TCOOP: Cejakas14 crushes Event #11 ($109 Heads-up NLHE)

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngEight and a half hours? Granted, that's pretty long for a TCOOP tournament, but considering a standard-speed version of today's $109 NLHE heads-up event would take the better part of two days, eight and a half hours is a pretty good clip to go from 2,830 to one. The $150K guarantee on Event #11 was obliterated long before cards went in the air, the prize pool swelling to $283,000. 256 places were paid with the champion set to earn $48,110, and to get there, it would take twelve straight heads-up wins.

Vying for the title were 17 members of Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online. Five made the money, including Martin Hruby (163rd), Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas (145th), Bjorn "Bjoerni89" Schneider (99th), Johannes Strassman (88th), and Liv Boeree (73rd), who was eliminated by eventual winner Cejakas14.

Boeree wasn't the only leading lady of poker to fall to Cejakas14 tonight. The last match to finish before the quarterfinal saw Cejakas14 go up against model-turned-poker pro Christina "lindeyloo22" Lindley. Down to 12.5 big blinds, Lindley three-bet shoved with K♠J♣, but could not catch up to Cejakas14's A♦9♦. Cejakas14 paired his nine on the turn and moved on to the quarterfinals, while Lindley departed in ninth place.

How much do we love the official bracket?


niclas237 vs. Harv$$103:

Niclas237 made swift work of Harv$$103, notching the win after less than ten minutes of play. After grinding his stack up to 6,500, niclas237 flopped a set of fives and rivered a full house on a 8♣6♠5♦T♥T♠ board, getting three streets of value along the way. A few hands later, Harv$$103 check-raised all-in for his last 1,695 holding 5♥8♥ on a 8♦7♣2♦ flop, only to have niclas237 snap-call with K♠K♦. The kings held and Harv$$103 ended his run in eighth place while niclas237 moved on to the semi-finals.

uldano vs. dh7889:

This match was strange to say the least. After dh7889 timed out of his first half-dozen or so hands, it appeared as if he might have connection issues. His frustrated opponent began venting into the chat box.

uldano: ???
uldano: play faster

A hover of the mouse over dh7889's avatar revealed his connection level at 100%, but he continued to time out, hand after hand. Uldano was convinced there was foul play at work and voiced these concerns.

uldano: you are cheating
uldano: you are no dh7889
uldano: multiacc
uldano: should sit out
uldano: i report this for the suipport

After timing out 36 straight hands and blinding down to about 3,500, dh7889 finally started moving chips into the pot but was unable to recover. The match continued for another 15 hands before uldano hit top two pair on a Q♦9♥4♦ flop. After check-raising dh7889's 280-chip bet to 675, dh7889 moved in for 3,055 with K♣K♥ and uldano snap-called, his Q♣9♦ boating up on the turn when the Q♥ fell. Uldano punched his ticket to the semis while dh7889 departed in seventh place, earning $7,782,50.

el17@bk vs. qqgo:

After four levels of small-pot poker, el17@bk edged out to a lead after his A♣2♥ turned top two pair on a T♠T♥7♣A♠ board. El17@bk slyly check-called qqgo's 600-chip bet, then checked again when the 3♣ hit the river. Qqgo took a final stab at the pot, betting 1,100 with his king-high but el17@bk called, taking down the 5,000 pot. Two minutes later it looked as if qqgo might find a double-up, getting the rest of his chips in with A♣K♥ against el17@bk's A♥5♥, but the Russian caught running straight cards, the board falling K♠7♦4♦6♣8♥ to give him an eight-high straight and send qqgo to the rail in sixth.

Cejakas14 vs. AmarulaBr:

AmarulaBr picked the wrong time to bluff in what would be his last hand, shoving the river with a busted straight draw right into Cejakas14's top pair to go out in fifth place:


uldano vs. niclas237:

Uldano quickly moved out to the chip lead, picking up three consecutive pots before the eighth-hour break. The largest one saw niclas237 call to the river on a 9♦9♣J♣7♦2♥ board, only to have uldano show him A♦9♠ for trips. Shortly after action resumed, niclas237 opened for a min-raise to 120 holding 2♦2♠ and uldano three-bet to 480. Niclas237 moved all-in for his last 1,520 and uldano called, revealing 7♠7♦. The sevens held and uldano moved on to the final match while niclas237 collected $15,565 for fourth place, certainly a worthy return on a $109 investment

Cejakas14 vs. el17@bk

El17@bk moved out to an early lead and held it until the third level, when Cejakas14 found a double-up. All the money went in on a Q♣J♠4♣ flop, Cejakas14 holding K♣K♦ against el17@bk's K♥Q♦. The turn and river blanked with the 8♣ and the 6♠, sending the 7,900-chip pot Cejakas14's way. Minutes later, a preflop raising war broke out, Cejakas14 four-betting to 699 only to have el17@bk five-bet shove for 2,552. Cejakas14 quickly called with J♣J♠, leaving el17@bk to reveal his stone bluff with T♣5♦. Cejakas14 flopped top set and finished off el17@bk in third place, moving on to the finals where he'd face uldano.


THE FINALS: Cejakas14 vs. uldano

Our final two immediately decided to pause the action and discuss a deal. Cejaks14 and uldano agreed to split the remainder of the prize pool evenly, leaving the required $3,000 in play for the eventual winner. Each would take home at least $35,290 for their troubles.

When action resumed it was a small-pot slog for the better part of three levels before Cejakas14 went on a tear, winning 12 out of 15 pots. The largest of them didn't even go to showdown, Cejakas14 pushing uldano off his hand with a shove on the turn:

Three hands later, all the chips were in the middle, uldano three-bet shoving for his last 1,325 on a T♦8♣8♥ flop. Cejakas14 called, his T♣7♣ leading uldano's 3♠3♥. Only a three could save uldano, but Cejakas14 managed to improve even further on the turn and river, the 9♠ and the J♥ falling to make him a jack-high straight and seal his TCOOP win.

Congratulations to Cejakas14 on going 12-0 to win TCOOP Event #11 and $38,290! For his runner-up finish, uldano earned $35,290.

2012 TCOOP Event #11 ($109 Heads-Up NLHE) results:

1. Cejakas14 (United Kingdom) $38,290.00*
2. uldano (Hungary) $35,290.00*
3. el17@bk (Russia) $15,565.00
4. niclas237 (Sweden) $15,565.00
5. AmarulaBr (Brazil) $7,782.50
6. qqgo (Bulgaria) $7,782.50
7. dh7889 (Germany) $7,782.50
8. Harv$$103 (United Kingdom) $7,782.50

*= reflects the result of a two-way deal that left an additional $3,000 for the winner

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in TCOOP