ on the flop did not help ALKADYPA as a ten would give abeainy the higher straight. 2♠ on the turn was not a seven and nor was the J♥ on the river as abeainy locked up this week's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-up by winning the full $105,630.68!

$500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-up results (04-24-11)
1. abeainy (Lebanon) $105,630.68
2. ALKADYPA (Russia) $78,717.60
3. charoff (Russia) $55,506.00
4. busto_soon (Netherlands) $38,686.00
5. drifto88 (Canada) $28,594.00
6. risk2Dupside (Australia) $21,866.00
7. LuckyOrel (Russia) $15,138.00
8. Jabracada (United Kingdom) $8,410.00
9. Coxxa (Sweden) $5,382.40

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up