TCOOP: thomber26 tops the field in Event #22 ($82 Omaha Hi/Lo), Nuno Coelho 3rd

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngTypically one of the slowest-paced games in the poker canon, Omaha Hi/Lo got the TCOOP treatment today, resulting in a tournament that not only took a scant three hours and forty minutes to play down from over a thousand players to a winner, but featured a 16-minute final table.

No need to check your vision. You read that right. 16 minutes. Most of us have played single hands that have taken more time. Heck, it takes me longer than that to blow-dry my hair in the morning and I'm not particularly vain or high-maintenance. 16 freakin' minutes. Even with split pots. God bless TCOOP.

1,085 players put up $82 apiece to get in on the rapid-fire action, creating an $81,375 prize pool. 144 places were paid with the champion set to earn $14,224.93. Fourteen members of Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online were in the mix, including Pat Pezzin, Shane "shaniac" Schleger, Martin Staszko, and Alex Kravchenko, who cashed in 101st place. His elimination left Lex Veldhuis and Nuno Coelho flying the mighty Red Spade, and with twelve players remaining, both were still in the hunt.

By this point, the limits were in nosebleed territory at 100,000/200,000, the average stack representing only two and a half big bets. Facing an under-the-gun raise from thomber26 and a 214,000 shove from ecumonedas, Lex Veldhuis called all-in for 174,000 from the big blind, his A♥2♣6♠9♣ up against thomber26's A♦3♣T♥K♥ and ecumonedas' 2♠3♦5♥8♥. The 8♣5♠8♦Q♠J♠ board made ecumonedas the high with eights full of fives, and with no possible low, he scooped the 600k pot, eliminating Veldhuis in 12th place.

Lex Veldhuis, 12th place

With ten players left, three medium stacks went to war, Tlick777 opening for a raise to 240,000, and both Levi999 and meself7819 calling from the blinds. The action checked to Tlick777 on the K♥T♣6♥ flop, his 120,000 c-bet called in both spots. Levi999 bet his last 77,470 when the 3♠ hit the turn and both opponents called.

Tlick777: 3♦5♦7♠9♠ (pair of threes, straight draw, low draw)
Levi999: A♠2♠2♣T♦ (pair of tens, nut low draw)
meself7819: A♦3♥4♥9♥ (pair of threes, flush draw, low draw)

The 2♥ on the river was gin for meself7819, making his flush as well as a 6-4-3-2-A low to scoop the pot. Levi999 was crippled to only 6,610 in chips while Tlick777 was eliminated on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: epitomised (590,812 in chips)
Seat 2: ~Peeranha~ (498,284 in chips)
Seat 3: meself7819 (1,244,922 in chips)
Seat 4: Levi999 (6,610 in chips)
Seat 5: nuno coelho (911,926 in chips)
Seat 6: ecumonedas (482,058 in chips)
Seat 7: brsariego (668,860 in chips)
Seat 8: woody1234321 (413,320 in chips)
Seat 9: thomber26 (608,208 in chips)

Although Levi999 managed to triple up on the first hand of the final table, the rest of his chips were in the middle on the third. Thomber26 and epitomised capped the betting on the side preflop before thomber26 tossed in his remaining 8,208 on the 9♠8♥2♠ flop. Thomber26 turned over A♣A♦4♦6♦ for aces and the second-nut low draw while epitomised revealed 2♣3♥3♦5♠ (pair of threes and a low draw) and Levi999 turned over the nut flush draw with A♠K♠Q♠J♣. Levi999 missed on the turn, the 5♥ making epitomised two pair and thomber26 an 8-5-4-2-A low. Only a spade could save Levi999, but the K♣ fell instead, sending him to the rail in ninth place while his opponents split the pot.

Thomber26's next victim was woody1234321, who moved all-in for his last 233,320 with 3♦5♥6♦6♥. Thomber26 raised to 320,000 from the cutoff, having picked up aces again with A♥A♦2♦4♥. Meself7819 called from the big blind, only to check-fold to thomber26's bet on the Q♦9♣3♥ flop. The turn and river fell the T♦ and the 8♣ and thomber26's aces held to scoop the 780,000 pot and eliminate woody1234321 in eighth place.

Brsariego was the next to try his luck against thomber26, betting his last 390,000 before the flop with A♠A♣K♥J♦. Thomber26 came along with the rather modest 4♥6♠9♠9♣, but went runner-runner to make a flush against brsaiego's aces up, the board running out 5♦4♠2♥2♠5♠. Brsariego exited in seventh place while thomber26 increased his chip lead to 2.1 million.

Portuguese Team Pro Nuno Coelho escaped elimination when he doubled through epitomised, his A♦2♣4♥8♥ making aces up against epitomised's queens up. Epitomised was left with only 103,000, but ~Peeranha~ ended up being the next to fall after moving in his last 138,000 with A♣2♦3♦T♣ against meself7819's 2♣4♠5♦Q♥ big blind special. The J♥4♦2♠K♠3♣ board made meself7819 fours and deuces, edging out ~Peeranha~'s threes and deuces to send him home in sixth. Epitomised followed him out the door a few hands later when thomber26's A♥6♦7♠9♥ flopped the nut flush and rivered an 8-6 low against his Q♣Q♦J♦3♣ .

Three hands later, ecumonedas got his stack in the middle preflop with 2♣2♥3♥T♦ against thomber26's A♥4♥5♦Q♥. The 7♦5♣3♣7♣K♥ board made thomber26 sevens and fives with a 7-5-4-3-A low, good for his fifth KO at the final table. For his fourth-place finish, ecumondedas took home $5,777.62.

Nuno Coelho lost most of his stack when he doubled up meself7819, missing his nut low draw after a 7♥4♦7♦ flop. Coelho split the next two pots to survive, but ultimately bet his last 543,000 before the flop with 4♣9♦Q♠K♦. Thomber26 called (surprise) with A♦4♠7♥K♣. The board ran out 8♣3♥2♥A♥9♠, making thomber26 a pair of aces and a 7-4 low to scoop the pot (surprise) and eliminate Coelho in 3rd place.

Nuno Coelho, 3rd place ($7,730.62)

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 3: meself7819 (3,316,412 in chips)
Seat 9: thomber26 (2,108,588 in chips)

With the limits up to 250,000/500,000, less than eleven big bets were in play by the time we reached heads-up play. It took only ten hands to find a winner, thomber26 taking out his seventh opponent at the final table when he rivered a jack-high flush and a 6-5 low to eliminate meself7819:

Congratulations to thomber26 on a dominating final table performance. $14,224.93 is headed his way for the win, while runner-up meself7819 banked $10,334.62.

2012 TCOOP Event #22 ($82 Omaha Hi/Lo) results:

1. thomber26 (Norway) $14,224.93
2. meself7819 (Austria) $10,334.62
3. nuno coelho (Portugal) $7,730.62
4. ecumonedas (Ecuador) $5,777.62
5. epitomised (United Kingdom) $4,068.75
6. ~Peeranha~ (Moldova) $3,255.00
7. brsariego (Spain) $2,441.25
8. woody1234321 (United Kingdom) $1,627.50
9. Levi999 (Belgium) $935.81

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in TCOOP