Sunday Warm-Up: The doctor is in, DrTommek wins after four-way chop

While the EPT11 Grand Final and FPS Monaco wind down this week, things online are just heating up. SCOOP 2015 is on the horizon bringing some crazy playing hours ahead for those looking for a shot at the Player of the Series title. The $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up would feature redemption as DrTommek made the final table here just two months ago finishing eighth. This time DrTommek would headline winning $62,183.72 after a four-way deal.

Chris "Moorman1" Moorman looked to add yet another major tournament title making it to the penultimate table. Already having banked over 12 million dollars in tournament winnings, Moorman has been close here before finishing in 12th place. Chris would have a similar finish in this one, busting shortly after the move to two tables in 18th place ($1,744.60).

Chris Moorman_Warm-Up.jpg

Only 13 players would hit up the break before the ninth hour of play. Farid "SHiiPTHATiSH" Jattin, who barely missed out on a SCOOP watch in last year's Event #33-H finishing runner-up to Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, would lead the field.

Another player still in also with SCOOP cred would be the next to go. Eifffel (not the tower) the SCOOP 2011 Event #15 champ ran A♣4♦ into f2kus' A♠J♠ finishing in 13th place ($2,549.80) as the Q♠ 3♣ 8♠ 5♥ 7♦ board missed a wheel (and pair) draw on the river.

F2kus did not stop there. On the final table bubble oceanemm shoved pocket treys 3♠3♦ into f2kus' pocket kings K♠K♣ and started up the final table below after a dry A♦ T♦ 5♠ 5♦ A♥ board:


Seat 1: trickyone14 (4439773 in chips)
Seat 2: f2kus (5078788 in chips)
Seat 3: luis_faria (2968078 in chips)
Seat 4: DrTommek (2563556 in chips)
Seat 5: SiNJay91 (1190363 in chips)
Seat 6: SHiiPTHATiSH (4243027 in chips)
Seat 7: jorginho88 (2095977 in chips)
Seat 8: ramiro_ak (2491632 in chips)
Seat 9: jeffflower18 (1768806 in chips)

As Team PokerStars Online Pro Katerina 'Katerina289' Malasidou welcomed everyone to the table, SiNJay91 was looking a quick exit being all-in and holding 8♦9♥ against Jattin's A♣9♦. Both players would pair their nine, but SiNJay91 found an eight 9♠ 8♣ Q♠ 2♠ K♣ to stay alive.

Four hands later jeffflower18 was not as fortunate. Jeffflower18 would open button-shove 1.5 million chips with blinds at 65K/130K ante 13K holding T♣7♣. The resurgent f2kus would find pocket eights 8♥8♣ and made the call from the big blind. Only one club showed up for the party A♥ A♣ 2♦ 4♦ Q♦ as jeffflower18 earned $4,562.80 in ninth place.

Two hands later DrTommek did not require any surgical maneuvers to remove ramiro_ak. Both players were set on pushing preflop as ramiro_ak showed queens Q♦Q♥ and DrTommek revealed aces A♣A♥. The cooler would hold on the 6♣ 2♦ 5♠ T♠ A♦ board giving ramiro_ak $7,257.53 in eighth place.

Farid "SHiiPTHATiSH" Jattin seemed to want this game over in order to watch some playoff hockey after knocking out the next two players in short order. First, SiNJay91 tried trim some more chips off Jattin by open-shoving from the small blind for two million chips with the blinds still at 65K/130K ante 13K. But, Jattin's jacks J♣J♦ happily called and sealed up the pot with a turned boat 2♣ 9♣ J♥ 9♠ 5♥.

Shortly after SiNJay91 took away $12,614.80 in seventh place, jorginho88 would shove 2.3 million over a min-raise by Jattin. Farid was feeling lucky and called with K♣Q♦. The former Sunday Warm-Up champ showed queens Q♣Q♥ but the river showed a king 4♥ 3♥ 4♣ 5♠ K♦ denying jorginho88 a second title in sixth place ($17,982.80).

Just seven minutes later f2kus decided not to let Jattin run away with this title. Luis_faria did not get the win but chopped up TCOOP 2015 Event #33 and would get the money in good here calling a bullying shove by f2kus with pocket queens Q♥Q♦. F2kus' A♣Q♣ was in bad shape but a flopped ace 7♥ A♥ 8♣ J♦ 4♠ would send luis_faria to the rail in fifth place ($23,350.80).

All this before the tenth hour of play?!?!


In what might be the earliest (in terms of time played) deal made at the Sunday Warm-Up final table, the final four quickly agreed to the terms below, leaving $10K on the table for the weekly champ.

SHiiPTHATiSH(Costa Rica): $57,683.41
f2kus (Serbia): $55,963.06
DrTommek (Germany): $52,183.72
trickyone14 (United Kingdom): $47,747.34

Ten minutes after the tenth hourly break f2kus was not able to continue a run towards the title. Down to 3.4 million chips with blinds at 100K/200K ante 20K f2kus shoved over a min-raise by trickyone14. Although trickyone14 took the smallest chunk of the four-way deal, the shortstack now covered f2kus' bet and called with A♦J♥. The deuces 2♥2♣ of f2kus would not survive the 4♦ A♣ Q♥ T♣ 5♦ board as fk2us took away $55,963.06 in fourth place.

The shortstack four-handed winning the title would have made a great story. But, trickyone14's Sunday Warm-Up tale would end in third place. With the board showing 5♦ 4♣ 2♥ J♥ trickyone14 tried to shove 4.89 million with 5♣3♦. SHiiPTHATiSH was not fazed and called with a slightly higher kicker 5♠6♠. The six played after the T♥ river as trickyone14 took away ($47,747.34).

With one underdog gone, could DrTommek overcome a 19.6 million to 7.19 million chip deficit?

This time the answer is "yes".

Just five hands into heads-up play DrTommek would double through Jattin to tilt the chip count in DrTommek's favor 17.3 million to 9.4 million.

Five minutes later Jattin would string together four straight pots to get within 16.4 million to 10.4 million but that is where his rally stopped. The final table started out with a three-bet to 1.75 million to Jattin and a call to see a K♥8♠3♥ flop. Jattin would lead out for 1.56 million as DrTommek shoved with top pair 2♠K♦. Holding middle pair 8♣A♥ made the call and did not improve on the 9♠ turn nor Q♥ river. DrTommek made the most of returning, taking eighth place two months ago and winning $62,183.72 as the Sunday Warm-Up champion!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (05-03-15)

Entrants: 2,684
Places paid: 396
Prize pool: $536,800.00

(* denotes part of four-way deal)

1. DrTommek (Germany) *$62,183.72
2. SHiiPTHATiSH (Costa Rica) *$57,683.41
3. trickyone14 (United Kingdom) *$47,747.34
4. f2kus (Serbia) *$55,963.06
5. luis_faria (Portugal) $23,350.80
6. jorginho88 (Portugal) $17,982.80
7. SiNJay91 (Cambodia) $12,614.80
8. ramiro_ak (Brazil) $7,257.53
9. jeffflower18 (China) $4,562.80

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Sunday Warm-Up