TCOOP: Aliscan scores win in Event 44 Speedway Special ($33 NLHE)

TCOOP logo.pngYou know you're a poker player when ... you choose to play the TCOOP on PokerStars on a Saturday night rather than make any other plans. It takes some dedication to turn down a night out with friends, or even a relaxing evening with a movie, for turbo poker. The field will be tough and the beats could be bad, but there is a TCOOP title and a first prize of more than $33K on the line.

With only one more day of the inaugural TCOOP series remaining on the schedule, players had no qualms about spending their Saturday night on PokerStars. It was a standard NLHE tournament with a reasonable buy-in of $30 + $3, and it was a turbo event with five-minute levels. And though it started with a $100K guarantee, if past events were any indication, the prize pool would easily soar beyond that number.

And it did. Registration closed after one hour, and these were the resulting numbers:

Players: 7,447
Prize pool: $223,410.00
Paid players: 1,080

Oftentimes, we can create a sizeable list of the members of Team PokerStars Pro in the field, and a handful usually make it into the money. Not so much tonight. In fact, there were only four who made it into the top 2,000 players. Team Online's Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz finished in 1802nd place, and Team Pros Liv Boeree in 1690th and Nuno Coelho in 1147th. That left Team Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby heading into the money and beyond.

Martin Hruby.jpg

Eventually, AABenjaminAA found himself on the rail, exiting in 403rd place with $78.19. The money for other finishers jumped above $100 for 234th place and better, and the final 27 players were guaranteed more than $520 each for their finishes.

The three-hour mark saw five tables still in action, though play was moving along rather quickly. It took less than 10 minutes to reach the final three tables, and only two remained another 10 minutes later.

After the 12th place elimination of Long@Oonoo and 11th place elimination of millybug, hand-for-hand play lasted all of about one minute. Olivergraf pushed all-in from the button with A♠J♣, and DIABLOS_KZN called all-in from the big blind with a dominating A♦Q♦. The board came 7♦A♥J♥2♦7♠ to give olivergraf top two pair, though, and DIABLOS_KZN was gone in tenth place with $1,228.75.

Olivergraf over all with chip lead

At the very beginning of Level 40, with blinds at 120,000/240,000 and a 24,000 ante, the final table began with these chip counts:

Seat 1: W8B4Uact&Win (973,553 in chips)
Seat 2: iPUNI$H (2,341,943 in chips)
Seat 3: potop9916 (2,130,444 in chips)
Seat 4: olivergraf (5,920,534 in chips)
Seat 5: aliscan (3,950,182 in chips)
Seat 6: AllConfused (1,445,992 in chips)
Seat 7: shawn25nf (1,514,346 in chips)
Seat 8: ricoo30 (1,585,732 in chips)
Seat 9: FZ@CSGUS (2,478,274 in chips)


After a few hands, AllConfused doubled through aliscan amidst talk of pausing the tournament for a deal discussion. With at least one hold-out, though, the tournament had to continue.

AllConfused was ready. On the very next hand, when short-stacked W8B4Uact&Win pushed all-in, AllConfused was there to call with A♠K♥. W8B4Uact&Win showed 4♥4♦, which held up to the 7♠Q♠9♠ flop but not the A♦ on the turn. The 5♥ on the river eliminated W8B4Uact&Win in ninth place with $1,731.42.

Without delay, AllConfused raised on the next hand, and ricoo30 reraised all-in with A♠6♥. AllConfused called with A♠T♠, and the kicker played on the A♦8♠2♠9♣2♥ board. Ricoo30 left in eighth place with $2,680.92.

Potop9916 proceeded to double through FZ@CSGUS to stay alive.

When olivergraf raised preflop, shawn25nf pushed his last 426,346 chips all-in with 6♦5♥ to make the call. Olivergraf showed K♥9♦, and the board of 3♦Q♦T♣K♦2♠ brought a king to give olivergraf the pair. Shawn25nf departed in seventh place with $4,803.31.

It was iPUNI$H's turn to move all-in UTG, and FZ@CSGUS decided to call from the big blidn with A♣Q♠. All-in player iPUNI$H showed T♦7♦, but the board of 9♦K♣4♥K♠4♣ required the ace kicker to play. That eliminated iPUNI$H in sixth place with $6,925.71

The four-hour break consisted of more attempts at a deal talk, but all five players could not agree to see the numbers. So they played on with olivergraf still atop the leaderboard. After several all-in moves, aliscan took over the lead.

Divide it up!

The final five did agree to discuss a potential deal, and they asked for an even chop number. It came to $19,009.51, with $2,000.01 set aside for the winner, and they all agreed immediately. With that, play resumed.

AllConfused took control, first doubling through FZ@CSGUS here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Two hands later, FZ@CSGUS was the first to act and pushed all-in, and AllConfused called from the big blind with A♣K♣. FZ@CSGUS was on the line with 9♥8♠, which never improved on the Q♠7♦A♠4♥5♣ board. That left FZ@CSGUS out in fifth place with $19,009.51.

Aliscan started a subsequent hand with a raise, and olivergraf pushed all-in from the big blind for little less than 3 million chips. Aliscan called with 9♠9♣, and olivergraf showed K♣J♦. Nothing on the board of T♥3♦2♠2♣4♥ helped olivergraf, who left in fourth place with $19,009.51.

Potop9916 then tripled up through the other two players, aliscan doubled through AllConfused, and AllConfused doubled back through aliscan. Potop9916 doubled through AllConfused twice, and aliscan doubled through AllConfused twice. Are you confused?

Three players, one hand, the end

The very next hand after the last aliscan decided it all. AllConfused pushed all-in with 6.5 million chips, and potop9916 called all-in with less than 6 million. Aliscan called both players, and they turned over these hands:

aliscan: T♥T♦
AllConfused: A♦6♣
potop9916: 4♣4♥

The board came 9♣5♥J♦7♠8♥, leaving potop9916 with only a pair of fours, good for third place and $19,009.51. AllConfused had a nine-high straight, but that couldn't beat the jack-high straight of aliscan. AllConfused accepted second place and $19,009.51.

Aliscan of the Netherlands won this TCOOP Speedway Special and $21,009.52 in cash. Congrats!

TCOOP Event 44 ($33 NLHE) Results (reflects 5-way deal):

1st place: aliscan ($21,009.52)*
2nd place: AllConfused ($19,009.51)*
3rd place: potop9916 ($19,009.51)*
4th place: olivergraf ($19,009.51)*
5th place: FZ@CSGUS ($19,009.51)*
6th place: iPUNI$H ($6,925.71)
7th place: shawn25nf ($4,803.31)
8th place: ricoo30 ($2,680.92)
9th place: W8B4Uact&Win ($1,731.42)

*Participants in an event five-way chop with $2,000.01 set aside for the winner.

There's only one day left to get in on the TCOOP action! Check out the main page for updates, leaderboard information, and a full schedule of events.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in TCOOP