TCOOP: Actafool9 acts like a winner in Event 46 ($215 NLHE)

TCOOP logo.pngOn the last day of TCOOP, Event 46 was one of six events that focused mainly on NLHE but threw an 8-game mix as well. Yes, the series is already coming to an end. If it seemed like a fast 11 days of events, it was. They were all turbo tournaments, of course, so what did you expect?

There was nothing fancy about this tournament, with the exception of its amazing $750,000 guarantee. Other than that, it was a simple $200 + $15 No Limit Hold'em turbo tournament, one of several leading up to today's Main Event. The five-minute levels were set, and action kicked off at 11:00 ET.

After 90 minutes of registration time, the numbers were in:

Players: 4,847
Prize pool: $969,400.00
Paid players: 630

The money bubble was on tap just 20 minutes into the third hour of play, and it took several minutes of hand-for-hand play to determine that calcuttaboy finished in 631st place on said bubble. Wallentin72 became the first player to cash for $348.98, and the bustouts were fast and furious going forward.

Of the members of Team PokerStars in the field, four of them sailed into the money. Team Online's Andres "Donald" Berg continued the fight until exiting in 212th place for $630.11, and fellow Team Online player Kristian "CharismA3" Martin was the next to go in 99th place with $1,211.75. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im of South Korea made it all the way to 55th place for a $1,696.45 payday, and that left Team Pro Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder of Belgium working his way through the last six tables.

Christophe de Meulder.jpg

Chrisdm stayed strong in the middle of the pack as the tournament was reduced to three tables. But he became one of the shorter stacks amidst the turbo action. Just after the four-hear break, he finally pushed that stack all-in with K-4 against the A-4 of achen, and no king could save him. Christophe de Meulder exited in 19th place with $2,423.50.

The last two tables quickly thinned to only ten players, at which point hand-for-hand produced several double-ups that led to one key hand. FullMaster34 raised, and Powergolf reraised all-in with 9♦9♠. FullMaster34 called with A♠2♠, and the board of 5♣2♦7♠3♣2♣ made trip deuces to eliminate Powergolf in tenth place with $5,816.40.

FullMaster34 and Senterpied battle for chip lead

The final table started in Level 48, with blinds of 300,000/600,000 and a 75,000 ante. Players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: AAChri$AA (3,397,545 in chips)
Seat 2: achen (5,475,784 in chips)
Seat 3: schulle1 (4,572,094 in chips)
Seat 4: TOMASHAN (5,576,684 in chips)
Seat 5: dvash9 (2,741,704 in chips)
Seat 6: FullMaster34 (9,344,328 in chips)
Seat 7: actafool9 (5,210,402 in chips)
Seat 8: clunged (2,768,390 in chips)
Seat 9: Senterpied (9,383,069 in chips)


Dvash9 doubled through FullMaster34 to start things off.

The very next hand saw schulle1 push all-in from middle position with A♥Q♦, and FullMaster34 called from the big blind with A♦K♣. The board came 2♦5♠6♠5♥4♥, and the king kicker played to eliminate schulle1 in ninth place with $7,755.20.

Dvash9 made another move several hands later, pushing all-in UTG with 6♣6♥. Actafool9 reraised all-in to isolate, which worked, and showed A♦K♦. The flop of K♣9♦T♥ immediately gave actafool9 the edge, and the K♥ on the turn solidified that with trip kings. The Q♠ on the river sent dvash9 out in eighth place with $12,117.50.

TOMASHAN tripled through actafool9 and clunged. That loss for clunged forced an all-in on the small blind of the next hand. AAChri$AA also moved all-in, and TOMASHAN called both players.

clunged: K♦9♦

The board produced 5♣8♥8♠3♥5♥, and AAChri$AA doubled up while TOMASHAN took one of the side pots. Clunged was out in seventh place with $21,811.50.

TOMASHAN doubled through achen, and then achen doubled through FullMaster34.

Six-way deal

The final six players paused the tournament to discuss a potential deal, and chip-chop numbers were given. They were changed once, and then again amidst a very lengthy discussion before they finally agreed on these numbers. There was also $15,000 set aside for the eventual winner.

Seat 1: AAChri$AA (1,159,341 in chips) = $41,926.12
Seat 2: achen (6,231,644 in chips) = $73,017.40
Seat 4: TOMASHAN (4,994,924 in chips) = $55,168.24
Seat 6: FullMaster34 (12,683,896 in chips) = $99,251.07
Seat 7: actafool9 (11,642,126 in chips) = $93,981.57
Seat 9: Senterpied (11,758,069 in chips) = $94,123.68

About 45 minutes later, the action resumed, and it only took three hands to see big action. Achen pushed all-in with 4♣4♦, and TOMASHAN was along with A♦5♠. The board came 9♣7♦4♥J♥T♥ to give achen the set of fours and eliminate TOMASHAN in sixth place with $55,168.24.

Two hands later, AAChri$AA was all-in with the big blind holding Q♠7♠, and Senterpied called from the small blind with A♦4♥. Senterpied was ahead the entire way on the 2♣T♥A♥9♥3♥ board, resulting in a flush. AAChris$AA exited in fifth place with $41,926.12.

FullMaster34 suffered after the deal talks and finally risked it all with Q♠J♥ against the A♥Q♥ of Senterpied. The board of K♠A♠8♣6♣9♥ only put Senterpied further ahead with the pair of aces. FullMaster34 had to leave in fourth place with $99,251.07.

Actafool9 dominates

This double-up by actafool9 through achen put the former in solid chip position:

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Achen soon doubled through Senterpied but moved all-in again soon after. Achen took the risk with K♣6♦, and actafool9 called with A♦2♣. The board of 4♠4♥8♥7♠4♣ allowed the ace kicker to play, and achen was out in third place with $73,017.40.

Heads-up play started with these counts:

Seat 7: actafool9 (35,178,136 in chips)
Seat 9: Senterpied (13,291,864 in chips)

On the second hand of the duel, Senterpied pushed all-in with Q♥5♦, and actafool9 called with K♦8♣. The flop of 4♠K♣3♥ gave actafool9 two pair, and the A♣ and 8♦ finished the board with two pair for actafool9. Senterpied had to accept second place and $94,123.68.

Actafool9 of Germany won TCOOP Event 46 and $108,981.57 in cash. Congrats!

TCOOP Event 46 ($215 NLHE) Results (reflects 6-way deal):

1st place: actafool9 ($108,981.57)*
2nd place: Senterpied ($94,123.68)*
3rd place: achen ($73,017.40)*
4th place: FullMaster34 ($99,251.07)*
5th place: AAChri$AA ($41,926.12)*
6th place: TOMASHAN ($55,168.24)*
7th place: clunged ($21,811.50)
8th place: dvash9 ($12,117.50)
9th place: schulle1 ($7,755.20)

*Participants in an event six-way chop with $15,000 set aside for the winner.

It's the last day of TCOOP action! Check out the main page for leaderboard information and event results.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in TCOOP