Sunday Warm-Up II: Skill overcomes Evil

Sunday Warm-Up logo NEW.PNGIt was Double Vision Sunday on PokerStars and that gave grinders a second chance at their favourite tournaments this weekend. 3,871 players took advantage of that in the Sunday Warm-Up II, which offered a $500,000 prize pool guarantee, but that number was easily surpassed as a prize pool of $774,200 was up for grabs. The top 585 players would finish in profit but Russian BilliardsRSH wasn't one of them after bubbling in 586th place and painfully short of the $301.93 min-cash.

Nacho Barbero, Pius Heinz, Liv Boeree, Jonathan Duhamel, Andre Akkari, Ana Marquez, Maxim Lykov, Shane Schleger, Toni Judet, Johnny Lodden, Vicky Coren, Lex Veldhuis and Mickey Petersen were just a few of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field, but they all fell short of the money.

Martin Hrubý (397th - $340.64), George Lind III (391st - $348.39), Bryan Huang (335th - $387.10) and Fatima De Melo (320th - $402.58) all made a profit, but Martin Staszko was the best performed member of Team PokerStars in this event. Staszko's run came to an end in 30th place ($1,741.95) after a devastating river blow:

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Approaching the final table it was ElEvil who went on a rush to take a big chip lead, and when ElEvil's K♣3♠ paired the flop to better all in 2526's A♠8♣, the final table line up was set:


Final table line up
Seat 1: 4betUr3bet (1,283,781 in chips)
Seat 2: $kill Game (1,954,663 in chips)
Seat 3: ElEvil (12,715,756 in chips)
Seat 4: TOYOT111 (2,312,874 in chips)
Seat 5: Olorionek (6,641,518 in chips)
Seat 6: vogia88 (2,118,501 in chips)
Seat 7: reanimatorY (5,473,905 in chips)
Seat 8: Ramux (2,714,006 in chips)
Seat 9: leopeluca (3,494,996 in chips)

It took just two hands for us to lose our first player of the final table. 4betUr3bet was on the short stack and shoved around ten big blinds with 6♣6♦ but $kill Game pipped it with 7♣7♠ and made the call. The board was spread 3♠A♦9♦4♥9♥ to see 4betUr3bet receive $6,193.60 for 9th place.

vogia88 was soon to follow to the rail after three-bet shoving A♠Q♦. Olorionek wasn't going anywhere with A♦K♥ and "Big Slick" held through the board of 4♠T♠J♥T♦2♣. vogia88 picked up $9,677.50 for 8th place.

The same hand was responsible for the next elimination as leopeluca's A♦K♥ held strong when TOYOT111 shoved Q♣J♠. The board arrived 7♣K♣6♦Q♥K♦ to see leopeluca with trip kings to collect the pot. TOYOT111 would have to be content with $17,419.50 for 7th place as we were quickly down to our final six players.

"Big Slick" was being passed around the table as Ramux and leopeluca both found the premium hand to chop a preflop, all-in clash.

ElEvil was still out in front with $kill Game on the short stack, but that changed when $kill Game landed a nice double up with K♠K♣ holding against ElEvil's A♣J♣.

Ace-king would strike again shortly after as reanimatorY tried a three-bet shove with Q♥T♥. Olorionek made the call with A♠K♣ and high cards were enough on the board of J♣4♥7♠3♣2♥. reanimatorY collected a nice $25,161.50 for 6th place.

The carnage continued the very next hand as the short-stacked Ramux moved all in for around nine big blinds with A♥6♣. $kill Game found T♠T♣ in the big blind and called before improving to a flush on the board of K♠J♠3♠6♥2♠. Ramux was out in 5th place for $32,903.50.

leopeluca tossed up the idea for the four remaining players to take a look at the numbers. Everyone agreed, but discussions lasted barely a few minutes as both chip chop and ICM numbers were unsatisfactory. At this point Olorionek was sitting in the chip lead after taking some chips from ElEvil, but ironically, dampening the deal would ultimately backfire on the chip leader.

