TCOOP: Freerolling to $40k

Thumbnail image for 13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngAt 23 years old, a guy we'll call Colby (because, er, that's his name) makes his living playing poker. That is to say, he had money on PokerStars before this whole Turbo Championship of Online Poker thing came to be. However, that didn't stop him from cashing in on the TCOOP depositor freerolls recently. He made another deposit on PokerStars and got a ticket to TCOOP Event #1. If the story ended there it wouldn't be a very big deal. After all, more than 44,000 people showed up, and Colby, also known as...ahem...Team Sexy14...was just one of them.

Just one of them, indeed, until he managed to finish second for more than $40,000. In fact, Colby was one of two people in the top three players to freeroll the event for a $40k+ finish.

"When I'm not grinding the virtual felt, I'm usually just chillin' with my girlfriend," Colby said.


Colby and friend (but not his girlfriend)

So, the thing about winning $40,000 on a buy-in of...well, that people like, say, your girlfriend start to expect things of you.

"Now she wants me to pay for a trip to the Dominican," Colby said.

Will he? Well, that's a private matter. Right now, despite being flush with freeroll cash, Colby has other things in mind.

"This cash is definitely nice, but I wanted that bracelet1 so bad," he said today. "What's next for me is shipping more tournies and SNGs, my friend, and try and get a bracelet."

1 Actually, it may not be a bracelet, but you get the idea. We're still waiting to see what the exclusive winner's prize will be for TCOOP champs. WCOOP winners get a bracelet. SCOOP winners get a watch. TCOOP winners? I suggested a stopwatch, but everybody looked at me like I had underwear on my head, so probably not that. Heck, maybe it will be a bracelet, after all.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in TCOOP