Sunday Warm-Up: Grand win for ElRupert, earning $65K after two-way deal

A breakfast quiche made by mom, an easy two mile scroll through perfect weather, and finishing with a vast assortment of grilled meats while surrounded by family. The perfect Father's Day for this writer. But, players in the Sunday Warm-Up likely hoped for some dollar signs to be added to their respective bankrolls to end their version of a successful Father's Day. ElRupert and konway would reach heads-up play after ten hours of play as former EPT winner Rupert "ElRupert" Elder emerged victorious earning $65,186.12.

Read on below for the story on ElRupert's Sunday Major victory run.

After taking eight hours and ten minutes to reach the final two tables of this 2,167 player field tournament, the players decided to quickly progress to the spotlights.

In just 15 minutes NOBBSY_8, thunder32us, bloczek60, davidas75, veyrassois, and BuckFitchez would cash out in 13th through 18th place respectively despite a sizable 40 BB average. Matt "ch0ppy" Kay, banked $40K after the Turbo Takedown and final tabled WCOOP 2014 Event #9 earning $69K but would fall short of a Sunday Warm-Up final table taking away $2,947.12 in 12th place.


Matt "ch0ppy" Kay

Eijseijs has had a touch of bad luck nearing the final table of this tournament recently. In December the Swede hold the chip lead with 15 remaining but ended the day in 11th place. In February eijseijs would again make the final two tables only to finish in 17th. Unfortunately the streak would continue as eijseijs' shortstack would be snapped up by grandy14, earning $2,947.12 in 11th place.

Speaking of players who have been here before, WadeShaq03 made the final table just three weeks ago earning $12K in seventh place. But, a flip holding A♠J♣ against Poker Own U's sixes 6♦6♥ would prevent WadeShaq03 from returning to the final table 3♦ 8♣ 5♠ T♥ 8♥ as our final nine regrouped at the table below:


Seat 1: Poker Own U (3341806 in chips)
Seat 2: grandy14 (1753166 in chips)
Seat 3: mmetsla (3428690 in chips)
Seat 4: konway (2287211 in chips)
Seat 5: Yovengo (2068004 in chips)
Seat 6: jopieono (1379398 in chips)
Seat 7: $Hoolalah$ (1825807 in chips)
Seat 8: Graviiiiiiii (2816962 in chips)
Seat 9: ElRupert (2768956 in chips)

While the players wasted no time getting to the final table it would take 40 minutes before someone was asked to leave. With the blinds now at 50K/100K ante 10K $Hoolalah$ would shove 1.4 million chips over a min-raise by mmetsla. Holding pocket queens Q♦Q♣ mmetsla had no problem making the call as $Hoolalah$'s K♣J♣ failed to connect on the eight-high 8♠ 3♣ 2♥ 6♠ 5♠ board earning $3,900.60 in ninth place.

Sorry but not sorry?

Just as the blinds moved up to 65K/130K ante 13K ElRupert held a slight chiplead and shoved from the small blind hoping for easy pickings. Instead, the chip leader would have over half the stack at risk holding 4♥K♦ when Poker Own U woke up with jacks J♦J♣. Luckily the flopped king A♠ 5♣ K♠ T♥ 6♥ would bail out ElRupert. The TCOOP (2012, Event #26) and MicroMillions champ Poker Own U took a tough beat exiting in eighth place ($6,284.30).

Three hands later mmetsla would open for 268,700 chips from the button as Yovengo defended the big blind with a shove for 1.5 million. Pocket kings K♠K♣ ranked high enough for mmetsla to make the call as Yovengo's A♣7♠ would require some assistance. A straight on the T♠ 9♠ Q♠ J♥ 8♠ had too many spades as mmetsla's king-high flush eliminated Yovengo in seventh place ($10,618.30).

Mmetsla was not done cutting down the field just yet. Two hands later grandy14's pocket eights 8♦8♣ would fall in sixth place ($14,952.30) to mmetsla's kings K♠K♦ despite a decent flop sweat 5♥ 7♦ 6♣ Q♠ 7♣.

ElRupert would further expand the chiplead during a stretch of winning nine of 12 hands. During this streak, jopieono tried to nick a chunk of that lead pushing a small stack with T♣A♥ but getting looked up by ElRupert's J♣K♣. A turned straight T♦ 3♥ Q♣ A♣ J♦ would send jopieono to the rail in fifth place ($19,503.00).

The chip leader would continue to apply pressure as the blinds moved up to 80K/160K ante 16K by open shoving from the small blind. Holding 2♥K♠ and just over a million chips, mmetsla made the call all-in as ElRupert's K♥6♥ six kicker would prove to be too much 6♦ 3♠ 5♥ 5♠ A♣ exiting the tournament in fourth place ($26,004.00).

Seven hands later two players would briefly pause the tournament to work out chop numbers. Konway has quietly kept pace with ElRupert like a distance runner lurking behind the leader and waiting to sprint before the final line. Holding pocket tens T♣T♥ konway would open from the small blind as Graviiiiiiii wasted no time shoving for 2.2 million with 2♠A♥. After konway's call only the two would pair on the 7♦ 8♦ 8♥ 6♦ 2♥ board handing $36,839.00 to Graviiiiiiii in third place.

The players would joust a bit while negotiating a deal through Team PokerStars Online pro Grzegorz "DaWarshaw" Mikielewicz as konway tried to attribute ElRupert's run as luck. After a few minutes of chat the players would lock up the deal below leaving $8K aside for tonight's winner:

ElRupert: $57,186.12
konway: $56,057.53

Luck or skill it's still a win

15 minutes after the deal with ElRupert owning a 13 million to 8.6 million chip lead, the players decided to end things preflop. With the blinds up to 100K/200K ante 20K ElRupert shoved after a three-bet by konway. Holding Q♣K♥ konway would make the call all-in looking slightly up at ElRupert's 8♣A♣. No pairs by either player on the 7♥ 4♠ T♦ 4♥ 6♥ board meant ElRupert earned $65,186.12 as this week's Sunday Warm-Up champion!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (06-21-2015)

Entrants: 2,167
Places paid: 324
Prize pool: $433,400.00

(* denotes part of two-way deal)

1. Rupert "ElRupert" Elder (United Kingdom) *$65,186.12
2. konway (Peru) *$56,057.53
3. Graviiiiiiii (Denmark) $36,839.00
4. mmetsla (Estonia) $26,004.00
5. jopieono (Netherlands) $19,503.00
6. grandy14 (United Kingdom) $14,952.30
7. Yovengo (Austria) $10,618.30
8. Poker Own U (Canada) $6,284.30
9. $Hoolalah$ (United Kingdom) $3,900.60

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up