TCOOP: chismann chisels out a win in Event 5, $22 PL Draw

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngIf you learned to play poker well before the advent of the online game, chances are you started off with Five-Card Draw. Compared to some other forms of poker it's a relatively simple game to learn, and with only two rounds of betting the action moves along at a pretty good pace. And even if you learned another game first, chances are you would end up playing Draw at some point or another, if only because everyone else started off with it. Today's event, then, at least for some, was the strange combination of a nostalgia trip and uncharted territory. Even a game like Draw takes on funny new dimensions when faced with the blazing speed of TCOOP's tournament structures. With five-minute levels and pot-limit betting, a quick day was in the cards.

Late registration ended after one hour, leaving us with a total field 3,010 players and a prize pool of $60,200 - a 20-percent improvement over the guarantee. At that point half of the players had found their way out of the running, leaving just under 1,500 players to fight it out over the scheduled $9,482.20 first-place prize.

Team Pro and Team online shut out

Team PokerStars Pro was well-represented in the field today, but none of its members were able to cash. The closest to the money was George Danzer (490th place), quite a bit further than teammates Alex Kravchenko (1,069th), Marcin "Goral" Horecki (1,345th), Pierre "Zoutechamp" Neuville (1,877th), Bryan Huang (1,939th), and Martin Staszko (2,234th) but still not enough for a payday. Team Online fared exactly as well, with its two representatives on hand - Kristian "CharismA3" Martin (1,278th) and tournament host Anders "Donald" Berg (1,698th) - both finishing well short of the money.


George Danzer was the last Team Pro to fall

All of the Team Pro and Team Online members who played may have been out of contention as the second break of the tournament began, but there were another 389 players with designs of joining yesterday's winners in the ranks of TCOOP champions. The money bubble popped during hand-for-hand play just before that break began when Australia's NiceHand53 busted out, guaranteeing a payday of at least $34.91 for the rest of the field. Austria's Kulincanin also busted during hand-for-hand and was the first to claim a payout in 390th place.

Pressure drop

The next hour saw the field narrowed to just 47 players. Leading the way was Romania's superbig1985 with 1,058,648 chips, followed by Germany's maulinho (944,881 chips), Ireland sincinaty118 (748,051 chips), India's aniceboy (644,461 chips) and Germany's chismann (642,924 chips). With the blinds at 12.5K/25K and antes at 6,250, even the tournament chip leader's stack was only enough to get around the table 14 times. The one sure thing as play resumed was that everyone with any hope of winning would need to seize each and every opportunity to stay ahead of the turbo structure.

The blinds reached 30K/60K with 15K antes when the action was down to just four tables and things started to really move along, with any decent-sized pot being enough to give a player the lead. The tournament found itself down to 23 players after Australia's bandidopot took out JRIOS45 to top the leaderboard with 1.79 million. The Australian ended up clashing with the player on his left, chismann, who won a pot to take the lead but then lost the next one to trade the lead right back to bandidopot. On other tables, ottepod of the Netherlands and Ikini_Fikini of Austria won pots to put each of them into the momentary chip lead as well. Of these players, only ottepod and chismann would still be going with two tables remaining, testament to this turbo tournament's roller-coaster nature.

With 12 players left ottepod held the chip lead, followed by Russia's I.Murtazin, Argentina's Daniel XIIX, Russia's Kvikiii, chismann, and Ukraine's burkin23. Of the next six eliminations, four would be from that group, setting up a final table that looked like this:

TCOOP-05 Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: olik888 (471,181 chips)
Seat 2: Daniel XIIX (1,616,610 chips)
Seat 3: zokete (459,984 chips)
Seat 4: chismann (2,997,696 chips)
Seat 5: ottepod (5,229,730 chips)
Seat 6: FlyingSumo (4,274,799 chips)

2012 TCOOP-05 final table.jpg

zokete rising

Spain's zokete came in on the short stack but doubled up immediately, being dealt two pair, jacks and threes, before the draw and staying ahead of ottepod's pair of aces, which didn't improve despite drawing three cards. Then zokete scored the first knockout of the final table - and ate further into ottepod's chip lead - with this pot:

That sent olik8888 of Estonia out in 6th place, good for $1,075.77.

The run-good didn't stop there for zokete, who eliminated Daniel XIIX after two confrontations. In the first Daniel XIIX opened for 760K, leaving himself 456,610 chips behind. The response from zokete was an all-in three-bet, to which Daniel XIIX folded. Then both players appeared to be dealt three of a kind before the draw - they got their money in and Daniel XIIX took one card, showing down 3♦ 7♥ 3♣ 3♠ T♥. zokete took two cards and showed down K♥ K♦ Q♥ A♥ K♠ for a better set and that was it for Daniel XIIX, who finished 5th ($2,107).

At that point the four remaining players opted to discuss a deal. Sometimes the process of making a deal can be thorny, but today's players were exceptionally amenable to chopping up the prize pool. Within moments of tournament host Donald relaying the numbers - $6,712.45 to zokete, $5,920.09 to FlyingSumo, $5,680.52 to chismann, $5,520.14 to ottepod based on their chip counts, with $1,000 left over for first place - each player typed "I agree" and the final stage was set.

With a deal in place and blinds up to 100K/200K with a 50K ante, there was never any doubt that the action would sail right along. And so it did, though it took some time to actually eliminate a player. On the 28th hand of four-handed play it was ottepod who finally hit the rail in 4th place, showing down a pair of queens that lost to FlyingSumo's two pair, eights and fives. The blinds would rise to 150K/300L with a 75K ante before the next player was eliminated. That was zokete, who got all-in before the draw and took two cards; chismann took one card and showed down 4♠ T♦ T♣ 4♥ 4♣ for fours full of tens, which easily topped zokete's pair of eights to send the Spaniard home in 3rd place.

2012 TCOOP-05 heads-up.jpg

The remaining two players, FlyingSumo and chismann, put on quite a show in the face of the advancing blinds and antes. The lead changed hands numerous times and each player had an opportunity to put the other away. In the end chismann pulled ahead at the right moment, just in time for this hand to seal the championship:

Just four hours and 26 minutes after the first cards were dealt, the latest TCOOP champion had been crowned. Congratulations are due to chismann for earning the extra $1,000 and the TCOOP championship, as well as to the rest of the final table participants for holding on through this roller coaster of a tournament.

TCOOP Event 5, $22 PL Draw
3,010 entries, $60,200 prize pool

1st place - chismann (Germany) - $6,680.52*
2nd place - FlyingSumo (Norway) - $5,920.09*
3rd place - zokete (Spain) - $6,712.45*
4th place - ottepod (Netherlands) - $5,520.14*
5th place - Daniel XIIX (Argentina) - $2,107
6th place - olik8888 (Estonia) - $1,075.77
* - denotes result of four-way deal

Jason Kirk
@PokerStarsBlog in TCOOP