TCOOP: Arxigos aces Event 18 for PLO title ($22+R PLO 6-Max 2x-Turbo)

TCOOP logo.pngSundays are typically leisure days, ones that offer a slower pace than the rest of the week with time to relax. Even with the regular Sunday tournaments on PokerStars, players can ease in to the action with the Sunday Warm-Up and other events. It may be a grind at times, but it's the same leisurely grind to which Sunday online poker players are accustomed.

Today was not leisurely. Fun? Yes. Relaxed? Not exactly.

In addition to the Sunday majors, daily tournaments, and cash game action, there was the fourth day of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. TCOOP had no less than SIX events on the schedule for today, and the turbo nature of the tournaments forced players to pay attention, get into action, and go go go!

TCOOP Event 18 was one of them. If the turbo part wasn't enough, this was a 2x turbo event, and a Pot Limit Omaha rebuy on top of that. And the turnout was solid for the $150K guarantee and exciting PLO action.

Players: 4,649
Rebuys: 11,568
Add-ons: 1,862
Prize pool: $361,580.00
Paid players: 600

Registration closed after the first hour, and the craziness of the rebuys and add-ons stopped and players exited. More than half of the field was gone, and the second hour looked as if it would take players into the money.

That's exactly what happened, as minutes before the two-hour mark, hand-for-hand play gave way to a quick exit from fengikareh in 601st place, guaranteeing everyone else a minimum of $137.40 for their original investment.

There were several players representing Team PokerStars continuing their efforts in the tournament. The first to cash out was Team Pro Toni Judet of Romania in 511th place, Richard Toth followed less than 10 minutes later in 391st place and George Danzer in 304th. Team Online's Javier "El_Canonero" Dominguez left in 200th place, Team Pro Henrique Pinho in 193rd, Team Online's Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli in 173rd, Team Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby in 113th, and Lex Veldhuis in 59th.

That left Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth of Ireland as the last Team Pro standing, but he was ousted from the tournament in 39th place with $994.34.

Jude Ainsworth 2.jpg

As the 3.5-hour mark approached, three tables were reduced to two, and eliminations started with with AAprosimAA out in 12th, Aquasces1 in 11th, and djamka in 10th. The quick bustouts of Carteio in ninth and andersmeli in eighth brought hand-for-hand play.

Sasuke234 was the player to risk it all with K♥8♠7♥A♦, and entim was along for the ride with J♥5♣Q♦7♣. The board came 5♦T♣J♦3♣Q♣ to give entim the club flush, and Sasuke234 departed in seventh place with $3,977.38.

Arxigos and entim battle for chip lead

With blinds at 375,000/750,000 in Level 38, the final table was set with these starting chip stacks:

Seat 1: batcaveman (2,771,630 in chips)
Seat 2: entim (14,832,002 in chips)
Seat 3: arxigos (15,440,170 in chips)
Seat 4: SuperPoep (1,875,960 in chips)
Seat 5: chipeater102 (11,243,270 in chips)
Seat 6: PS_Almelo (4,890,968 in chips)


Arxigos proceeded to take a 16 million-chip pot almost immediately from entim, though, to secure a solid first place on the leaderboard. Batcaveman doubled through chipeater102 to stay alive.

SuperPoep was short and called all-in from the big blind with T♥5♣5♥3♣, and original raiser entim was there with 5♠9♣A♦K♥. SuperPoep never improved as the dealer gave them 2♦Q♦K♦9♠J♦, while entim came up with two pair. SuperPoep left the table in sixth place with $6,146.86.

On the very next hand, PS_Almelo made a move with 6♥K♣K♠3♣, and original raiser arxigos called with A♠8♠6♠2♥. That hand improved to a two pair on the A♥2♦T♥ flop, and the 5♠ turn and 9♥ river let it be. PS_Almelo exited in fifth place with $10,847.40.

Chipeater102 doubled through chipeater102 in this hand to change the makeup of the leaderboard for the final four:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Batcaveman shoved UTG with 5♥J♦A♦8♦, and arxigos called from the small blind with 4♦2♣T♦9♣. That hand turned into a set of tens on the 3♠T♣T♥ flop, didn't change on the 6♦, but made a full house on the 2♥ river. Batcaveman had to flee in fourth place with $18,852.78.

Entim doubled through chipeater102, but it was on the very next hand that entim moved again. A series of preflop raises led to entim all-in with 8♥7♠9♣T♠. Arxigos showed A♥Q♥3♠7♥ and improved to two pair on the 4♠3♥4♦2♥K♦ board. Entim exited in third place with $28,926.40.

Heads-up for two hands

If the tournament wasn't going fast enough already, the heads-up match was decided in just two hands. The players started with these counts:

Seat 3: arxigos (44,096,942 in chips)
Seat 5: chipeater102 (6,957,058 in chips)

Chipeater102 doubled on the first hand with a full house over two pair. Just as the two decided to see chop numbers, they got into the second hand. Chipeater102 raised, arxigos reraised, and chipeater102 called all-in with Q♥K♣7♣6♠. Arxigos turned over 3♣T♣5♠A♥ and hit a straight when the board showed 6♣7♥A♦4♠2♣. That left chipeater102 of Belgium out in second place with $39,773.80.

Congratulations to arxigos of Germany for the TCOOP title and $55,143.65 cash win!

TCOOP Event 18 ($22+R PLO 6-Max 2x-Turbo) Results:

1st place: arxigos ($55,143.65)
2nd place: chipeater102 ($39,773.80)
3rd place: entim ($28,926.40)
4th place: batcaveman ($18,852.78)
5th place: PS_Almelo ($10,847.40)
6th place: SuperPoep ($6,146.86)

There are many more TCOOP events on the schedule. Check out the main page for updates, leaderboard information, and a full schedule of events.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in TCOOP