Sunday Warm-Up: Coming away up top, cmontopdeck takes down title and $109K

This week's Sunday Warm-Up champion's last shot at a major PokerStars final table ended up with a runner-up check, but history did not repeat itself as German player 'cmontopdeck' managed to reverse a heads-up chip deficit to win $109,712.77 and a Sunday Major title.

'cmontopdeck' beat 3,943 players on their way to winning the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up putting to bed any anguish over December's runner-up finish to Damián "pampa27" Salas in the Super Tuesday title for $69,160.00.

Going deep
Going into the last break before the final table, 17 not 16 players would return with a shot at the $109,712.77 first place prize. With the blinds at 40K/80K ante 8K JWPRODIGY would min raise from UTG as FOO-92 made it 400,000 chips. Back to JWPRODIGY holding 2.1 million chips and Q♥A♥ the big ace was good enough to shove as FOO-92 felt the same way making the call with a suited big slick A♠K♠. JWPRODIGY would return after the break thanks to a lady on the turn 7♠ 5♦ 8♥ Q♠ T♦ as 4.5 million chips slid over to the winner.

Noseblow took one to the chin after having aces cracked by Wallyayay's king-queen in 17th place ($2,096.40). Shortly afterwards JWPRODIGY looking to make good after squeaking past FOO-92, scored a double knockout with jacks over Hustlaaaaaa's (15th place - $3,144.60) big slick and Ultraballs18's (16th place - $2,096.40) pocket tens to trim the field to 14 players.

ultralord007 looked solid for a double up against dejanaceking's pocket sixes when a queen hit the Russian's Q♦6♠ on the 7♣7♦Q♣ flop. However, clubs continued to rain down 5♣ T♣ giving the 1.8 million chip pot back to dejanaceking, ending ultralord007's night in 13th place ($3,144.60). On the next and cmontopdeck would ease ace cracker Wallyayaya to the rail with pocket tens defeating Wallyayay's pocket eights sending Wally on the way for 12th place ($4,192.80).

cmontopdeck would introduce yet another player to the rail winning a 4.75 million chip preflop race with K♣Q♦ against debesciak69's pocket nines 9♦9♥. after debesciak69 walked off with $4,192.80 in 11th place, hand-for-hand play would start up with the blinds at 65K/130K ante 13K.

Midway through the level, sazkarik would min-raise from the cutoff as luwis holding a medium ace A♣6♠ decided to press the issue with a shove from the big blind for 2.2 million total. Holding a slightly larger ace A♠9♣ sazkarik had a decision to make and made the right one after pushing in the call and being rewarded with top two on the flop A♦ 9♥ 7♦ J♠ T♣ giving luwis 10th place ($4,192.80) missing a shot at bettering a Sunday Warm-Up third place effort in September 2011 and opening up the final table below:


Seat 1: calmeluckbox (1367356 in chips)
Seat 2: Rake83 (3922472 in chips)
Seat 3: Sykoen (3241035 in chips)
Seat 4: cmontopdeck (6308604 in chips)
Seat 5: JWPRODIGY (6881002 in chips)
Seat 6: texbookstu (1030261 in chips)
Seat 7: sazkarik (5424437 in chips)
Seat 8: FOO-92 (2712802 in chips)
Seat 9: dejanaceking (4052031 in chips)

One pip more equals one player less

The fifth hand into the final table with the blinds moving up to 80K/160K ante 16K had Sykoen opening for a min raise from the cutoff. texbookstu looked up the chapter called "Applying Pressure from the Big Blind" and shoved for 959,261 chips. It was not enough to deter Skyoen from making the call with A♣7♠. texbookstu's A♥6♦ started behind and ended behind as the board rolled out 3♣ 2♦ 8♦ 5♥ 9♥ shipping $5,590.40 to texbookstu in ninth place. This seems to be texbookstu's time to shine as UK player chopped the MicroMillions 4 Main Event last month for $72K.

Luckbox out of order

Nine hands later as the start of the final table was delayed a little longer than usual, really sped up once they hit the spotlighted table. With the blinds holding at 80K/160K ante 16K dejanaceking would lead off for a min-raise from UTG as calmeluckbox shoved 2.6 million chips from the immediate left. No one else wanted to play except the original raiser as dejanaceking decided pocket tens T♠T♥ was worth a call. Racing J♠A♠ calmeluckbox watch the five cards in the middle 5♣ 4♦ 3♦ 5♠ K♠ completely miss as the broken luckbox fell to the rail in eighth place ($8,735.00).

