Sunday Warm-Up: schweinix steamrolls final table, ships $102k

new_sunday_warmup_thumb.PNGWith the dust settled from the 2011 WCOOP and all 62 bracelets handed out, PokerStars returned to its regularly scheduled Sunday Majors lineup after a four-week hiatus. Fall's first Sunday Warm-Up smashed through its half-million dollar guarantee, 3,249 players entering the fray to create a $649,800 prize pool. 495 of them would emerge with a share of it, with first place set to earn more than $102,000.

Of the 14 members of Team Pro and Team Online who joined in the action, only two finished in the money, South Korea's Vivian Im cashing in 461st place and Russia's Alex Kravchenko busting in 350th.

After 32 levels of play, the final table was set when a short-stacked TottiLitti open-shoved for 1,180,714 with A♦K♥ and Johnyk91 made the call with 7♦7♥. The sevens held up on the 8♣6♦3♣Q♦T♠ board, sending TottiLitti home in tenth place and his nine remaining opponents to the final table.

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Johnyk91 held a dominant chip lead with nearly 11 million as the action commenced:

Seat 1: vincenz0 (5,331,818 in chips)
Seat 2: JohnyK91 (10,931,713 in chips)
Seat 3: schweinix (5,226,124 in chips)
Seat 4: babeklu (776,257 in chips)
Seat 5: NigDawG (1,476,680 in chips)
Seat 6: theczar19 (2,044,876 in chips)
Seat 7: BoomBoomX (1,977,192 in chips)
Seat 8: SM4RTASS (3,260,316 in chips)
Seat 9: circuslover (1,465,024 in chips)

On the fifth hand of play, the final table lost its first player. With the blinds up to 40,000/80,000, schweinix opened for a min-raise to 160,000 and babeklu moved all-in for his last 616,257. Schweinix called with A♥9♥ and babeklu turned over pocket sevens. A nine on the flop, however, foiled babeklu's shot at a double-up and he departed in ninth place with $5,198.40 to show for his efforts.

Seven hands later, with the action folded around to the small blind, theczar19 made it 210,210 to go. BoomBoomX found A♥5♥ in the big and shoved for 2.46 million, theczar19 making the call with A♠J♣. Despite getting his money in good, theczar19 watched as the flop fell T♥9♥5♦, BoomBoomX pairing his kicker and hitting the nut flush draw to boot. The 8♦ gave theczar19 a few more outs with an open-ended straight draw, but the 8♠ on the river wasn't one of them, BoomBoomX raking in the 4.63 million chip pot. For eighth place, theczar19 earned $8,122.50.

Three hands after that (only 15 total at the final table if you're counting), BoomBoomX eliminated another opponent. Down to his last 14 big blinds, NigDawG open-shoved for 1,140,680 and BoomBoomX reshoved for 4.79 million behind him. Unfortunately for NigDawG, his A♦Q♠ was dominated by BoomBoomX's A♠K♠, the board running out 7♥5♠3♥3♦T♠ to end his run in seventh place. He earned $14,620.50 for his finish.

After that flurry of action, our final six settled in for just a bit, waiting an entire fifteen minutes before eliminating another player. After dropping below the ten big-blind threshold, circuslover decided to go with pocket deuces, moving all-in for 951,024 from early position. BoomBoomX called from the big blind with A♣5♥. Although the T♣9♠4♦ flop was promising for circuslover, BoomBoomX turned the 5♠, leaving circuslover drawing to only two outs. The 8♥ on the river sealed up the hand, circuslover departing in sixth place with a $21,118.50 score.

BoomBoomX continued his sizzling run, picking up A♦K♦ in the big blind a short time late and three-bet shoving over SM4RTASS' UTG opening raise. SM4RTASS called off his remaining 1,726,316 with K♥Q♦ and BoomBoomX scored his fourth KO in a row, an ace hitting the flop to send SM4RTASS to the rail in fifth place, a finish worth $27,616.50.

Think things might slow down now? Not a chance. Three hands later, schweinix and vincenz0 got all their money in on a Q♠T♦7♦ flop, vincenz0 three-bet shoving for 4.69 million and schweinix making the call. Schweinix revealed 7♥7♠ for bottom set while vincenz0 tabled the nut flush draw with A♦6♦. The turn card was a diamond, but not one vincenz0 wanted to see-- the Q♦ falling to boat up schweinix. Vincenz0 was drawing dead and exited in sudden fashion, $37,363.50 his reward for fourth place.

Once play turned three-handed, schweinix and JohnyK91 wanted to look into the possibility of a deal, but BoomBoomX put the kibosh on that idea. Only seconds after that declaration, BoomBoomX narrowly avoided elimination, getting his chips in with A♠8♠ against JohnyK91's pocket queens only to have an ace spike on the river. BoomBoomX took the chip lead with more than 12 million after that hand, but almost immediately gave it up when he ran a bluff with ace high and schweinix looked him up with pocket fives.

Schweinix picked up even more chips in a family pot, checking the turn when he made trip jacks. It induced a bluff from JohnyK91 on the river and schweinix called him down, raking in the nearly 8 million chip pot:

JohnyK91 quickly rebounded, doubling through BoomBoomX when his J♥9♠ turned two pair against BoomBoomX's top pair with Q♣J♠. However, he was eliminated only five hands later after calling schweinix's four-bet shove on a K♣9♠6♥ flop. JohnyK91's pocket aces were outflopped by schweinix's K♥9♥ and he'd need to catch an ace or a better two pair to survive. The Q♥ on the turn was no help, neither was the 7♠ on the river and JohnyK91 fell in third place, earning $53,608.50 for his troubles.

Schweinix took a better than 4 to 1 chip lead into heads-up play:

Seat 3: schweinix (26,061,649 in chips)
Seat 7: BoomBoomX (6,428,351 in chips)

BoomBoomX went to work chipping away at schweinix and moved up to 9 million in chips before putting them all in the middle with A♣K♣ against schweinix's A♥Q♠. BoomBoomX's dominating hand held up, and he doubled to 17.66 million, leaving schweinix on 14.83 million. With the stacks nearly even, it appeared this turbo-charged final table would finally ease up on the gas, but on the next deal of the cards schweinix floored it again.

BoomBoomX opened for a min-raise to 320,000 and schweinix looked down at Q♥Q♣. Call, reraise, or shove? Schweinix decided on option three and moved all-in for 14.8 million. BoomBoomX made the call with A♥T♠ only to find himself a serious underdog. There was no miracle ace for BoomBoomX this time, the board running out nine-high to send the 29.65 million pot schweinix's way.

Left with only 2.83 million, BoomBoomX called it off on the next deal, his 5♦9♣ up against schweinix's A♦9♠. It was all but over when the flop fell A♣A♥6♣. Although he didn't score the most knockouts along the way, schweinix held all the chips in the end, notching the Sunday Warm-Up win and $102,019.68 in earnings. For his runner-up finish, BoomBoomX took home $76,026.60.

Sunday Warm-Up results for 10/2/2011

1. schweinix (Germany) $102,019.68
2. BoomBoomX (Switzerland) $76,026.60
3. JohnyK91 (Greece) $53,608.50
4. vincenz0 (Canada) $37,363.50
5. SM4RTASS (Netherlands) $27,616.50
6. circuslover (United Kingdom) $21,118.50
7. NigDawG (United Kingdom) $14,620.50
8. theczar19 (Mexico) $8,122.50
9. babeklu (Russia) $5,198.40

Think six figures would look good on you? Head over to the Sunday Warm-Up page for information on how you can satellite in for pennies on the dollar.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up