TCOOP: Sweeping up the guarantees

Thumbnail image for 13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngWoah. Somebody made a mess. And somebody better clean it up before Mom gets home or we're all going to be in trouble. Here, she put up all these beautiful TCOOP guarantees, and what do we do? We shatter them, destroy them, leave them in shards all over the floor. What a mess. What a shameful, shameful mess.

Before Mom gets home, let's just take an inventory of the mess you've made.

The very first event of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker had a respectable $200,000 guarantee. By the time registration closed, the prize pool was $895,749 on a $22 buy-in. Nearly 45,000 of you showed up and danced on the grave of that $200,000 guarantee. It was like an asteroid fell from the sky and landed directly on the guarantee. There is no cleaning up a mess like that.


From there, it was like a food fight starting in a biker bar. It's only going to get worse (or, better, depending on how you like it). Event #2, a NLO8 event, has a $50,000 guarantee turn into a $130,110 prize pool. Event #3, a $124 NL Hold'em Knockout event guaranteed a quarter million bucks. It awarded more than double that to 720 of the 5561 entrants.

Still the mess continued. There was no stopping it. Bull in a china shop? This was more like the whole population of China in a china shop. Event #4 guaranteed $100,000 for the $33 buy-in event. When registration was closed, nearly 10,000 people had signed up for a $296,310 prize pool. First place was with more than $43,000. Just this morning, Event #5, PL 5-card, draw beat it's $50,000 guarantee by $10,000.

So, that's how it works, huh? Mom just builds all these wonderful guarantees, and we destroy them just for our own amusement? Well, okay. There are still 45 more events to come over the next nine days. Do your worst. Let's just see what kind of mess you can make.

To plan your assault, vist the TCOOP website.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in TCOOP