TCOOP: Andy123460 of Canada wins Event 23 ($153 NLHE 6-Max Hyper Turbo)

TCOOP logo.pngThe Turbo Championship of Online Poker consists of a series of turbo tournaments. Some of the events, like this one, are hyper turbo tournaments. It means three-minute levels and some of the fastest poker you'll ever see. Or you might not see it if you blink. We haven't blinked yet. And it's probably not healthy.

With a hyper turbo structure, players must be prepared to make quick decisions, play more hands, and use those chips optimally ... or lose them to blinds and antes. It requires a mindset that is on full speed and high alert. Ready, set, go!

Event 23 required a $150 + $3 buy-in, offered a $200K guarantee, and allowed only 30 minutes for late registration. Here's what came of that:

Players: 2,995
Prize pool: $449,250.00
Paid players: 390

The action whipped along quickly, and hand-for-hand play for the money bubble happened only 46 minutes into the tournament with 392 players remaining. Seconds later, Vagnaum was eliminated in 391st place, and everyone else was guaranteed $260.56 for hanging in there.

Three players sporting the PokerStars logo made it into the money, and Team Online's Kristian "CharismA3" Martin was the first to be eliminated, leaving in 336th place. Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was the next to go in 272nd place, and Team Online's Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman (pictured below) finally left the party in 175th place with $449.25.

Kevin Thurman.jpg

The second hour of play saw the field thin just as fast, with tables disappearing quickly and the final table rapidly approaching. About 20 minutes into that hour, seven tables remained, and only three tables were running at the 1.5-hour mark.

Didibearrr was eliminated in ninth and Zufall84 in eighth to bring on hand-for-hand play. Andy123460 raised from the small blind, and 4DTitle reraised all-in from the big blind. Andy123460 called with 9♦5♥, which was behind the J♠7♦ of 4DTitle until the flop of T♣3♣9♠. The pair of nines held up to the A♣ and K♣, and 4DTitle was ousted in seventh place with $5,391.00.

Chip10Leader chip leader

The final table began in Level 34, with blinds of 100,000/200,000 and a 40,000 ante. Starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: andy123460 (2,073,794 in chips)
Seat 2: PULGUITO (1,571,106 in chips)
Seat 3: dave798111 (3,132,988 in chips)
Seat 4: LiMa171 (3,016,968 in chips)
Seat 5: Chip10Leader (4,548,345 in chips)
Seat 6: brikichiki (631,799 in chips)


Short-stacked brikichiki moved all-in on the second hand of action with A♠5♠, and original raiser dave798111 called with J♥J♠. The board came 8♥J♣2♣2♥6♦, and the full house was more than enough to eliminate brikichiki in sixth place with $8,028.09.

Five hands later, LiMa171 moved all-in from early position, and PULGUITO called all-in from the big blind with Q♠9♠. LiMa171 turned over a dominating A♥Q♥, and the kicker played as the board came Q♣4♣8♦7♥4♠. PULGUITO was eliminated in fifth place with $15,723.75.

Andy123460 hit a big double-up through dave798111 to take the lead:

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Dave798111 was all-in in the big blind on the very next hand, and Chip10Leader and andy123460 both called. They checked down the 2♣3♥5♥Q♥2♥ board, and andy123460 showed 9♥3♠ for the flush and won the main and side pots. Dave798111 was eliminated in fourth place with $24,708.75.

Deal it up, three ways

The last three players paused to discuss a chop, and they did finally agree to some numbers. With $4,000 extra to be paid to the winner, the payout figures were as follows:

Seat 1: andy123460 (6,968,581 in chips) = $54,753.94
Seat 4: LiMa171 (4,073,074 in chips) = $52,623.39
Seat 5: Chip10Leader (3,933,345 in chips) = $49,231.03

Chip10Leader then doubled through LiMa171 to take the chip lead, but a subsequent changed that. LiMa171 pushed that short stack all-in, and Chip10Leader reraised all-in. Andy123460 called all-in, and they showed these hands:

Chip10Leader: A♠5♥
Andy123460: J♥J♦
LiMa171: 7♥5♠

The board came K♥6♣T♦K♣2♣, and the jacks won the side and main pots for andy123460. LiMa171 was gone in third place with $52,623.39.

Hyper turbo heads-up

The final two players started their battle with these counts:

Seat 1: andy123460 (13,956,891 in chips)
Seat 5: Chip10Leader (1,018,109 in chips)

Chip10Leader pushed on the first hand and doubled with T♠4♠ over 8♣2♣. The next hand saw another double for Chip10Leader when 9♣6♣ beat K♣8♥ by making a flush.

The third hand saw Chip10Leader make another push, this time with Q♥8♣. Andy123460 called with A♥T♦, and the board blanked with 3♣J♣6♣9♥K♥. The ace held up as the high card and eliminated Chip10Leader in second place with $49,231.03.

Andy123460 won Event 23 of TCOOP and $58,753.94. Congrats!

TCOOP Event 23 ($153 NLHE 6-Max Hyper Turbo) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: andy123460 ($58,753.94)*
2nd place: Chip10Leader ($49,231.03)*
3rd place: LiMa171 ($52,623.39)*
4th place: dave798111 ($24,708.75)
5th place: PULGUITO ($15,723.75)
6th place: brikichiki ($8,028.09)

*Reflects three-way deal with $4K extra for the winner

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in TCOOP