Break breaks the table

The second and third hands back from the tenth hourly break were the final ones for two players. First, as the blinds moved up to 100K/200K ante 20K cmontopdeck would min-raise from the hijack seat as FOO-92 decided to make a move from the small blind shoving for 2.04 million. Back to cmontopdeck holding pocket nines 9♠9h], the German would shove in half of the stack in making the call. FOO-92's A♦5♠ would catch a pair but the fives 3♦ 5♦ J♣ J♥ 2♠ were not enough to stay alive tonight, finishing in seventh place ($15,723.00) just ahead of the 12th place $7K score from the Super Tuesday three weeks ago.

On the very next hand Sykoen and dejanaceking would meet in the middle preflop for a 5.8 million chip pot. Watch below as one player vaults into the chip lead and the other is bounced out of the tournament:

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Sykoen's 2♣A♣ lacked the necessary clubs to knock off dejanaceking's pocket sixes 6♥6♠ on the 9♥ Q♦ J♥ T♠ J♣ board ending the Norwegian's night in sixth place ($22,711.00).

Still hot to finish early

After claiming the chip lead, dejanaceking would lay ruin to another player's final table. With the blinds still at 100K/200K ante 20K and just five hands after dispatching Sykoen, we would be down to four. This time it was sazkarik taking a swing at the chip leader opening for 2.72 million with pocket fours 4♥4♠. dejanaceking sitting to the immediate left on the button quickly called with pocket aces A♣A♥. The fours never threatened on the 9♣ 5♣ 2♠ T♠ 6♠ board as sazkarik hauled off $29,699.00 in fifth place.

No more rake

Four-handed play would last a good while as dejanaceking's 18.2 million chip stack stood over the other three players' stacks of 3.7 million, 8.2 million, and 4.67 million. Rake83 with the 2.7 million chip stack decided to call a min-raise from JWPRODIGY out of the big blind as dejanaceking followed suit with a call from the small blind. All three checked the 5♦2♥4♦ flop. Rake83 bet 2.5 million at the J♥ turn as dejanaceking min-raised to force Rake83 all-in. The UK player called off the remaining 737,045 chips with top pair J♦J♥ and was greeted by the slowplayed aces of dejanaceking A♦A♣. A wheel on the river 3♦ for the chip leader sent Rake83 to the rail in fourth place ($40,181.00).

Prodigy cannot solve this problem

Still in the 125K/250K ante 25K blind level, cmontopdeck and JWPRODIGY would try to combine their chips for a run at dejanaceking's towering 22.7 million chip stack. cmontopdeck shoved from the small blind for eight million as JWPRODIGY called off the remaining 3.87 million chips from the big blind holding K♠Q♠. cmontopdeck's little ace 5♠A♥ would weave through the T♣ 9♣ 3♦ 2♠ 7♥ board unharmed collecting the 8.3 million chip pot as Jordan "JWPRODIGY" Westmorland collected $57,651.00 in third place to add to his success in Queenstown.


Jordan "JWPRODIGY" Westmorland Third Place ($57,651.00)

Coming out up top

Despite a 12.2 million to 22.7 million chip deficit, cmontopdeck would wear down the chip leading dejanaceking until all 34.9 million chips ended up in the German's stack. The 18 minute heads-up battle would end after cmontopdeck flipped the deficit to a 22.3 to 12.6 million chip advantage. Watch below as cmontopdeck would come out on top of the 3,494 player field with a little help from a turn card:

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With two tens on the flop T♣T♦Q♣ cmontopdeck tried to force dejanaceking to fold after shoving over a 1.07 million chip bet with the blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K. dejanaceking was going nowhere holding trips A♦T♥ as cmontopdeck needed some help with an open-ended (but partly-closed) straight draw K♥J♣. The right end hit the 9♦ turn as a blank on the river J♠ shipped the 25.1 million chip pot, $109,712.77, and the Sunday Warm-Up title to cmontopdeck!

$500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up results (04-07-13):

Players entered: 3,494
Places paid: 540
Buy-in: $215.00
Prize pool: $698,800.00
First place: $109,712.77

1. cmontopdeck (Germany) $109,712.77
2. dejanaceking (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $81,759.60
3. Jordan "JWPRODIGY" Westmorland (Thailand) $57,651.00
4. Rake83 (United Kingdom) $40,181.00
5. sazkarik (Czech Republic) $29,699.00
6. Sykoen (Norway) $22,711.00
7. FOO-92 (Germany) $15,723.00
8. calmeluckbox (Greece) $8,735.00
9. texbookstu (United Kingdom) $5,590.40

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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