TCOOP: Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis snares Event #16, $68k ($55 NLHE [Knockout])

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngSunday was another day full of high-speed, rapid-fire action as the Turbo Championship of Online Poker continued on PokerStars. Among the tourneys on offer was Event #16, a $55 buy-in no-limit hold'em affair with five-minute levels and $10 bounties for each knockout recorded.

There were about 7,000 players seated when Event #16 began, but after an hour's worth of late registration the total field had ballooned to 12,270. That meant a total prize pool of $503,070, way beyond the event's $200K guarantee. Of that $122,700 would be reserved for knockout bounties, with the rest to be divided among the top 1,620 finishers and $68,676.14 of that due the winner (barring any final table deals).

After about an hour and 45 minutes Bluf Bunny had risen to the top of the counts as the first player to 100,000. The cash bubble burst about a half-hour later, and with 1,620 left GAMBIT XMAN, nick2price, and Meastra2 led the way.

Just two representatives of Team PokerStars made it to the money in this one, George Danzer (Germany) and Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome (Team Online), although both would last only a short while longer. First a short-stacked Danzer would soon see his bounty claimed by kischkintai to go out in 1,166th ($95.58). And Rowsome lasted a little longer before electric-in grabbed her bounty to send her out in 944th ($95.58).

Meanwhile Eduard1965 won a three-way all-in to grab two bounties (kris_bjork and sensey2010) and become the first player over 200,000. Then Look4Waldo took a big pot to be the first to 300,000, and vinderen10 next passed all to be the first to 400,000. And as they approached the three-hour mark kischkintai grabbed some more bounties to go with the one he'd collected from Danzer to surge ahead and be the first to accumulate a half million chips.

The field quickly shrank to less than 200 players. Then at the three-hour-and-20-minute mark leonid13488 and HariPoker.SE each won huge pots at their respective tables to be the first players over 1 million chips. Twenty minutes later they were down to 100 players, with CigerBabe and LV_ZVEDA having both just ticked over 2 million and soon passed by Season 7 EPT Vilamoura winner Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis moving into the top spot.


Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis

As they approached the four-hour mark just 50 remained, with PortlyPig in first having just eclipsed 3 million before slipping back under. Then over the next 45 minutes they worked their way down to just 10 players left. 0123Gliukas was the one hitting all of the milestones on up to 8 million, then Slart42 passed him to be the first to 9 million, then it was bradok77 cruising past everyone on to more than 13 million.

Finally vic_xcite used J♠J♦ to beat LV_ZVEZDA's A♦K♦ and eliminate the latter in 10th ($2,012.28), and the final table was set.


Seat 1: Slart42 -- 6,029,912
Seat 2: vic_xcite -- 10,537,729
Seat 3: flopperflush -- 3,294,776
Seat 4: 0123Gliukas -- 6,843,904
Seat 5: 810ofclubs -- 5,833,991
Seat 6: bradok77 -- 13,564,458
Seat 7: xaffer -- 5,015,820
Seat 8: Asso_PB -- 7,225,242
Seat 9: CigerBabe -- 3,004,168

In just the third hand at the final table, the blinds were 250,000/500,000 when 0123Gliukas open-pushed all in for 884,913 from the cutoff, then Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis reraised for all his chips from the button, forcing out the blinds. 0123Gliukas had A♠T♠ and Lewis A♥6♥, but the board rolled out 9♣J♥6♠4♥A♦, giving 810ofclubs two pair and knocking out 0123Gliukas in ninth.

It would take less than an orbit for the next elimination to occur, during which stretch they tripped up a couple of levels to where the blinds were already 400,000/800,000 (Level 52). That's when Slart42 open-shoved for 7,392,412 from late position, then vic_xcite reraised all in for a bit more from one seat over, forcing folds all around. Slart42 had K♣K♠, but had run into vic_xcite's A♦A♣. The five community cards came T♦7♠4♥T♠T♣, giving both players full houses but sending Slart42 out in eighth.

The remaining seven began to talk about trying to make a deal, and after a few minutes all had indicated their willingness to do except 810ofclubs. Finally Lewis agreed as well, and the tourney was paused. However, before a moderator could produce "chip chop" numbers from which to begin discussion, 810ofclubs said he wasn't interested in dealing.

"Let's play," said Lewis, and despite the others' petitions the tourney was again resumed.

At that point vic_xcite led with more than 20 million, xaffer was second with just over 11 million, and bradok77 was third with just over 9.1 million. Asso_PB and 810ofclubs both were hovering in the 8.5 million range while flopperflush (2.74 million) and CigerBabe (740k) were on the short stacks.

CigerBabe managed to double once, but was sitting under 1.5 million when the big blind came back around -- already up to 1 million. Then chip leader vic_xcite open-shoved from UTG and it folded around to CigerBabe in the big blind who called in the rest with 5♦2♦. vic_xcite had A♣K♦ and after the board came 9♥A♦5♥7♠4♥ they were down to six.