First Olorionek lost a preflop clash with ElEvil when Olorionek's A♦J♦ failed to hold against ElEvil's K♦Q♠ after a king appeared on the flop. leopeluca then struck the next blow with 2♥2♦ spiking a set to better Olorionek's A♦J♣.

Ace-jack would again be Olorionek's bogey hand, but this time it was leopeluca who held A♦J♣ and made the call when Olorionek shoved the small blind with K♣6♥. The board fell 2♦2♥2♠J♠T♠ to leave Olorionek on the rail on 4th place for $44,516.50 - about half that was offered in the deal just a few moments earlier.

The action didn't slow as moments later $kill Game's tournament life was on the line:

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Again it was ace-king that did the job with a life-saving king on the river to give $kill Game the double up to stay in contention.

ElEvil extracted some revenge a few hands later with pocket aces, but just as the three players had agreed once more to look at deal numbers, $kill Game doubled up again with J♠J♥ holding on a board of T♠8♥Q♦K♦Q♠ after ElEvil had shoved with A♥2♠.

It left ElEvil to enter the deal negotiations with only around ten big blinds, but ElEvil was determined to push for even more than a fair share of the loot. leopeluca also tried to play hard ball, and with no-one budging, the cards were quickly back in the air.

It proved to be a genius decision by ElEvil as the two big stacks collided just moments after deal negotiations broke down:

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The case ten on the river was the perfect action card but leopeluca's top pair wasn't enough as $kill Game tabled a set to take it down and eliminate leopeluca in 3rd place for $63,871.50.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 2: $kill Game (34,180,161 in chips)
Seat 3: ElEvil (4,529,839 in chips)

With a massive 8:1 chip lead, $kill Game was a big favourite to win, but ElEvil now had nothing to lose and managed to spike a double up on the first hand of heads-up play, turning a set of nines to better $kill Game's pair of tens holding K♦T♦.

ElEvil caught a glimmer of hope, and managed to keep the pots small before making a move preflop with Q♥T♣. $kill Game called with 5♠5♣ but the pair was counterfeited on the board of 7♥A♣7♠8♥A♠ leaving ElEvil's queen-kicker to collect yet another double up.

The next hand, $kill Game had another great opportunity to grab the win with A♣K♥ making the call against ElEvil's dominated A♦5♣. However two more aces and a couple of sevens on the board left both players to chop the pot with a full house.

ElEvil said, "way I run you have no chance"
ElEvil said, "chop it up?"
$kill Game said, "ill look at numbers"
ElEvil said, "ok"

Chip counts:
Seat 2: $kill Game (23,277,866 in chips)
Seat 3: ElEvil (15,432,134 in chips)

It was third time lucky at the negotiation table although ElEvil did have to concede an extra $1,000 to $kill Game before a deal could finally be agreed to. With another $10,000 in the middle to play for, the cards were back in the air, but it didn't take long for the final hand to be dealt.

With the blinds at 300k/600k, $kill Game made an interesting limp on the button. ElEvil put in a rase but $kill Game then sprung to life by moving all in. ElEvil gave it some thought before making the call with A♠7♦, only to discover $kill Game had notched it with A♦8♠. The board was spread 3♥T♣5♦8♥9♦ to see $kill Game pair up to grab the win. ElEvil did well to navigate to second place and $97,941.04 in prize money as $kill Game takes the Sunday Warm-Up II title and $114,191.11 in prize money!

Sunday Warm-Up II Final Table Results
Entries: 3,871
Prize pool: $774,200
Places paid: 585

1st $kill Game (Canada) - $114,191.11*
2nd ElEvil (Canada) - $97,941.04*
3rd leopeluca (Argentina) - $63,871.50
4th Olorionek (Poland) - $44,516.50
5th Ramux (Panama) - $32,903.50
6th reanimatorY (Serbia) - $25,161.50
7th TOYOT111 (Russia) - $17,419.50
8th vogia88 (Greece) - $9,677.50
9th 4betUr3bet (Austria) - $6,193.60

* denotes two-way deal

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.