TCOOP: Not everyone loves turbos (but you probably should)

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngNot everyone loves turbos, and I've heard some of my peers bemoan the lack of deepstacked, early level play with 100+ BBs. But from my perspective, deepstacked play is simply not the most important skill for a tournament player, and regardless of the speed of the structure, your success in a tournament will most often be decided by decisions that you face holding 10-40BB stacks.

To me, a turbo tournament tests the relevant skills of a tournament player in the most efficient, and fun, manner possible. You are forced to take thin gambles more quickly, and being able to properly take those gambles is the essence of tournament poker, whether it's the $1 rebuy or the WSOP main event.

I love turbos because I have a short attention span and a high demand for action, which is partly why I play tournaments to begin with. It's a clear structure: The starting line is when you hit the register button, and the finish line is when one player is left with all the chips. I play tournaments because I need that structure--I need to be dragged towards the finish line.

Shane Schlager_2012 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_GIR6533.jpg

Whether you love them or not, turbos have become a significant part of the MTT landscape, and the demand for the format is demonstrably high. So when TCOOP was announced, it felt like a "no-brainer" addition to the schedule, a way to more permanently celebrate what has become a very popular form of tournament poker.

Whether you are a full-time grinder or someone who plays a few tournaments a week, there is no better opportunity to take down a significant 5- or 6-figure score in a poker tournament than in this upcoming TCOOP series. As someone who used to work a day job and then come home and register for one or two poker tournaments, I can certainly appreciate this. Not everyone has the long hours (or days) to devote to championship events like WCOOP and SCOOP, and this series will give those people the chance to play for big money without disrupting their normal lives. In this way, I guess a turbo series emphasizes the egalitarian aspect of a poker tournament even better than the more epic, drawn out series later in the year--anyone with a buyin has a shot at a big win.

Shane 'shaniac' Schleger
@PokerStars in TCOOP