810ofclubs then announced he'd be willing to talk deal-making, and the tourney was soon paused again. vic_xcite still led with about 22.1 million, xaffer and 810ofclubs were close to even with about 11.3 million each, Asso_PB and bradok77 both had right at 6.7 million, and flopperflush was down just under 3 million.

The "chip chop" numbers were proposed -- roughly $57.7k for vic_xcite, about $37k each for xaffer and 810ofclubs, about $28k each for Asso_PB and bradok, and just under $21k for flopperflush (with $4k left for which to play) -- but a consensus couldn't be reached and after several minutes cards were again being dealt.

The blinds had moved to 600,000/1.2 million (with a 150,000 ante), meaning all-ins were understandably happening nearly every hand.

flopperflush immediately doubled through bradok77. Soon after that, xaffer open-shoved for 10,435,806 from early position and Asso_PB called all in for 4,025,242 from a seat over. It folded back, and xaffer showed A♥Q♠ to Asso_PB's A♠K♣. The flop paired xaffer, coming 9♦T♥Q♥, and after the 4♦ turn and 8♠ river, Asso_PB was gone in sixth.

Deal talk arose again, but 810ofclubs said no and play continued. bradok77 then doubled through vic_xcite to survive, then flopperflush raised all in from UTG for 4,179,104 and saw Lewis reraise all in behind. It folded back, and flopperflush showed A♠8♥ to 810ofclubs' A♣Q♠. The board came 7♠3♦2♣3♠J♠, and flopperflush was the fifth-place finisher.

On the very next hand, bradok77 next doubled through xaffer with Q♦Q♠ versus the latter's 8♠8♦. Then a few hands later xaffer shoved all in from the small blind for 5,730,268 and vic_xcite called from the BB.

xaffer: J♦7♦
vic_xcite: A♣9♥

The board came 9♠K♠3♥2♠4♣, and vic_xcite took the pot and xaffer's bounty with a pair of nines. Just three were left.

The very next hand saw bradok77 double-up yet again through 810ofclubs, this time shoving with 7♦5♠ and getting snap-called by 810ofclubs with A♥A♦. Watch how bradok77 managed to crack Lewis' aces:

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A break came just after that hand, marking the five-and-a-half-hour mark of the tourney. The trio were close in chips at that point, with vic_xcite just over 23.1 million, bradok77 just under 20 million, and 810ofclubs a little over 18.3 million.

810ofclubs would lose some chips, then double through vic_xcite. Then with the blinds 800k/1.6m, vic_xcite pushed all in from the button/UTG and bradok77 called with the almost 14 million he had left. vic_xcite had 8♠8♥ and bradok77 A♥J♣. The flop came 8♣7♠9♦, giving vic_xcite a set of eights but bradok77 still had hopes for a straight. But the turn was the K♣ and the river the 5♣, and they were down to two.

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Heads-up play began with vic_xcite ahead with 37,815,762 to 810ofclubs' 23,534,238. The pair traded a few pots until an all-in situation arose in which vic_xcite held 7♦7♣ and Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis A♠K♠. The flop was okay for vic_xcite, coming T♣J♥3♣, but the turn brought the A♥ to improve Lewis, and after the Q♠ river Lewis had the big advantage with more than 55 million to less than 6 million vic_xcite.

But vic_xcite would come back. On the next hand he'd double up with 8♦4♠ against 810ofclubs' 7♥2♥. And a couple of hands after that he'd draw even with 6♥3♥ against Lewis' Q♣T♣ when the flop brought three hearts and vic_xcite's flush held up.

Both with about 30 million -- and the blinds at 1m/2m -- vic_xcite decided to ask one more time...

vic_xcite: chop?
810ofclubs: no
810ofclubs: gamble now
vic_xcite: :)

Four hands later 810ofclubs had a small advantage when the final hand took place.

vic_xcite started it with a "minimum" raise to 4 million (scare quotes intended), then 810ofclubs shoved all in and vic_xcite quickly called. Both players had been dealt an ace, with vic_xcite's A♥Q♥ giving him a better kicker than 810ofclubs' A♠5♦.

But the flop was better for Lewis, coming 6♥5♠7♥ to pair his five. The turn was the J♣ and the river the 6♣, and after five hours and 38 minutes the tourney had a winner.

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Congratulations to Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis for topping a field of 12,270 to snare the TCOOP Event #16 title and more than $68k for a $55 buy-in!


Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis, TCOOP Event #16 champion

TCOOP Event #16 Results ($55 NLHE Knockout):
1st: 810ofclubs ($68,676.14)
2nd: vic_xcite ($48,546.25)
3rd: bradok77 ($35,214.90)
4th: xaffer ($25,153.50)
5th: flopperflush ($20,122.80)
6th: Asso_PB ($15,092.10)
7th: CigerBabe ($10,061.40)
8th: Slart42 ($5,030.70)
9th: 0123Gliukas ($3,144.18)

Lots more action left on the Turbo Championship of Online Poker schedule. Check the TCOOP site for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in TCOOP